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    chillin' after da Big Game at The House of Funk

    in Music

    The Game is over and so is Football season. Time to turn it down. I have some smooth grooves for ya. Some you've heard, some you haven't. Some that will bring back memories. some that will have you saying, "WHO DA HELL IS THIS"????? TThat's just how we like to do it here at The House of Funk.  ENJOY!

  • Ol skool hip hop in the house of funk

    in Music

    Tonite I definitely give you something to dance to, Hip hop from the 80s and 90's with some funk  ya'll know I'm gonna play some funk for you. Ya'll gonna want to...... no HAVE TO move that coffee table. Time to get busy!!!!!!!! Too Short.... Eric B ....... Chubb Rock. Yes you gonna hear them and more I'll even slip in some Switch, If you wanna get closer(if ya'll know what I mean :) )  So let me get my drank.(juice , of course ) get what ever tickles your fancy cuz this is The House Of Funk and TONITE, Jan. 10 we doin' it HIP HOP STYLE!!!!!!!

  • 01:20

    Saturday nite Funk

    in Music

    Some music to get funky to on a Saturday nite. If you aren't going out tonite... it's cool. we play the jams you wish they played in the clubs. So Guys, get the fellas together, get the dominos and the Hennesy. Ladies get the cards and wine. Connect those speakers to the computer This ain't gonna be that shiznit that's on the radio today. Here, we play music ....Funky music.THIS IS THE HOUSE OF FUNK!!! It's time !!!!

  • 01:34

    Saturday Afternoon at the House of Funk

    in Music

    It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon. That your 'puter and those speakers outside, fire up that grill. Get what you're drinkin' out the fridge and your favorite outside chair amd listen to The House of Funk. It's gonna be good to your earhole!!! AND DON'T BURN THE RIBS!!!!!!

  • 01:54

    The Dark Bride & Lord Funk Episode

    in Hobbies

    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is excited to bring you another double interview for tonights show with author Jonathan Ryan returning to the show to talk about his new novel, "Dark Bride", the world of the paranormal, demonalogy and so much more!

    Dark Bride - Dark forces descend on Ohio . . .Following the Grinning Man’s resurrection, strange occurrences plague the city. After discovering a ritualistic animal sacrifice, Jen calls Aidan and Father Neal for help.The Dark Bride is coming . . .When Father Neal deciphers a voodoo message with a dire warning, he reveals he is part of the Order of the Five Sorrows—a group dedicated to fighting evil with the use of holy objects present at Christ’s crucifixion—and Aidan is destined to become a member.The supernatural unleashed.

    Then we will wrap up the show talking with Keith Allen who is the genius behind internet sensations like, Talk Nerdy to me and Dark Lord Funk. Dark Lord Funk is Keith's latest video that has attracting national attention, As he perform Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" with a twist and a little magic. "Dark Lord Funk," features Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. The video is available on YouTube.

    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is an exciting and unique Live geek radioshow that focuses on gaming, comics, fantasy & Sci-fi Books, and many more aspects of the world of Geek.


    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is produced by Dungeon Media and sponsored by Gamers Inn.

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    Faking the funk

    in The Bible

    This message will talk about how we don't practice what we preach to others.  God is no longer gonna allow us to teach the kingdom if we are not able to be a recipient of the kingdom because we are faking the funk.

  • 00:59

    Can You Help Me with My Husband's Sexual Addiction with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    Carol the Coach will be answering emails and taking your calls to answer questions about sexual addiction or loving someone who has a sexual addiction. This disorder can wreak havoc in  families with sexual addiction so ask the expert what you can do if you suspect sexual addiction in your life!

  • 01:02

    Sexual Assault

    in Family

    Join hosts Alice Lynch and Sumayya Coleman, and Research commentator Shasme Jackson and they talk to Tracy Wright about the impact of sexual assault on survivors and their families.  We will also discuss innovative ways to engage youth of color around sexual assault and look for better approaches to the lack of response of the criminal justice system to the crime of sexual assault. 

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    30JK -- BABY FUNK -- UNCUT!!!

    in Entertainment

    YES!!! Stone City in the house ONCE AGAIN!!!!
    Join me -- Jason Kelly -- as we welcome back to the mike Hawaiian hottie SHELI CASANA aka "BABY FUNK"!!!

    That's right... the PRINCESS OF FUNK is takin' over 30JK Nation! She will talk about her latest project "UNCUT"... and how she hooked up with George Clinton's label and made it happen... come TURN IT UP with us! LISTENER LINE: 347-857-2310 Find JK online... blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE; you miss me... YOU MISS OUT!!! No doubt!

    And as always... the party starts the second YOU get here! HORNZ UP -- HEAD UP -- CHIN UP!!

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    Ol' Skool funk for a friday nite

    in Music

    Ol' Skool funk favorites and some you will hear for the 1st time.. But it's never too late to hear some funk because FUNK IS ETERNAL!!!!!

  • 00:34

    What is sexual assault?

    in Parents

    Today, our guest will be Ivonne Zucco, Executive Director at The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education in Stamford, CT. We will discuss sexual violence, and what we as a community can do to prevent it, where the victim can turn for help and what kind of help is available at The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education.

    Ivonne Zucco has served in a number of roles at The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education since 2009. In 2011 she became the Executive Director of the agency.

    Ms. Zucco has a particular interest in prevention and believes education is of the utmost importance. The agency spreads awareness through community involvement starting as early as the pre-school years. Ms. Zucco has also played an active role in legislation re: sexual assault.

    The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education provides free, 24-hour confidential help to men, women and children who have experienced sexual assault, serving the eight towns of lower Fairfield County, CT since 1979. They can be there from the time the victim enters the emergency room, throughout their making a police statement, and remain involved in preliminary court proceedings to the date of trial. They can also be with the victims as the healing takes place, delivering goal-oriented counseling. All of their services are available in English and Spanish.