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    Surviving Sexual Abuse

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    This is a open forum to discuss sexual abuse and the affects that it has.  This is open survivors and those of you that are experiencing it now.

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    Sexual Abuse Survivor Elaine Crocker -Bey

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    Survivor Day

    Today we rejoice with survivor and former drug addict Elaine Crocker -Bey. She is not just a survivor, she is a THRIVOR. Elaine is on a mission to share her story to help others. 

    Being sexually abused led her to a life of drugs and bad choices. Today she is brand new. She is a radio show host and blogs frequently about sexual abuse at www.releaseher.net. 

    Listen as she shares her journey and her mission to help others. 




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    Support for Latino Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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    A discussion about the unique barriers to disclosure of sexual abuse within the Latin@ communities. with special guest Martha Lucia Marin, Managing Director of 1in6 and Pierre Berastaín, Communications and Marketing Coordinator, National Latin@ Network.

    Moderator: Heidi Notario.

    Follow our blog and contribute to it! Keep an eye for stories from Latino male survivors and those who love them. Share our social media messages! 

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    Healing Addiction, Part 1- Child Sexual Abuse and Addiction

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    Sometimes the memories are too much to hold inside.  Sometimes the pain just gets too big.  Medicating our pain as survivors of child sexual abuse is one way to survive.

    But as long as we are addicted, we will never thrive.  Addiction kills relationships, careers, healing and spiritual growth.  Addiction takes the life out of us and returns the destruction of all we hold dear in exchange for killing the pain.

    David Pittman, director of Together We Heal, knows both the pain of abuse AND the pain of addiction.  And now he knows the joy of helping others get free from both.  Join David and Misa as they bring hope for healing from addiction and child abuse.

    Learn more about Together We Heal- http://together-we-heal.org/

    Learn more about Misa Leonessa and her services- http://misacoach.com

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    Ask A Sex Abuse Survivor

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    Michael Broussard's interactive stage show about childhood sexual abuse, "Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor", has been praised by mental health professionals and survivors as a healing tool.

    Now presented in partnership with the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, "Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor" takes a unique approach to fostering an open dialogue on the impacts of abuse. While Michael is telling his story, he also pauses for several feedback breaks throughout the performance, inviting audience members to ask questions, make comments and share their own stories. The debut of the show this past June saw several survivors doing just that: sharing their stories in a safe and supportive space.

    "Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor" will be staged again on Sunday, November 9th at 5pm and 7pm at the Adrienne Theater in Philadelphia.

    Clinician Megan Doyle of Survivors of Abuse in Recovery called the show "a powerful and moving testimonial to the impact of childhood sexual abuse throughout a lifetime" and said "I would love to see the show reach a larger audience to empower and educate a broader community."

    Psychologist Elizabeth Dale Blair said "As a psychologist who treats survivors of childhood sexual abuse, I would highly recommend this show to anyone who struggles with the emotional aftermath of these traumas."

    Web site: http://sexabusesurvivor.com

    FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/askasexabusesurvivor

    Email: askasurvivor@gmail.com

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    Survivor: Worlds Apart Cast First Impressions

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    What I think of the cast of the new season of Survivor: Worlds Apart. What do you think of this new cast?

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    Sexual Abuse and Transfomation

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    Deb and I will be talking about ups and downs transformation.

    I will all mention up comming events.

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    Queen of Victory: A Victorious Survivor of Abuse - with Latifah Hameen

    in Relationships

     Certified Relationship Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker Latifah Hameen is our guest speaker on this 'Live Show' with her timely topic - Queen of Victory- A Victorious Survivor of Abuse. Her talking points are: 

     My story of domestic abuse
     Stages of Abuse
     Red Flags and Effects
     Forms of Abuse
     Shame associated with abuse
     Recovery and Redemption
     Positive Affirmations

    Latifah A. Hameen, who is a native of Wisconsin, has resided in Texas for the past 25 years. She is a victorious survivor of domestic violence. After many years in abusive relationships, she broke the cycle of abuse and published her first book telling her story in 2006.  In 2007, she founded Healthy Positive Choices, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization which is used as a preventive tool to educate teens and young adults on the dangers of domestic violence. Ms. Hameen is a Certified Relationship Coach and Motivational Speaker. She hosts a blogtalk radio program entitled Healthy Positive Choices, every Tuesday from 6-7pm cst. whereby she educates on the dangers of domestic violence awareness and promotes healthy relationships. Her guests convey information to the audience to aid in helping them make healthy positive choices for their lives. http://healthypositivechoices.vpweb.com/


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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1073

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    Tonight's special guest is Stacie Kelly from Victoria BC, an abuse survivor and activist who's serving as the Coordinator for 1st Annual #NoMoreShame Conference 2015, being put on by Trauma University which will be held June 26, 27 & 28th in Portland, Oregon. It's described as "For Survivors. By Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse." Born and raised an Oregonian, Stacie describes herself as, "an exceptionally positive individual who enjoys staying busy." But, she explains, "About three years ago I was diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). I am a survivor of a decade of incest - an unfortunate multi-generational pattern of abuse that extends as far back as three generations ago. I am on bi-daily antidepressant medication(s) and am currently in weekly somatic counseling." She says, "Childhood trauma is still a relatively new field of study and it is often overshadowed by Veterans and/or people with Traumatic Brain Injuries. My hope is to shed light on the daily life of someone struggling with mental wellness and provide insight on the impact of sexual abuse and silence." And true to form she's not just sitting back waiting for others to make further developments in the field. "I am currently working in a volunteer capacity as a Conference Coordinator for Trauma Recovery University. I speak every day to survivors around the globe who are interested in participating in our conference. It is survivor led and born out of passion to break the cycle of shame, silence and abuse."

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    "My Body is Not Your PlayGround": Stopping Sexual Abuse

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    Sabrina is blessed to be able to talk to Ms. Sheryll Roberts. Sheryll is a sex abuse victim survivior, adovocate author and clothes designer. Sheryll, is what we all strive to be like and never giver up and allow God to see us through the many journeys in life.  Sherryll has a great book "MY BODY IS NOT YOUR PLAYGROUND". She lets children know they are important, they are not a fault and encourages them to speak up to get help.

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    Teen Topics: Puberty, Social Media and Sexual Abuse

    in Parents

    Resources mentioned:

    26 Videos to Reveal Your Child's Energy Type
    The Puberty Talk: Giving Your Child a Boost of Confidence
    The Carol Tuttle Healing Center

    Podcast highlights:

    7:50 - 4 y.o. Type 1 separation anxiety

    13:06 - How to help lower energy children and higher energy children get along

    18:41 - 17 y.o. Type 1 was raped as a child. Mom asks how to help her heal.

    25:18 - 11 y.o. Type 1 boy wets bed at night.

    33:40 - 13 y.o. girl hosts sites on social media under a pseudonym. Parents concerned.

    Want to ask a question before the show? Send Carol an email: parenting@liveyourtruth.com

    Learn more about Carol's Best Selling parenting book, "The Child Whisperer" at www.thechildwhisperer.com

    Learn more about Carol at www.thecarolblog.com

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