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    Indie Cypher Show (Hip-Hop Sexism)

    in Hip Hop Music

    Kick it with Perfect Ego & Baby Doll @ 9pm EDT to discuss Hip-Hop Sexism. In a predominantly male industry, are women treated equally? How low does a female have to go for success in the Hip-Hop world? This show is going to be authentic and hilarious!

    While Perfect Ego and Baby Doll give the best of sarcastic satire and disrespectful love tap opinions on current events and juicy gossip, the show focuses on revealing the best of Independent Entertainment as a whole, plays music and interviews the best independent music artists, producers, film directors, models, freelance photographers, writers, actors, etc. 

    For the latest in news, entertainment, & more check us out at www.TheGrid10.com!

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    Episode Five - Sexism Schism

    in Video Games

    In this episode, we explore the impact that sexism has on our Emerald Dream community, the dynamic power struggle between the sexes, and the proper ways in which to address and act upon such issues.

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    Sexism, Feminism & Chauvinism: They come in 3s!

    in Relationships

    Ask yourself:  Do you discriminate based on sex?  Do you stereotype the opposite sex because of something you experienced, heard or simply look for the negative?  We've all had bad experiences with those of the opposite sex but do you yet categorized into the following:  "women are hoes and men are dogs". 

    Since women's lib, women have been afforded the opportunity to work in a so called "man's world" and are doing it.  But has it cost us relationship?  Many of our men are incarcerated, have lost their jobs and some carry "the momma's boy syndrome..  Has that effected the way men deem themselves as the man of the house or the bread winners in the household?

    I believe we have work to do in order for neither of the sexes to judge, put down, stereotype, etc... why?  because many things are individualized though we have been effected in a genera sense. 

    Let's talk tonight about Sexism, feminism and chauvinism on Real Talk Radio!  We're ready...  LET'S GO! 

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    S2 E17 The Cocktail Hour: Sexism in the Modern World Sponsored by The Godfather

    in Relationships

    This episode is a unique little feature we like to call The Cocktail Hour where Suzie and Marrie allow their favorite drink to lubricate discussions about relationships, sex and dating!  Our topic of choice for this episode is Sexism in the Modern World …a sexy conversation sponsored by a manly man’s drink called...

    “The Godfather”


    Blend together 1 ¼ oz of your favourite Scotch Whiskey and ¾ oz of Amaretto and add some ice and mix. This drink is for the man who can really handle their drink like a true Godfather! Just make sure to share it with your favourite woman!


    We look forward to having you join us…

    and make sure to bring protection!!!

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    Racism, Sexism and Coverups: An Ugly Week in Professional Sports

    in Sports

    It's been a long and tough week with the Ray Rice saga currently casting a dark cloud over the NFL. After months of mishandling by the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens and the media covering this story, Rice has finally been cut from his now former team and suspended indefinitely by the Commissioner Roger Goodell. Why did it take nearly four months from the original, ludicrous suspension of merely two games for jsutice to be served?

    I explain why the NFL, Roger Goodell and multiple reporters throughout the country should be burned at the stake over this insane display of stupidity. 

    To make matters more detestable, the NBA faces yet another case of organizational racism, this time from general manager of the Atlanta Hawks Danny Ferry. After the Donald Sterling saga, one would hope that the issue of race would no longer harm the landscape of the sport. Sadly, Mr. Ferry and the Hawks proved this week that this is not just an organizational issue, but a league-wide issue. 


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    Live Broadcast, "Sexism in the Workplace: The Struggle Continues"

    in Relationships

    Even in 2014, women still must fight for equality in the workplace.  For instance, women make approximately .$.72 for every dollar that a man makes.  Overwhelmingly, women are under-represented in senior management ranks as well as in the role of CEO.  Sexism exists, in the workplace, in both the public and the private sectors.  Michael and Amirah are excited about discussing this all-important topic with you.  It is the first installment in our "Drama in the Workplace" series.  Call into 646-716-7031 to listen in or to speak to the hosts!! - Michael and Amirah.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Racism vs. Sexism

    in Politics Conservative

    Crucifying due process on a cross of rape allegations; A (black) university president loses his job for giving young women advice on how to avoid sexual assault; Eric "The Red" Holder coached Ferguson residents about “white privilege”; and Federal investigations of the Garner and Brown cases are just a pretext for the nationalization of local law enforcement.

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    Is Sexism Still Prevalent in Gaming?

    in Video Games

    Editor-in-Chief of Digital Noob Rose Whitcomb joins us to discuss sexism in gaming. Is it still a problem? Has it (mostly) been eliminated from the culture? Plus, what does the Xbox One mean for indie developers?

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    Reverse sexism, double standards, and why women actually have more fun. #1

    in Self Help

    We always hear about how women fight for equal rights. 

    Sure, there is a reason for it. Very good reasons, of course. However, women don't necessarily have it harder in all ways, & reverse sexism exists as well.

    We talk about that, double standards, hypocricy, and why...if you're a girl, at the very least, you have an easier time getting into any bar, club, party, or event.

    Joke aside, this is likely true. : )   We discuss.

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    Racism in America, a Philosophical Commentary

    in Education

    In light of recent events in the United States, some commentary on the intellectual nature of racism and its flaws.  Included, building up a more robust explanation then the "because it is" explanation commonly implied in media commentary or in elementary schools.

    Also including the analogous commentary on sexism and prejudice generally.

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    S06/E22: " Hypocrisy of Democracy-White Privilege In America" (PART 1)

    in Politics Progressive

    Trans-National Corporations like Monsanto, Haliburton, Wall Street, and everything affiliated with the Koch Brothers, continue to plunder America and the World in the name of wealth. We are in a Class Warfare as 25% of children, in the richest Nation on Earth, go to bed hungry every night. Righteous indignation is provoked because of systematic unfairness.

    It’s an epidemic where America has institutionalized racism, Class Warfare, narcissistic culture where everyone wants their “15 minutes” of fame and the ugly scorge of Sexism. All these bad things are based on the whimsical stupidity of the few, and the dumbing down of the Masses by the richest 1%, the Oligarchists. The 1% own 96% of the Media and are able to spread fear and misinformation. This goes hand in hand with their efforts to kill public education for good. It is a proven fact that America will no longer be dominated by White People. The GOP does a great job in motivating their unabashadly ignorant, and mostly uneducated, base through irrational fear.

    Fear which leads to anger. Anger which leads to resentment. Resentment which leads to hate...

    Even though the South is being screwed royally, and unlubricated by Republicans, that section of America, demographically dominated by "old school" Caucasians, refuse to see that the GOP cares nothing for Working Families nor the Middle Class. All the South and the Bible Belt sees is a "Marxist/Leninist/Socialist Mooslim “thug” in the White House". The word "thug" is the new "N" word. 

    Racism is alive and well in America. What do we do to erase it? What are some of the solutions. We want to hear from you friends...

    KITCHEN POLITICS 123 RADIO SHOW with DAVE & LORI:"We're Not Anti-Stupid, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

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