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    HOST: Serge Ndayizeye

    TOPIC: Umunyukanyutsi w’Igihugu ntapfa akinogeje & ariko “AKAMASA” karakigerereye

    GUEST: Gallican Gasana & Prudentienne Seward

    Akamasa kanyukanyutsi

    Umunyukanyutsi w’Igihugu ntapfa akinogeje, ariko “AKAMASA” karakigerereye

    "Akamasa Kazamara inka kazivukamo" 'ni umugani wa kinyarwanda maze Iminsi nifashisha nandika ku bibazo u Rwanda ruhura nabyo n’ihohoterwa rikorerwa abenegihugu bihagarariwe n'umukuru w'igihugu aka wa mugani ngo: "Inka zitukamwo nkuru"

    Mu myaka myinshi maze ntemeranya n'ubutegetsi butuyoboye nagiye ngira amahirwe yo kuganira n'abantu benshi bahunze Kagame, mbere yo kumuhunga bakaba barabanye nawe imyaka myinshi atarayobora igihugu. bimwe mu bibazo mbabaza iyo tuganira;
    1.Kagame yahoze ari kuriya ateye akaba yarabatunguye mu myitwarire ye! cyangwa yahindutse nyuma bitewe n'ubutegetsi? 
    2.Kagame niba ari kuriya mumuzi kuva cyera, byatewe n'iki ngo mumureke agere hariya hose?

    Muri iyi nyandiko nifashishije amazina y'abanyarwanda b’ingeri zose bakomeje guhura n'iyo migeri y'akamasa. 
    Ababishoboye mukomerezeho munyunganire, kuko ntibyoroshye kumenya abantu bose Akamasa kamaze guhamiriza wa mugani ugira uti: "Akamasa Kazamara inka kazivukamo"

    Iyi lisiti iri hasi ikubiyemo ingabo z’igihugu:
    Zagizwe Ingwizamurongo
    Zateshejwe umurongo
    Zishwe zihagaze
    Zagizwe Ingaruzwamuheto

    1. Gisa Rwigema
    2. Intare Kayitare
    3. Petero Bayingana
    4. Bunyenyezi
    5. Kayumba Nyamwasa
    6. Patric Karegeya
    7. Kanyarengwe Alexis
    8. Lizinde Theoneste
    9. Stanislas Biseruka
    10. Charles Kayonga
    11. Kabarebe

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    Nothing to Lose with special guests K Dos & William Seward Bonnie

    in Entertainment

    Nothing to Lose. Hosted by Brian W. Fugett, Michael D. Goscinski and Michelle L. Quinn with special guests K Dos & William Seward Bonnie!

    K Dos got his start by selling thousands of his CDs on the streets for a dollar a piece. His popularity increased even more when he started uploading his songs to SoundCloud and they rapidly received over 20,000 plays. K Dos is now releasing a twenty-track mixtape called "Ya Heard Me Now". He is currently gearing up for his winter tour.

    William Seward Bonnie is a badass poet from Denver, Colorado. He also puts together some amazing shows. WSB will be discussing the upcoming Errld Apparel presents Tinyamp Records vs The Literary Underground in Denver, Colorado at Crash 45. Bands, poets and TATOR TOTS! sweet baby jesus. He also has three books coming out in the next year.

    brought to you by The Literary Underground

    sponsored by POETRY GRENADES


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    Walter Stahr, Seward, Lincoln's. Dave Johnson, fiscal curb.

    in Politics

    Walter Stahr, author of Seward:  Lincoln's Indispensable Man, in segment 1 in conversation about one of America's most remarkable politicians.
    Dave Johnson, Senior Fellow at The Campaign for America's Future on the next step in the fiscal curb, or slope or what ever it has shrunk to.
    A new concept in the opinion-driven world of talk radio, Fairness Radio is a daily one-hour on-line and on-air radio show featuring liberal Patrick O'Heffernan interviewing national guests from across the political spectrum.  Patrick talks with everyone from conservative Senator Jim DeMint to former Democratic Party Chairman Governor Howard Dean to explore news, politics and culture from all sides in a civil conversation that focuses on idea, not gotcha’s.  With an international team experts from all sides of the political spectrum Fairness Radio covers the events of the world like no one else.

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    Sammy and Chrisele's High School Reunion

    in Culture

    The boys went to their high school reunion yesterday. Will the boys talk about days gone by or do the same old shit and talk wrestling

  • 00:49

    Never Had It So Good Sports Radio is At Wiley Family Life Center

    in Sports

    We are talking to Former Head Coach Art Shell, Dr. Willis C Ham....and Rep Leon Howard and Deacon O'neal Seward. They are talking Mens Health. And, the key note speaker is Art Shell. 

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    CFF Interviews Silence Seward

    in Entertainment

    If not him then who? Silence is representing the streets of New Jersey. Born in the summer of 1987 and being exposed to a great variety of music, he soon developed a passion for music. Hip-hop was introduced to Silence at a very early age. His brother, who at the time was pursuing his own music career, opened his eyes to a whole new world. It wasn’t until the talented recording artist DMX arrived in the music business with his hit single “Get At Me Dog“, that Silence really put forth his best effort into becoming a music artist. Click here to check out his YouTube Videos and Music. 
    CONTACT: 404-955-0934 - SILENCE OR Email - ITSDAS05@GMAIL.COM

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    in Current Events

    HEADS UP NY: KENDRA'S LAW AMENDMENTS ARE BACK http://open.nysenate.gov/legislation/bill/S2225D-2013   Enhances the assisted outpatient treatment program; eliminates the expiration and repeal of Kendra's Law.

        Versions S2225-2013 S2225A-2013 S2225B-2013 S2225C-2013 S2225D-2013
        Multi-sponsor(s): None
        Law Section: Mental Hygiene Law
        Law: Amd §§7.17, 9.47, 9.48, 9.60 & 29.15, Ment Hyg L; amd §404, Cor L; amd §18, Chap 408 of 1999

    Call in to discuss  9 -11 pm SATURDAY



    State-Sponsored Organized Psychiatric Industries are with state-sanction power violating our human, constitutional and civil rights. The (p)harmaceutical industry is profiting in the billions, annually.  The tax-payers are paying enormously. People's lives are being stolen from them, as they are held in slavery, abused, tortured, and murdered.

    If you have a story you would like to share - speak out here!

    You don't have to be mad to call in . . . But, it helps.

    If you have an issue you would like to discuss - call in (267)521-0167. 


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    Sue Seward - This Week on ACES Radio Live

    in Self Help

    This week on ACES Radio Live we're going to be talking with Sue Seward.
    ACES Radio Live is on LIVE Every Friday Evening
    Noon-1:00 PM Hawaii
    3:00-4:00 PM Pacific
    4:00-5:00 PM Mountain
    5:00-6:00 PM Central
    6:00-7:00 PM Eastern
    Please feel free to call in and be a part of the show if you have a question for our guest by calling the number below.
    (347) 843-4270

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    Black Family: The Role Of The Man - Part 2

    in Culture

    We had such an amazing conversation on The Role of The Man - Part 1 that you can't miss Part 2 with my special guests Alfonzo Seward & Jermaine "Jay Everyday" Smith! 

    In Part 2's episode of The Role Of The Man we will focus on inspiring and encouraging our men to play their role.  Life throws so many obstacles in this journey called life that we sometimes get off track.  It's okay.  It happens.  Let's get refocused and back on track.  

    African Kings in order to reclaim your throne you must know AND play your role. African Queens in order for our Kings to play their role we need to FALL BACK into our role.  Agree? Disagree?  Let me hear your comments on the air! Tuesday, May 13th at 9:30 PM EST 



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    Silent Seward Alaska

    in Paranormal

    Seward, Alaska Hauntings, Ghosts, Ufos and Mysterious Creatures, with the IOPIA Team, Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska

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    TRW interviews Sue Seward - Rebroadcast Part 1

    in Business

    Sue Seward is an entrepreneur, MLM author and coach who has been networking, making connections and building relationships with people online since 1996. She is a full time career earner in Network Marketing and lives at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with her husband and two sons and also enjoys bird watching, lake activities, gardening and gluten free cooking.

    TRW had so much fun interviewing Sue Seward! She is such a remarkable lady who truly is passionate about what she does and has a very clear WHY!

    During this show, Sue shares:

    * what inspires her at spring time (hint on this page)
    * how the myth about “get rich quick overnight” is just that…a myth and what it really takes to make it
    * how to forge through during times of adversity and trials
    * what the #1 thing was that created her success
    * and much more….

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