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    NyAirWaves Radio Show!! 5-7 PST Featuring Kevin Keyes & Mark Sevier

    in Music

    Laugh Live & Get into the NOW... From the People's Perspective! Get the HOTTEST music, gossip, fashion advice, interview and MUCH MORE!!!


    *** Tonight's Guest**

    Mark Orlando Sevier ,celebrity photographer. Although he is best known for photographing celebrities on the red carpet, he wears many hats most people don’t know about. Mark is also an independent movie producer and an actor. His movie credits include a small role in the 2006 movie “A Father’s Story” written, produced, and starring John Anthony Williams. In 2012 Mark co-starred in the Nollywood movie about human trafficking named “Queen in L.A.” starring Iffy Hollywood and directed by King Bassey. In 2013 he produced and co-starred in the Gospel movie “The Chosen One” directed by King Bassey. Mark is currently playing Special Agent Carter in the upcoming Sci-Fi thriller “Among Us” written and produced by Joss Gomez.Mark has received numerous awards for his photography including media awards from fashion designer Eugene Melvin Sidney and honorary mayor of Beverly Hills David Harrison Levi.


    Kevin Keyes from Oakland ca. hair stylist by trade. Started cutting hair out of his home at a young age.  I didn't realize being a hair stylist was my gift and would soon become my passion so I did other jobs like installing surveillance cameras, working at Direct TV, mechanical work, things of that nature. “Soon getting back into styling at Wrist Action.. After searching and networking, he made his move to the ideal Barbershop that fit his skills and character called "Station 33." Here at Station 33 I'm able to expose my skills and share my craft with all nationalities. He specialize in styling & designing all grades of hair.  I welcome all to come visit Kevin Keyes at Station 33 for a hair style that fits you and an experience of a life time.”

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    Nashville Fashion Week, Film Festival and More Featuring Lindsay Ell

    in Entertainment

    Nashville is in full force coming into Spring! Nashville Fashion Week ended last week and Matt and Shawn are currently in the middle of the Nashville Film Festival. Plus, Ten Out of Tenn's big 10-year anniversary show at The Ryman is coming up, as is Sevier Park Fest and the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life Nashville!

    The wonderful Lindsay Ell will be performing the event along with several other Nashville Underground Radio alumni! She joins Matt and Shawn on the show again to talk about her travels, new music, and of course, Relay For Life, taking place on May 2nd in Cumberland Park. Music from two other performers, Matt Giraud and Walker Hayes is also featured!

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    ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE with Bennet Pomerantz

    in Writing

    Welcome to The World of Ink Network show on Blog Talk Radio. Our goal is to bring informative and entertaining shows to our listners.The mission of the World of Ink Network is to share resources that introduce tips, products and services to help strengthen, support and challenge those who love writing and the written word. The World of Ink Network hopes not only to bring authors, illustrators and publishers together, but also help them reach their readership.

    Noted writer and critic Bennet Pomerantz talks to media guests on the World of Ink Network's ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE this Saturday at 9pm Eastern - 8pm Central - 7pm Mountain - 6pm Pacific.

    Bennet's guest includes Ashley Fontainne, Bri Clark, Candy O'Donnell, Dellani Oakes and  Madison Sevier, 





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    Rob Reinfrut, Chris Sevier

    in Rock Music

    BlazinRy host Ryan Holmes welcomes the frontmen of the rock bands The Weekenders and American Propaganda. 

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    GRAMMY Nominations with Dustin Sellers

    in Entertainment

    The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards nominations are in! Nashville makes a huge presence on the list, including artists such as Meghan Trainor, Brandy Clark, The Black Keys, Jack White, Ryan Adams and Cage The Elephant, not to mention the nominees from the Country categories. The guys discuss the list as well as Nikki Williams' performance in Nashville, holiday parties and more!

    And this week's #NUartist is Dustin Sellers! Not only has Sellers performed as the front man for Nashville rock band Overzealous, and performed with Magnolia Sons, but he is now taking a solo approach with new music and live shows. Overzealous will still remain an active band and outlet for Dustin Sellers songs and performances. However, Sellers has alot of material that is unique to both overzealous and to previous material he has written.

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    Lets Talk E Pub Pirates Part 2

    in Pop Culture

    Huffington Post Columnist  Rachel Thompson and Writer/Columnist Bennet Pomerantz discuss topics with media guests. 

    Last week show with guest Medison Sevier about this subject . I think we openned a large kettle of worms with all the emails from writers and publishers


    so on this episode of Lets Talk, we have a full house of talented guests..Sable Hunter (Author/Publisher Beau Coup Publishing), TJ Michaels (Author), Katherine Fye Sears (CMO of Booktroupe) and Madison Sevier..It will be a busy half hour discussing this subject






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    in Writing

    Cyber Monday is the Monday after thanksgiving.It is an internet buying spree. Since NO ONE works on Thanksgiving week, we are holding this show--the week before.

    This show has  35 author + discussing their books available with your host Bennet Pomerantz

    Scheduled guests for this special broadcast include Christine Nolfi, Robin Peterman, Renee George, Sherri  Hayes, Mark David Gerson,KB Miller, PI Barrington, Mellisa Keir, Kelly Abell, ES Tilton, Barbara Watkins, Madison Sevier,Michel Prince, Sharon Kreps, Lori Hayes, Deb Julienne, Dellani Oakes, Rachel Thompson,TJ Michaels, Lindsay Downs,,Brooklyn Ann, Bonnie Paulson, Kathleen Ball, Christine Fonseca, Dawn Montrgomery, Lee ann Sontheimer Murphy, Elizabeth Black, Rod Belcher, Jodi Olson , Ashley Fontainne and many more.

    The World of Ink Network brings you shows each week on topics such as books, writing, author interviews, self-help and much more. You can also follow us at http://worldofinknetwork.com, our blog http://worldofinknetwork.blogspot.com, and on Facebook and Twitter. 

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    Goins Book

    in Books

    Discussing the soon to be released (2015) Goins Book by Backintyme Publishing. Authors included and descriptions of their chapters. Author's include; Cyndie Goins Hoelescher descendant of the Moore Co., Pocket Creek Goins families (Lumbee), Steven "pony" Hill descendant of The Sumter Co., Smiling Indians or also refered too as the "Privateer Stock", Gary "Gabe" Gabehart who is descended from Jeremiah Goins & Saraphina Drake (2) Keziah Nash, Marilyn Baggett Kobliak descendant of the James & Elizabeth Perkins Goins who matched DNA with Jeremiah Goins lines, Scott Withrow will be representing the Goins men of the Revolutionary War era. Justin Goins whose DNA is represented int he Goins DNA study of "Core Melungeon" group and will be representing the line from Agnes to Joseph Gowen to Joseph Goins who was husband of Mahala or "Big Haley" Mullins of Newman's Ridge. This family traces to Volentine Sevier Goins into Barry Co., Missouri and then into Indian Territory Oklahoma. Stacy Webb Goins lines, Thomas Goins and Nancy Johnson family. THe Texas Revolutionary War family who recieved a league & labor from Sam Houston & Frank Goings intrepreter for Bill Cody's Wild West Show. This book promises to be an exciting and new look into the lives, families, personal photo's and genealogy of many of the Melungeon and Redbone Goins, Goings, Goyens families. Many Spellings are included from the Carolina's to Tennessee to Okalhoma for some of the Melungeon families. A chapter dedicated to The Goin's Mothers. Including many beautiful pictures and stories. Contributing authors and the families they represent will be highlighted in further shows. Call in's welcome!

    Please visit our website here for more information and other related books from Backintyme Publishing

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    ANOTHER ANYTHING GOES with Bennet Pomerantz

    in Pop Culture

    Bennet Pomerantz discusses and chats with media guests  in the World of Ink's ANOTHER ANYTHING GOES...

    Join Bennet and his guests for 90 minutes of open talk  and fun--you never know what happens when ANYTHING GOES...


    Tonights guests  include...

    Barbara Watkins..Her novel Hollowing Screams is coming very soon in audio, available at Audible.com, Amazon, and ITunes. Also, She is working on a paranormal thriller entitled, "Fruit of the Dead" due later in the Summer/early Fall...

    Dellani Oakes-Blog Talk radio host and authorof the Ninja Tattoo...

    ES Tilton- Fantasy author, and author  of the upcoming book Trapped...

    Madison Sevier--the author of Anything You Want




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    "Empty Bowls" with John Sevier

    in Spirituality

    The following is an insert from a dream that John Sevier had and we will be taking this dream and applying it to a strong word received from the Lord, "Empty Bowls"...
    "In a dream, I saw, bowls that were empty and dust covered them; I saw some bowls with one or two grapes in them. I also seen some bowls that were dusty, but they had brilliant looking fruit in them. I did not see how many, but there were many. After careful prayer and discussion with a trusted friend in Christ, here is what the Holy Spirit revealed to my friend and me..."

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    Is The U.S. Government Taking Over The Illegal Drug Business?

    in Women

    The illegal drug business is a billion dollar industry, involving countries near and far in the importing and distribution of substances that alter the brain chemistry of those indulging in their use. Just like in the alcohol industry, many individuals became wealthy by knowing how to grow the crops and process the intoxicating substance themselves and sell it on the underground market. Then the government, realizing the tremendous amount of money to be made, ended the prohibition of alcohol and began issuing licenses, for a fee of course, for those wishing to manufacture and distribute it. They put a government seal on the bottle and charged sales tax for it. The sale of alcohol, or liquor, became a legitimate business. Now, with the legalization of marijuana also comes government regulations as to who may grow the crops that produce the drugs, who may process, package and sell the drugs and even who may legally buy the drugs. "Medicinal marijuana" can be taxed and therefore generate revenue for the government. But other drugs, not yet declared "legal" or acknowleged for their medicinal value, are stil being sold in the underground economy. Across the world lands are being seized and wars are being fought over the ownership and control of land where crops are grown that are processed into drugs and placed on the world market. The issue is really about control of the billion dollar drug business. Is the U.S. government taking over the illegal drug business?  Jamie Sevier, community activist and C.E.O. of People Realizing Ourselves (PRO) examines the ties between the loss of vocational schools, the distribution of drugs in the urban community, and the growth of the prison industry, all while the government seizes property previously owned by growers of plants used for drugs. Legal consultant Warren Houston, an associate with the  company Kannaway, discusses how marijuana legalization creates new business opportunities.

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