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    The beginning of The Verbal Train wreck May 9th, 2015

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to our first show, Listen to hear how this came about as both Nick and Jay share why they have a passion for radio.

    Cofederate flag prom pic

    Underwater restaurant thats exteme

    This Episode was our first show airing on May 9th 2015


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    The Classic Khmer Adventure On Wheels-Cambodia's Bamboo Train

    in Travel

    I was staying in Battambang, Cambodia. While I was there I had to visit one of the area’s most famous attractions, the bamboo train. The bamboo train gets it’s name from the  bamboo deck or floorboard used that rests on top of the wheels that can transport anything from chickens and rice to people. In Khmer it’s called a Lorry and has been used since the Khmer Rouge shutdown of most regular train service in the country.  

    The Bamboo Train Station. Now where is the first class lounge? I could use a bloody mary about right now! Waiter?  Actually the place is quite charming and surprisingly not touristy feeling at all. At least not at the starting point in O Dambong, about 4 km from Battambang.

    The bamboo train solves the biggest problem of a single track train line. What do you do when two trains meet from opposite directions? In the case of the bamboo train? Simple-move one off the track. This experience alone makes this one of the world’s all time great train rides.

    A little heavy on the photo gear I know but I’m a one man show right now.

    Farewells from the departure crew and we’re off. 

    The bamboo train was not the first flatbed type service in Cambodia. During the civil war of the 80’s and 90’s flatbed trains were used as mine sweepers ahead of the rest of the train. Service was free, risky but popular. 

    And here we go about 3 minutes into the ride and our first stop. Wow, now that’s taking service station to the next level. The first lorries or bamboo trains were actually hand driven with a pole, kind of like an Italian gondola. Small motorcycle or tractor engines, like this one were added later. The wheels? They’re actually from abandoned tanks! Yes get your ass off the deck so I can do my job, thank you! Excerpts from "Great Train Rides Of The World-Cambodia's Bamboo Train".

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    Train Wreck

    in Spirituality

    The whole world right now is one big train wreck under the control of Satan all the way down to his minions like Obama steering mankind into chaos. Demon possessed refugees mixed in with the victims of the New World Order agenda to be displaced are flooding into the US with more coming! A new tactical agenda by the Zionist is now to change horses in mid-stream. Meaning, they now will promote Christians to gather together, arms themselves and joining new political groups and leaving the Republication parties. This is all a train wreck waiting down the tracks. Do not fall for it and listen closely to those alternative media in what they are saying about my warning! Test the spirit and turn to Jesus Christ for your divine direction in the coming days.

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    A Tribute to Soul Train and Don Corneilus

    in Entertainment

    Reflecting on the memories given to us by Soul Train

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    20th Anniversary: SEVEN

    in Movies

    The Movie Geeks celebrate the 20th anniversary of David Fincher's serial killer thriller Seven with a replay of their 2010 roundtable discussion and interview with producer Phyllis Carlyle.

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    Surviving the Storm - The Seven Signs of a Changing Economy

    in Finance

    Read Jim Lunney's Weekly update at http://wealthstratgroup.com/blog. Jim Lunney is the author of Surviving the Storm.  The monthly conference call is focused on identifying current signs of economic change.  Jim Lunney is an Investment Advisor Representative of LPL Financial.

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    The Comparison of Struggles - A Fireside Chat with Seven Williams

    in Culture

    Tonight we'll be talking with writer, filmmaker and media professional Seven Williams. As part of our African American History Month recognition - we ask the question: Is it fair to compare struggles?  Check out Seven Williams on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Sietewilliams

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    Beau and Shaw SpeakZ to Mz Optimizm and Seven

    in Motivation

    James Pattishaw, International Model & Talent Agency's Own {I.M.T.A}. R&B Sensation, Musican, Actor, Model, Dancer, Producer/Engineer, also the C.E.O. and founder of {P-Shaw Productions LLC } since 2003, & Partner with Lionel (Elbee) Bussey of {D3M LLC}. Since a young child growing up in Philadelphia, James discovered his love for music and all he could do with it. From a hometown base, he began to explore his ability in not only the production aspect of entertainment, but full on business that works in various fields such as audio & media production as well as graphic design. He flourishes in positions where he is able to not only create, but finds great joy in constructing and developing aspiring artists,as well as himself. Performing for mass audiences internationally, weather playing the drums on tour, or winning singing/acting competitions in New York & LA California with I.M.T.A, James finds his strongholds are capturing people with his gifts & talents. Demonstrating Positive Energy to those he comes across to possibly touch and change their lives in a Positive way. Leaving their spirits lifted, and a time full of enjoyment. These are the beginnings of the legend and legacy Mr. Pattishaw plans to leave behind him as he progresses forward in his Entertainment career, entrepreneurship, and life.

    Partner & Executive Coordinator; Lionel (Elbee) Bussey. As a Sr. Account Executive at D3M LLC}, he meets with clients to discuss, goals, objectives, and needs. He also rospects, negotiate, and close Multiple types of business agreements. His strongholds are; participating in creating and presenting pitches, Artist Development, Producer, and songwriter. This company spawned 4 major recording deals with (Warner Bros), (Jive), (Motown) And (Def Jam) records. We have placed ourselves with a team of professionals to obtain endorsement deals for a-list celebrities. We also handle negotiations of the terms and pricing for these deals.

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    Seven Divine Gifts with Whitney Ladd

    in Entertainment

    Tonight I will be starting an abundace series to help you step into your power and create abundance in your life this year! Take the journey with me as I discuss the steps & tools to have abundance. Tune in live at 7pm or call into the show at (760) 890-7143 to get a reading of what's blocking your abundance. 

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    Seven Defensive Sins

    in Basketball

    Tonight, we try not to avert our eyes from the ugly defensive numbers and performances the Hornets have put together over the past seven games. NOW THE GOOD NEWS, Justin Thomas will join for a great new Tuesday segment, Inside the Locker Room. We'll discuss what head coach Steve Clifford said has frustrated him most about the Hornets seven game losing streak. And we'll also talk about what we have planned for Hive Talk Live Thursdays brought to you by ESPN730, premiering January 21st.

    Hive Talk Live


    Bobby Rosinski from The Pulse on ESPN730 (sensing a theme?) joins to discuss his thoughts on the season.
    David and I will preview the week ahead for the Hornets which SPOILER ALERT includes a home game, finally. 
    Listen for a twitter hashtag to get a few more entries into our ticket giveaway for Jazz vs. Hornets on January 18th.