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    NYC based Comedian Nancy Lombardo, host a cornucopia of terrific guests. Mixing it up with Comedians, Authors, musicians, professionals. Nancy Lombardo has performed her unique comedy from coast to coast.  TV credits include The Colin Quinn Show NBC, Saturday Night Live “All my Children” PBS, network and cable television Comedy Tonight, Nickelodeon and the Comedy Channel. She can be seen weekly on The Nancy Lombardo Show channel 56/83/34 NYC and live worldwide on WWW.MNN.ORG. She has written for Penthouse and Cracked magazine and created Ms. Quotable, a comic strip for Lady's Circle Magazine. Nancy was a winner of the Toyota Comedy Festivals "Laughter in Motion” and a Cable Arts Insight Comedy Award." Spot-lighted more than once in *Backstage, as both comedian/writer, she currently indulges her taste for the irreverent in her Stand Up Comedy and show, "Jazz Housewife." Nancy is creator of MOMEDY™, part of the International Mamapalooza Festival. She roasted Vincent Pastore of Soprano fame and is a member of The Friars Club.  Her comedy and music is  available at  www.cdbaby.com/Artist/NancyLombardo

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    Welcome to the preview for this weeks episode of WHEELZ UP RADIO!! Presented by ROBERTS FAMILY MOTORSPORTS. We are going to be some busy race fans this week, We have 4. Yes i said 4 guests on this weeks Show. Joining us first will be Ryan and Craig from Central Mass Drag Racers.. This coming Saturday is the 20th Anniversary Race for the Club. Then joining us at around 720 will be Pennsylvania Racer Kevin Scholl. Kevin is coming off a tough weekend at Cecil County. But we look forward to talking with him and learning more about his Racing Career and Future plans. And joining us at about 750 will be the VP of Operations for Sassy Racing Engines and Partner of the Top Alcohol/Pro Comp Champney/Card Funny Car driven by Stacy McGlory. Then wrapping up our Show will be Crew Member and Racer Tiffany Rappold. I had the chance to meet Tiffany at the LODRS event at New England Dragway. She is a member of the D.J. Cox driven John Anderika Owned Top Alcohol Funny Car. We have an action packed none stop Show and we hope that you can tune in and check us out!!! www.blogtalkradio.com/wheelzupradio LIVE WEDS AT 7PM EST.. You can be part of our show by calling in at 347 826 7505

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    TwinsTalkRadio: Life's Funny Lessons

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    You'll laugh, chuckle, cringe and cry at the lesson's all of us can learn with Brian and Bruce Benedict. Twins from 1968 where father Phil first posted the front porch sign, "Save Your Pins, We Had Twins."  

    Twins Brian and Bruce team up from across the country to combat the obstacles of life.  Moving from one category to another never knowing what each episode will be about.  They'll talk about happenings that both have had at the same time in different places to helping single and married men and women with unprofessional marriage counseling.  From describing women as a new, classic or klunker to why women describe men as shoes in the closet.    

    Brian broadcast from Indiana while Bruce calls in from Virginia.  Together they'll make you laugh and forget about life for awhile.  Cheer's!

    PS. Try to figure out who's talking.  With similar voices sometimes it's hard to tell...

    Call in with topics for them to discuss. You'll be glad you did.   

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    #006 Have You Ever Been The Subject of Some Juicy Gossip?

    in Relationships

    Gossip! We have all been the subject of a good story or two in our lives, and we have probably contributed to stories and lies about other people as well. Some people experience great satisfaction by spreading rumors about other people, especially if they are hurtful. Unfortunately some people are unaware of the habits they have that have them contributing to gossip about another.

    Being the subject of Many Stories, Lies and juicy Gossip Jen and Cheri come to Lighten Up to talk about the subject and share what they have learned from these experiences and what keeps them out of the drama gossip loves to feed.

    What if using ONE simple skill could stop the creation of gossip! Would you be curious about what it is? Would you be willing to try it?

    Listen to today’s episode of Lighten Up with Jen and Cheri as they get into a topic so obvious some might assume they would avoid it.

    Learn more about Jen

    Learn more about Cheri


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    Are you ready for some #FOOTBALL ?!!!

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    That's right folks. It's everyone's favorite time of year, including Mr Monday Night himself, Tony Bruno! He'll be going deep, deep into the end zone tonight.

    SPECIAL GUEST: NFL Network Analyst - Brian Baldinger joined us tonight. We talked about his knee injury, hyperbaric chambers & how they're great for hangovers, the Cris Carter "Fall Guy" debacle, plus a few Fantasy Football insights. 

    As usual the gang covered lots of ground tonight, including a segway into the Top 10 "Addiction" Movies & a "Virtual Wine Tasting" update by Miss Robin.

    OUR CREW: Tony Bruno, Miss Robin, Luigi Curto, Joe Corrado

    What our listeners are saying:

    "The BEST Podcast BlogTalkRadio!" - @xtNetworks

    "The world needs to know of the greatest sports mind behind the microphone in the history of the world!" - @MrMainEventDM

    "This Podcast is so funny. I love how anything goes!" - @SprintCarMom

    "Best way to start the morning man. I'm dying laughing! Salute to Tony Bruno & crew" - @CForClarity

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    Wake Up! Radio presents and Interview with Reverend Raven!

    in Spirituality

    So excited to have Reverend Raven with us today!! Listen in as Deirdra and Rosemary interview Reverend Raven....or so we hope!


    Reverend Raven is a messenger between the higher self and the sub consciousness of oneself. She brings light into a dark situation. From a young age she has had contact beyond the realm of earth with higher spirit and brought forth a loving, truthful message when someone was basking in the darkness. She has encouraged change not only for an inward introspection of one’s self but for the planet as well. She brings a light to people to face their fears and to radiate from a loving space.

    Don't forget to check out Reverend Raven's website :http://www.thereverendraven.com and be sure to like her Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/raisingvibrationsradio and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reverend-Raven/986964157983526?fref=ts .

    Also be sure to check out her website : http://www.raisingvibrationsradio.com

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    Wake Up Radio presents Deirdra and Rosemary

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    Join Deirdra and Rosemary for some discussion on what's happening in their world. Rosemary has a little friend who recently found a forever home although now needs some hip surgery...there is a Go Fund Me page at http://www.gofundme.com/s6ktphx6 if you can help. They finish the show with talk about The Hemp and Cannibis Festival they attended this weekend.

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    Programming note for WHEELZ UP RADIO. This weeks episode is brought to you by Snow Signs LLC. We will be live this Weds at 7PM EST.. Joining us this week is Danny Waters Sr.. We had the chance to talk to Danny Jr last year, and look forward to talking to his Dad. It will be a great into IHRA and how things are going. We also will have the boys on with us.. Yes Lew and Bob will be on the air.. We will wrap up this past weekends events and have the results from the Northern Class Nationals, The 20th Anniversary Race for the Central Mass Drag Racers event at New England Dragway.. Be sure to tune in and check us out live!! www.blogtalkradio.com/wheelzupradio

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