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    I am speaking very briefly of the topic of depression , I personally have delt with depression for several years and wanted to just touch on a few things. What are some ways of "self-expression"? What ways can you use to cope with depression ?

    Does it seem like everyone around you, life is moving forward and you are at a stand still?

    Lets talk about it?

    From therapy to group counseling what experiences have you had positive and negative? Do you believe in therapy or is it al a big scam to you?

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    Teenagers, Anger and Depression

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    Sabrina discusses the importance of understanding that teenagers mask depression in different ways than adults. Sometimes they are not aware they are depressed. There out of control behavior, angry outburst, irritablity and loosing hope and interest in life could be signs of depression. According to the Tenn Depression Statistics: "Teen depression can affect a teen regardless of gender, social background, income level, race, or school or other achievements, though teenage girls report suffering from depression more often than teenage boys. Teenage boys are also less likely to seek help or recognize that they suffer from depression, probably due to different social expectations for boys and girls - girls are encouraged to express their feelings while boys are not." (http://www.teenhelp.com/teen-depression/depression-statistics.html). Sabrina with her special guest Kush Kumedy Kafe talks about laughter as a way of dealing with stress and depression. Kush Kumedy Aaron Westley, delivers Comedy from real life situations. and talented Donna Summer's legendary  career." Atlantic City Weekly. A Great singer, beautiful smart and a great business woman.



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    How To Overcome Anxiety & Depression

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    Millions suffer on a daily basis because of depression and anxiety. This brings on physical illnesses, financial hardships and other complications. The "Communit Marketplace" has been discussing this topic for the last three programs, with tremendous success. Many listeners have become aware of this topic and has benefited.

    Join us in this program as we address this misunderstood illness. A panel of experts explore Spirtual, and natural remedies for this disease. 

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    Many people think that if you are depressed that you can just "snap" out of it.......make a choice to feel better, and move on.  What happens if that's not true?  How do you deal with depression and love at the same time?   

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    Depression, be gone in Jesus name

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    Depression is processed in the mind causing your faith to become demolished.  Together through prayer we will pull down the emotional strongholds over your life. 

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    TONIGHT 9P- Depression traps vary from person to person, but what they have in common is that they can serve to worsen your mood, perpetuating a vicious cycle. Avoiding social contact is a common pattern you might notice when falling into depression. Some people skip activities they normally enjoy and isolate themselves from the world. Others turn to alcohol or junk food to mask their pain and unhappiness.Plus, EDDIE LOTTO (BLUE FLAME MONEY LINE) will stop by with lottery tips. Dial 917-889-3926 to comment LIVE. REAL TALK. REAL PEOPLE. REAL TIMES.

    We are #TheSocialLab #TMHymanRadio Network. Follow us on Twitter: @TMHymanRadio @MrTMHyman @MadameBoston @VeryHotChoc @SabeJames


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    Episode 69: Depression topic for men with Craig Meriwether

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    Stuck, broke and depressed, Craig Meriwether struggled with life for 25 years. Since his teen years, he suffered through sorrow, despair and hopelessness. And for 25 years, he prayed for an end to the unrelenting mental and emotional pain. But a couple of years ago he made a commitment to changing his life and ending depression. He didn’t have neither any money nor have health insurance in that time, yet he started anyway. He started the hardest work of his life. With intentional action and determination, he ended his depression.


    Today, Craig is a leading expert in mind mastery, teaching how to eliminate depression and guiding people to create deep happiness and success in their lives to achieve results that last. The techniques he teaches in The Depression 180 Program are proven, research-based methods and have been published in the leading medical journals. In 2012, Craig was Named One Of The Best New Self-Help Authors of Today. To know more about Craig, visit his webiste Depression180.com or connect with him on Twitter.

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    Finding Hope in the Shadow of Depression

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    Been feeling down for a while? How do you know if just a temporary case of the blues or if you're in the grips of full-fledged depression?

    It has been said that in the U. S. alone, 20 million people suffer from symptoms related to depression and that two out of three of these people are women. In recent years, the rate of depression in children has even skyrocketed.

    What is behind this surge of emotional distress? Some say mental weakness, some say overexposure or overstimulation, some even say it's sin. No matter the proposed origin, there isn't often any hope offered to those who struggle with depression. 

    Today, our guest, Dr. Gary Lovejoy Ph.D., co-author of the book, Light in the Darkness: Finding Hope in the Shadow of Depression, is here to offer hope. He wants to dispel some of the myths about depression that are commonly accepted.

    Tune in and join our chat! 646-716-6910 or log in to our chatroom during the LIVE broadcast!



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    Depression, Suicide vs. Recovery

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    Depression, suicide, relapse and the Third Step are the topics for God Box Mike and dougananda for their March 21, 2015 Blogtalk Radio broadcast. Depression, cross-addictions and suicides are the ugly ugly side of recovery. Depression hammers alcoholics and addicts who slip back into their addictions and even some who despair despite being in recovery. Suicide often looks like a way out.It is hard to "turn it over" to a higher power when you've been living for years in the negativity of addiction. Let's face it, being clean and sober requires a mammoth effort to find a transformation that will bring about serenity in the face of all the problems stacked up against recovering people.

    Suicide is a hot topic these days. National Public Radio reports that suicide was the third largest cause of death for people between the ages of 10 and 19. Anyone with time in recovery has known at least a few people who took their own lives, either before or after a relapse. Mike and dougananda have known a few. They as for only one thing: Please don't do it.



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    How To Overcome Depression Part 2

    in Christianity

    Tonight we will continue on the topic of overcoming depression. Depression is widespread, but has been ignored for years. Many have been victimized, and abused, because of a lack of understanding of the illness. 

    This illness affects all areas of one's life. Health, finanances, and relationships are severely impacted by this disease. With proper education this illness can be reversed and eradicated.

    A biblical and dietary approach is also essential for healing. Listen to a pnel of experts as we look at "Depression a misunderstood illnes".

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    Christians Dealing with Depression

    in Religion

    This is a subject where many Christians struggle with. Listen in here to learn how we should deal with depression.

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