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    Vision, Faith & Determination - Reflections with Sister Jenna

    in Self Help

    Tune in as Sister Jenna reflects on vision, faith and determination and shares special meditations.

    "It’s in your hands to think at a higher level about your worth and sense of purpose. Sometimes we tend to resonate more with the negative things that were told to us rather than all the good things that were told to us.  Sometimes we make the 5 or 10 percent of the horrors of life define our whole story." – Sister Jenna

    Join us 24/7 on the America Meditating Radio Show for a lively discussion featuring celebrities, leaders, authors, and average folks sharing success stories. Discussions provide listeners with new and inspiring ways to combat challenges that we encounter along the journey of life. This is not an ordinary radio show, but rather, a unique format of combined sharings of poetry, wisdom, meditation, music, and it features solutions to current day issues. Hosted by prominent motivational speaker and teacher, Sister Jenna, Director of the Meditation Museum.

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD & Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & follow us on Twitter.

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    Have Serious Relationships Become Obsolete?

    in Motivation

    In this episode we will speak about relationships. Back then people had hopes of getting married and having kids, but today it seems like serious relationships are hard to come by, so have relationships become obsolete? We'll discuss and feel free to call in and weigh in on this topic.

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    Lets Get Serious

    in Fitness

    Join My Rays of Light Radio with hosts LM Young and Nadiyah, Tuesday at 10pm est

    Call in live to speak with our hosts at


    Or listen online at


    Tuesday we will be talking about how to get healthier in 2015

    Joining us will be Marsha Snead-Williams(Butterfy Queen) and Cherie Cofield (Cherie Cofield International); we will be discussing their upcoming,

    5th Annual Let's Get Serious Wellness and Fitness Expo.

    We hope that you will join us!!!

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    DETERMINATION - Joyce E. Barrie

    in Self Help

    The dictionary defines "determination" as a quality that maks you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult.  
    Whether you believe what you are doing is difficult or easy, ask yourself, "just how determined are you to get your results?"  
    Coach Joyce Barrie advises you to follow up that question with "If not now, when?"
    Today's show gives you some inspiring quotes by highly successful people and a few original poems of Joyce's to motivate you.

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    Are you Serious

    in Lifestyle

    News that grinds our gears

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    The Purpose for the Miraculous

    in Christianity

    Are miracles real? Do ordinary people experience miracles? What is the purpose for the miraculous? These are questions that many are asking concerning miracles and their validity. Join us a we uncover the understanding concerning miracles and their purpose in the lives of ordinary people and christians as well. For more information about this ministry, to book Prophet Douglas for your next meeting or conference, or to sow a finacial seed to support the work of the ministry, visit our website at kogwoc.org

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    TIME 2 GET SERIOUS & BUILD "AHAYAH"of Hosts DNA Hebrew Museum

    in Spirituality

    TIME 2 GET SERIOUS & BUILD "AHAYAH"of Hosts DNA Hebrew Museum  

    GoTo.....                  https://www.gofundme.com/rfzatg8/donate    AND

                                     www.thekingdomdomofhayahofhosts.com    AND


    On 9-11-2013, a vision to build a SPIRITUAL Museum in Yah's Name and give facts about the people He chose, was given in Kansas City, K.-MO. area. After scouting several locations in U.S.A., Orlando, Florida became the best location for the first site. The museum will tell of the TRUTHFUL spiritual journeys of all of the Almighty creator's people in all faiths, struggles to get back to the creator, TARGETING those who have systematically, received the punishment of disobeying the orders of the Creator of this earth's age. For the Hebrew Yshralites and the dominate beliefs of one Deity, His Name is YodHeyvavHey, know as YAH (like in HalleluYah=Kumba Yah). We will depict their Journeys, Spiritual Awareness, Overstanding and Growth in all spiritual groups. willing to participate in this vision project...The inspiration and energy is high to build, build, build...what is lacking are the funds to build, build, build, build Yahs Museum...IT IS STRONGLY BELIEVED, THAT SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, REALIZING THE NEED FOR THIS MUSEUM PROJECT and WANTING TO OBEY THE SCRIPTURE OF ASSISTING YAHs ORIGINAL PEOPLE IN RETURNING TO THEIR YAH-GIVEN STATUS, WILL WRITE A BLANK CHECK, TO START AND COMPLETE THIS VISION~PROJECT. Could that person be YOU!!!

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    How to Make the Spiritual A Reality

    in Christianity

    If we as Christians are to be spiritual and the Word of God is spiritual How do we convert the things that are spiritually found in the word to become a reality? Do we have the ability to bring things from the spirit world into the natural Join us as we explore this biblical phenomenon. For more information about this ministry, to book Prophet Douglas for your next event or meeting, or to sow your monthly $5 covenant seed, visit our website at kogwoc.org

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    How To Get Free From A Negative Mindset

    in Christianity

    Life has its share of negative situatons that we all have had to deal with from time to time, but what do we do when those negative situations continue to pile up until we develop a mindset that begins to expect the negative automatically? Join us as we uncover the solutions for defeating the thought process that produces a negative mindset in the life of the believer. For more information about this ministry, to book Prophet Douglas for an upcoming event or to sow a monthly covenant $5.00 seed offering visit our website at kogwoc.org