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    GOP Scandal Mongering Troops to fight Boko Haram and Floods in Serbia

    in Politics

    This week our top story is the attempts by conservative politicians and pundits to make  Benghazi, the IRS and the VA issues into a centerpiece of their 2014 campaign. Then we have two international issues to talk about including the President sending troops to Chad to look for the girls kidnapped by the radical islamic terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria.

    Also I will cover the catastrophic flooding that has hit central europe which has hit Serbia and Bosnia particularly hard. If I have time I will talk about the shooting spree in Isla Vista, California that took the lives of seven people and wounded thirteen more.

    At the end we will have our trademark weekly hall of fame and shame for those politicians and prominent individuals who made great sense or shameful nonsense, respectively.

    If you want to write to me and give me your opinion of any topic I cover, write to makingsenseletters@yahoo.com and I may just read your opinion on the air. Again that’s makingsenseletters@yahoo.com 

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    Jason Anglin - Team Member - Mississippi Awakening Revival Tour - MART

    in Christianity

    Jason and Daphne Anglin have been married for 22 years with 3 children, Elijah, Gabriel and Tessa Faith. They live in Hamilton, AL and operate in the healing ministry. They founded Fire Ministries in 2012, with a heart to help those God places in their path, through ministering healing and deliverance, through the power of God and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. Throughout the ministry and walk with Jesus, they have seen God work in various ways through healing, re-creating and raising the dead.

    They have been commissioned under Dutch Sheets,Clay Nash and Damon Thompson Ministries. Jason traveled with Don Stuart and a group to Macedonia,Serbia and Greece, ministering with signs following. Then Jason and Daphne were able to go to Mexico and experience the mountain life with Brother David Hogan and saw many miracles there as well, including getting the opportunity to meet several People that was raised from the dead.

    I was influenced by Bro. David Hogan and Freedom Ministries in the late 90’s and many other great leaders God has connected me with over the years. The first time I was introduced to David Hogan the Lord, through an open vision, showed me my gifts and calling that He had placed on my life. So I pursued it full force, asking Him to see His power as it was in the Bible, as I started speaking his word and realizing I have nothing to do with His Word manifesting, I started seeing miracles and they have not stopped.

    Mathew 10:7-8 is the scripture God gave me years ago to stand on, do it! Also Isaiah 61:1-3, Walk in this and know that you are fulfilling it today as you are walking with Jesus. Then I am a firm believer in Acts 19:11-12, so many miracles have taken place from handkerchiefs.

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    Pro Fighter Ognjen Topic on Fire in Life: Fleeing War and Muay Thai Fighting

    in Sports

    What does it take to win the WBC belt in Muy Thai fighting? Join us as we talk to fighter and Bosnian Serb Ognjen Topic about fleeing war in Bosnia, becoming an American citizen, and living and training in Thailand.

    Ognjen Topic was born in Bosnia. He and his family moved to Serbia when the Yugoslav wars broke out. His father eventually won the immigration lottery and brought his famly to the United States. As a child, Topic was drawn to the visual arts and also to martial arts. He won his black belt as a teenager but wanted a bigger challenge and found it when he entered the unrelenting world of Muay Thai fighting.

    Topic's love of the visual arts led him to a career in graphic design, but he stepped away from that to fight professionally. In 2014, with his usual unswerving commitment, he relocated to Thailand. he spent seven months living and training in Thailand. He is currently ranked #1 in the United States and is sponsored by Infightstyle. He has won WKA and WBC USA National Titles and the Lion Fight World Title.

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    Voice of Rebellion Presents the interview of Joaquin Flores

    in Dreams

    On Monday we interview Fort Russ journalist Joaquin Flores who is going to be calling in all the way from Serbia to be the guest for this episode as an interviewee we will be delighted to have him on our show.Call in 347-205-9576

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    To Win A War Without Firing A Shot

    in Politics Conservative

    The West is being invaded. In the U.S it is being invaded by immigrants from Central and South America. While in Europe, they are being invaded by the African nations as well as from the Middle East.

    It is in man's nature to better one's lot in life, to move to another country and to assimilate and help provide for one's family. But this is not the case today. Much of today's immigration is illegal. The immigrants today are coming here skirting the laws, looking at the host country for food and shelter.

    In addition, in most cases, the media outlets are criticizing the West for not doing enough. But what about the host countries themselves from where the people are fleeing? Doesn't Mexico, Honduras, Syria, Turkey, Serbia, etc all have a responsibility to their people? Shouldn't they be providing the means by which their people could flourish?

    Unlike in generations past, many immigrants no longer want to assimilate into the host culture. They are bringing with them customs that the West does not promote and then they are getting upset at the citizens for living in a manner foreign to them. Women, Christians and Jews have been subjected to harassment not seen in years.

    The political class has been absent in this battle because many stand to benefit from the chaos and new wave of immigration.

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    September 3 (Eurobasket 2015 Preview with Kristian Palotie)

    in Basketball

    Host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA)  is joined by Eurobasket announcer and coach Kristian Palotie (@4ProPalotie) to preview Eurobasket 2015. They predict each of the four groups and pick the champion and MVP, as well as discussing the NBA players and prospects of interest in the tournament.

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    USWNT v Sweden Review, Nigeria Preview and US U20s Tournament Recap

    in Soccer

    On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show...

    0:00-12:34 - Recapping the USA's 0-0 draw with Sweden

    12:34-18:20 - Previewing the USA's final group stage game against Nigeria

    18:20-34:59 - Recapping the US U-20's loss to Serbia in the U20 World Cup, and reviewing the tournament as a whole (from an American perspective)

    34:59-41:59 - British vs American Listener Feedback

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    Exclusive Ideagen Ideas Leader Interview with Ambassador Christos Panagopoulos

    in Business

    Ambassador Panagopoulos joined the Greek Foreign Service in 1978 and brings to Washington many years of rich international experience and a unique understanding of global and European affairs, including an in-depth knowledge of the Balkans and South East Mediterranean issues.

    Prior to his current post as Greece’s Ambassador to the U.S., Ambassador Panagopoulos served for the past four years as Director of the Diplomatic Cabinet of the Minister and of the Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs. Previously, he was Ambassador of Greece to the Republic of Serbia, after having spent five years as Ambassador to the Republic of Cyprus.

    Ambassador Panagopoulos started his career at the Greek Embassy in Ankara. He has also worked on European issues, as Head of the European Integration Directorate, actively participating in the decision-making process of the European Union and in the promotion of the Transatlantic ties.

    Having also served as Consul General in Los Angeles and Dean of the New England Consular Corps in Boston, Ambassador Panagopoulos is no stranger to American politics. He now returns to the United States as Ambassador, at a time when Greek-American bilateral relations are at an unprecedentedly excellent level.

    Born in Kalamata, Greece, in 1954, Christos Panagopoulos holds a Degree in Law from the University of Athens and a Master’s Degree in International Law and International Relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Boston, USA. He served in the Hellenic Navy at the Office of the Admiral, Chief of the Hellenic Fleet. He was also a member of the Junior National Waterpolo Team of Greece.

    Among other distinctions, Ambassador Panagopoulos is the recipient of the Grand Commander of the Order of Phoenix of the Hellenic Republic, as well as of the Grand Commander of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Cyprus.

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    South African Series Presents - Claudia Bryan

    in Current Events

    On Saturday 6th June at 2 pm CT (9pm SA time) we are proud to welcome Claudia Bryan to the show 

    In February 2012, Claudia led a delegation to the European Parliament in Brussels and gave a speech highlighting the Genocide in South Africa. Attending were Henk van der Graaf (Transvaal Agricultural Union President), Marie Le Pen (French Front Nasional Party Leader), Andreas Moltzer (Austrian Freedom Party MEP), Andrew Brons (UK MEP),Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang Flemish Parliament MP) amongst others. We have been in regular contact with these distinguished politicians since before the election in May. Whilst she was in Belgium, Claudia also gave a speech at Ghent University with Rita de Bont (Vlaams Belang MP) on South Africa. In 2013, Claudia attended numerous British Conservative Party Dinners and Functions, and held discussions with Liam Fox (Conservative MP and former UK Minister of Defense), Ann Widdecombe (Conservative MP), Rehman Chistie (Conservative MP), Mark Reckless (Conservative MP), Craig Mackinley (Conservative Councillor and former UKIP Leader) and others on conditions in South Africa and the ANC's mismanagement of the country.


    on December 4th, Claudia attended The Serbian Society's reception in London for the Prince Aleksander of Serbia, and found the attending Serbian and Croatian officials, including Mrs Gordana Stojanovska (Architect/Project Manager), Vesna T Collins (Principal VC Legal UK), Franko Cetinich (President - British Croatian Business Club) and Joanne Sawicki (Strategy Advisor), to be very sympathetic to South Africa, and in favour of future trade when President Zuma is gone. 

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    The Shaman at Tribeca

    in Politics Progressive

    Directed by Marco Kalantari, the short film THE SHAMAN will premiere at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Shot in Austria and Iceland, it combines the creative power of an international team, including artists from Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine, France, Serbia, Malaysia, UK, Iceland, Germany and Austria. 

    Plot Summary:

    The dark year 2204, in a world that has seen 73 years of continuous war.

    The face of conflict has changed. People kill people but they now rely on giant, intelligent battle machines to fight. Meanwhile, mankind has re-discovered the arts of magic and Shamanism and the Generals on both sides use well-trained spiritual warriors to face the threat of machines. Shamans have special senses; they are experts in all aspects of the "unseen" and the "beyond". They believe that every person, animal, plant and object has a soul. When crossing the border to the Netherworld, the Shaman can find this soul and interact with it. That is what makes him such a deadly, highly effective weapon. They track and convert the souls of their enemies' giant battle machines in a psychological soul-to-soul confrontation. But Shamans are not invulnerable. They are just people and can be killed like anyone else.

    Shaman Joshua Van Kern and his squire Lene embark on a mission to convert a giant battle colossus and succeed where troops have failed.

    For More Information, Visit:




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    Srdja Popovic: Blueprint for Revolution

    in Politics Progressive

    Srdja Popovic is the author of Blueprint for Revolution and founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), which has worked with pro-democracy activists from more than 50 countries, promoting the use of non-violent resistance in achieving political and social goals. He'll be In New York City on April 22 at the Carnegie Center, tickets still available.  The publisher, Random House, summarizes the book:

    Blueprint for Revolution will teach you how to
    • make oppression backfire by playing your opponents’ strongest card against them
    • identify the “almighty pillars of power” in order to shift the balance of control
    • dream big, but start small: learn how to pick battles you can win
    • listen to what people actually care about in order to incorporate their needs into your revolutionary vision
    • master the art of compromise to bring together even the most disparate groups
    • recognize your allies and view your enemies as potential partners
    • use humor to make yourself heard, defuse potentially violent situations, and “laugh your way to victory.”

    Jay Ackroyd hosts


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