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    Sequestration, Immigration, and New Technologies

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    Matt and Jamie are back. Tonight's episode will cover the upcoming sequestration and the media hype surrounding the relatively small cuts. Also covered will be the (il)legitimacy of borders and immigration laws and some exciting new technologies on the horizon. We will also take your calls.
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    The Budget, Sequestration and Congress

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    This week I will focus on the Budget, thew so called Sequestration effects, Congress and the President. Where are they heading? Will they actually sit down and talk?
    An update on our attempts to work with Gun Control Lobbiests, The NRA and both sides of the aisile.
    News, Society and the Medias' role in it all!
    This and more Every Friday!

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    Richard Dreyfuss, Sequestration and Partisanship

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    Today will be a repeat of the show we did with Richard Dreyfuss.  Firsy, we will state our opinion on the current situation on the Sequestration and Partisan Posturing! 
    Whose right? and What can we do about it?

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    Sequestration, Sinkholes, & CPR

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    It's been a busy week, folks. The government--yep, we're using a collective term there cuz they're ALL dysfunctional--sits on the royal governing throne ... & doesn't govern. And what happens? We fall in a sinkhole.
    But then, a sinkhole comes about in Florida & sadly, a man loses his life because he literally dropped into it. His only "crime" was being in bed when this happened. Was it an "act of God?" An act of man vs nature? Do you realize how many of these happen in any given year? There have already been no less than nine in the US alone this year. And it's only early March. 
    Hypothetical sinkhole vs literal sinkhole.
    And an elderly woman collapses in an independent living facility. A nurse calls 911 but after being instructed to perform CPR, she refuses, saying the facility's "policy" doesn't allow her to do so. She can only call and stay with the downed individual until the emergency personnel arrives.
    What?! This is an ethical sinkhole. And someone done fell in deep.
    It's been a busy few weeks in the news, folks. Join Debbie Barth and Linda Alexander, the Three Wise Girls, as we talk about Sequestration, Sinkholes, & CPR ... & whatever else shows up on the radar. Join us in the chat room or call in at 347-994-3835, 1:30 PM EST, for a fast-&-furious 30 minutes of reality internet radio. As usual, we're shootin' from the hip, & we never know exactly what we'll say, except to say we definitely have an opinion. We're sure you do, too. Won't you join us?   

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 19: Sequestration

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Sequestration
    Side Topics:  Bradley Manning is a hero, no if's and's or but's. Liberals who make up numbers really grind my gears.  The Japanese test out Agenda 21's coffin apartments.  Horse meat: it's the new Harlem Shake!  Mr. Woodward is mad that we didn't spend more money on war...wait, WHAT?  Should I infiltrate the Freemasons?  Hey what's that over there!?  Detroit, being in financial panic, decides to spend their way out.  McDonalds drops fruit/walnut salad from menu to meet customers "needs."  Nothing is True; Everything is Permitted.
    All this in 30 Minutes!!

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    The Free American

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    William Blair & Art George The model of weaponized immigration is centuries old. The basis of the model is military/civilian known as “interdiction strategy campaigns.”

    The modern era weaponized immigration model relies upon public perception management, conversational hypnosis, media narrations concerning “deep Hispanic immigration,” “deep Latino immigration.”

    The dynamic aspects required intentional applications of “austerity programming” to construct a high risk environment, e.g. genocide, atrocity, holocaust, austerity, sequestration (abandonment of real & personal property, consolidation of real estate under corporate stakeholder ownership), and abrogation of reserved individual liberty— replaced with “practical sovereignty” and “supervised individual privileges.”

    Basically, the 1966 Coward-Piven Strategy, has been ‘revisited’ and is in play, e.g. collapsing every societal aspect of America., e.g. social, economic, environmental. The damage output is known as “convergent impact affect.”

    The over-aching Capstone doctrine, e.g. “inter-dependence,” and “interoperability” mandated the co-mingling of the civilian/military judiciary, executive, and legislative department of sovereign governments, into the global “collaborative governance secular political ideology.”

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    Conservatives Must Take On The DC Cartel, Viral Videos & Freedom of Conscience

    in Politics

    Dan Perkins-Contributor to DailySurge.com and TheHill.com, Author and master storyteller says "It's Time For Conservatives To Go To The Matt Against The Washington Cartel."

    Samantha Mills-"The Good News Girl" is back with this week's best viral videos from the internet.

    James Hirsen-New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor talks about our 1st Amendment rights and freedom of conscience.

    Bob Waliszewski-The Martian & Hotel Transylvania 2 Take Top Honors At The Weekend Box Office.  Focus On The Family's Director of media & Culture reports.

    Wendall Hall-MILLIONS OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TAKE THE PSAT/NMSQT® IN OCTOBER-Parents Should Understand the Benefits to Students says the senior director for policy advocacy at the College Board.

    Dr Peggy Sands Orchowski-50th Anniversary: How LBJ/Kennedy’s Immigration Law Changed America and the World by gthis credentialed Congressional Correspondent in Washington DC.  She is the author of the new book, The Law That Changed the Face of America: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

    Stephen Moore-See what happens when you cut back spending in Washington DC-Congress gets a little cranky.  Heritage Foundation's chief economist, explains why.

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      Republican House Speaker John Boehner made some utterances today regarding the imminent and fast-approaching SEQUESTRATION. . The "Boner" iterated that things would be pretty bleak under that scenario and no one has really had to experience it before - the point being, it's not the time to undergo the unknowable and highly likely unbearable.

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    The Veterans: Unbreakable Bill of Rights, Sequestration, War

    in Politics

    Join The Veterans tonight at 7pm ET on Conservative Report:
    Topics for Tonight:
    Dems Vs. Bill of Rights 1A & 2A - Sequestration - Benghazi & Syria.

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    Pardons-Sequestration+Cuts-Snitcher Speaks OutCrossed

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    Pardons Granted>>>>Sequestration and Budget Cuts>>>>Snitcher Speaks Out>> Getting Crossed by the Feds.