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    An Interview with NYS Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda

    in Politics

    An interview with Luis Sepulveda whose district includes the

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    Living Your Legacy with Daisi “Jo” Pollard Sepulveda-Low

    in Women

    KickAss Radio welcomes Daisi “Jo” Pollard Sepulveda-Low, a Model & Beauty Queen entrepreneur, to talk about her personal journey in the world of modeling and pageantry. Listen in as she shares her background in entrepreneurship and philanthropy and learn more about her new multimedia blog, DaisyJoReviews.com.
    Daisi “Jo” Pollard Sepulveda-Low is launching a blog dedicated to her double-sided passion of everything beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle and business. Having both an extensive background in modeling and entrepreneurship, Daisi has cultivated her experience, knowledge base and curiosity for trying and testing products & services in the beauty industry; while exploring and learning about the creators and mega corporations behind them.
    Check out her websites – Blog, Portfolio and Personal Brand.
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    Appointed Judges

    in Religion

    In the Bible GOD has appointed Judges. We know about Gideon, Sampson, and Deborah in the Old Testament. And of course, we know of GOD and JESUS being our judges. But did you know that you were appointed to be a judge. Thanks for listening as Pastor Will breakdown "Appointed Judges" and what their roles are. By their's, I mean yours.

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    Proverbs: The Book of Wisdom

    in Religion

    Thanks for tuning into tonight's broadcast of Proverbs: The Book of Wisdom with Pastor Will of Word of Love & Faith Christian Center located at 10600 Sepulveda Blvd. Mission Hills, CA. 91345.

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    Interviewing Todd Sepulveda, creator of the Prepper Website

    in Education

    I am Liberty! on American Preppers Radio http://prepperbroadcasting.com/   Todd Sepulveda, the creator of the Prepper Website will be joining me on this episode of I Am Liberty. Todd is a teacher, a webmaster, a prepper and a great guy with a wealth of information.  What is the next step for preparedness and self reliance? Once your cupboards are stocked and needs are met for whatever the future holds, what is the next step? I Am Liberty is about prepping on a community scale. We are stepping away from the freeze dried foods and the ammunition to cement relationships and structure within our communities.
    Through efforts like community gardening, Co Op business and farming as well as bartering and time banking. You will hear from relevant guests as well as success stories from those who are in action as we speak! I myself included. Tags: I am Freedom, Prepare, Self Reliance, Prepper Broadcasting Network  

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    To Know HIM Part 5

    in Religion

    Thanks for tuning in! If this is your first time, we highly encourage you to go back and listen to parts 1-4 of "To Know HIM" and all of our other broadcasts.

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    With the Love of CHRIST- Pastors Will & Maisha Grimes

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    The True Nature of Repentance

    in Religion

    Thanks for tuning in with Pastor Will on the well needed subject of "True Nature of Repentance".

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    Acknowledging What's Inside of You Part 2

    in Religion

    This is part 2 of "Acknowledging What's Inside of You". If you missed part 1, I highly recommend that you go to the archives under ON DEMAND and listen that one.


    If you are ever in our area, we would like to invite you to our church services, held every Saturday at 3pm. Located at 10600 Sepulveda Blvd. Mission Hills, CA 91345.

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    Alaways remember that JESUS loves you, and so do we!!!

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    Acknowledging What's Inside of You

    in Religion

    In tonight's broadcast, Pastor Will takes you on an expedition to explore something greater on the inside of you.

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    "Vendetta Weekend" Recap

    in Politics

    Join Gene Berardelli and "Gallo Seat" invitee Diana Sepulveda, former chair of the NY State Young Republicans and the current President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans, as they discuss their weekend trip to the NYSYR Summer Meeting - you may be shocked by what they say!

    Plus, show contributor Matthew Fairley, Vice-Chair of the Brooklyn GOP, makes a modest proposal - ending filibusting.  WHA? Has he gone completely RINO on us?!?  Tune in to find out.  

    We'll also wrap up the week that was!  

    And how can we forget, Buffoon of the Week!  "Who Ya Got" this week!  Join us in the chat to nominate your own choice for Buffoon and to vote on the final selection!

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    John Sepulveda, on how the VA is leading change across the federal government's hiring

    in Podcasting

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has arisen as a leader in the federal government’s effort to adopt change and multi-generational hiring practices in attempts to ready itself for an influx of new employees as soon-to-be retirees exit the workforce, according to John U. Sepulveda, Assistant Secretary, Human Resources, VA.
    In the below interview, Mr. Sepulveda talks about a multi-generational recruitment and retention plan put together by a taskforce which was developed to position the VA as a leader in change across government hiring. The plan just landed on Mr. Sepulveda’s desk the first week of January.
    Also in the podcast, he addresses how the Change Academy is helping organizations understand the value of and necessity for change. At the Jack. C. Montgomery VA Medical Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma, patient care has improved significantly, in part due to a three-week training session where the Academy brought together nearly 1,100 employees to learn how to work with each other and move the center forward.

    Here, listen to him discuss these and many other important aspects of hiring reform, shortening the process of government hiring, dealing with succession and the promise that new, young workers are bringing to the defense sector.