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    South African Activist/Author WHITE GENOCIDE SOUTH AFRICA

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    Please join American White History Month Radio Talk Show this Thursday, February 26 from 7 PM CTR to 9 PM, for our series on White Genocide in South Africa

    Our guests this week are Dan Roodt is a South African activist, literary critic and writer. Roodt is the deputy leader and spokesperson of South African right-wing political party Front National formed in late 2013 which promotes separatism and Afrikaner self-determination.

    Cuan Elgin worked most of his life as a South African Tourism Manager and is now an accomplished historical author. His book 'BULALA' was written from a "Boer" perspective.

    This will be a call-in show where your questions, comments and conversation are welcome.  Call (347) 637-3768 and join us, your Hosts, Marshall Nicely, Roxy Ladie and Karin Smith.

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    October 24, 2014

    A Conversation with Arthur Kemp

    Nova Europa

    Arthur Kemp is the author of Nova Europa, a book which advocates for the establishment of an Ethno State for European peoples.  Mr. Kemp is also the owner of Ostara Publications.  He was previously the foreign affairs spokesman for the BNP, British National Party until his resignation in 2011.

    Mr. Kemp was born in Rhodesia and also worked as a journalist for the South African Conservative Party.  Mr. Kemp supported Afrikaner Separatism. 

    In this Edition of World View Conversations, we will discuss:

    The importance of the Ethno State for our People – “Nova Europa”

    The demographic crisis in Great Britain and Europe

    Political dynamics in Great Britain, UKIP vs. Nationalist Parties

    The Cultural Genocide

    The Shift in political dynamics in Europe

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    Guest: Monica Islam, Environmental and Human Rights Journalist from Bangladesh

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    Monica Islam aspires to advance human rights and social justice through the media. She regularly contributes articles to The Daily Star (Bangladesh) and Dhaka Tribune, two widely-read English daily newspapers in Bangladesh. She hosts online radio shows at Sylvia Global Media Network. Some of the issues she covered through her work are religious separatism, prejudice based on skin colour, rights to education of special needs children, gender-based violence, women in environment, and university youth club reforms. Monica was selected as ‘Voices of Our Future Correspondent 2013’ by World Pulse, a US-based social media enterprise which trains grassroots leaders in citizen journalism. She has over three years of experience in the media and development sectors.

    Monica has attended several development-oriented conferences and media trainings both at home and abroad, such as the 3rd Global Social Business Summit (Vienna, Austria), UNFPA ICPD beyond 2014 Global Youth Forum (Bali, Indonesia), and Asia-Pacific Youth Parliament for Water (Seoul, Korea). In the latter, she was not only a national representative but was also elected as the Vice-Chair of Commission-2 and awarded as an Exceptional Participant. She is trained in journalism by Thomson Reuters Foundation (London, UK) and International Center for Journalists. She is also a Certified First Responder in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Global Eco Theatre is designed to convey difficult-to-understand problems in Nigeria such as witch-craft, corruption, lack of safety and the worst petroleum pollution in Africa to the International community in an aesthetic form so that people around the world can join solvinghe problems.  The regions contributes major cause of global warming and climate change. Our website: http://www.swacin.com

    Stay tuned!

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    Esoteric Geopolitics -- Strategies and Secrets

    in Spirituality

    Stephen Lewis, analytic astrologer joins forces with Steven Frampton, astrologer and psychic medium, to analyze current events in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and beyond. Join this fascinating foray into metaphysics and get a leg up on America's strategies and secrets, as shown by the stars. Topics for this installment of Metaphysical Media include: Israel's Operation Protective Edge, the most recent BRIC summit, developments in Ukraine separatism and a whole lot more.

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    Black Militancy, Separatism and Liberation Theology

    in Politics

    What is the basis and history of Black Militancy and is it needed today? Is Black Separatism a viable option for blacks today and why would they choose to separate themselves? Is Black Liberation Theology being smeared or misunderstood? Bro. George, host of Pan-AfricanForum gives his views and opinions on these subjects. Plus Political News and Views from OBM.

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    Separatism In America & The Great Racial Divide - Enough Is Enough

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    Sun. August 30, 2009 - 11PM EST. 8PM PST
    Tonight’s Topic:
    "Separatism In America & The Great Racial Divide - Enough Is Enough".

    Join us
    "Live in the Vocal Booth" With The BKS1 Radio Team; Storm Norm, Trish aka "Super Woman", Miss Kiya, Chill Mr. Keep It Real, Smoov P, Steve The Promoter and Political Analyst Charles D. Ellison

    Rich, Poor, Middle Class? Baptist, Catholic or Muslim. Why Does Everything Have To Be So Black & White? Whats The Purpose Of These Labels Other Than To Separate People? If We Are One Big United Country, Why Do We Act Like We Are All Not All In This Together? Does It Make For A Better Economy? Is This Good For Our Future or Our Childrens Future ? How Can We Be Productive As A Nation If Everyone Isn't Truly Trying To Unite Because There Are So Many Things That Divide? We Want To Know How You Feel? Call In & Be Heard 646-929-1530

    Our Special Guest This Evening Will Be AL BUTLER- Radio Host Of 900AM WURD

    Al Butler has proven over the past 10 years that his real strength is in entertaining, insightful dialogue. For years he has tackled the daily questions that people all over the country assemble around water coolers to discuss. Al has been recognized as one of Philadelphia’s “People to Watch Under the Age of 40”, “Men Making A Difference” and “Urban Insite’s Sexiest Man Alive”.

    Our Musical Guest This Evening Is Recording Artist “Michael Charles”

    Check Him Out On www.myspace.com/meetmichaelcharles

    Call IN & BE HEARD: 646-929-1530


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    The Might Is Right Power Hour W/ Bill Rhyes

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    An interview with Craig Cobb. He will fill us in on the latest developments in Leith ND. Mr Cobb has infuriated the anti-White/pro White genocide forces with his plan for a pro-White town (Cobbville) in ND. He will also discuss racialism, Christ Insanity, Creativity, and the fascinating life he has lived. Mr. Cobb will answer questions from callers as well. 

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    The Indian Great Awakening with Linford Fisher

    in History

    This week on Fieldstone Common, Marian Pierre-Louis interviews Dr. Linford Fisher, author of The Indian Great Awakening: Religion and the Shaping of Native Culture in Early America.
    The First Great Awakening was a time of heightened religious activity in the colonial New England. Among those whom the English settlers tried to convert to Christianity were the region's native peoples. In this book, Linford Fisher tells the gripping story of American Indians' attempts to wrestle with the ongoing realities of colonialism between the 1670s and 1820.
    In particular, he looks at how some members of previously unevangelized Indian communities in Connecticut, Rhode Island, western Massachusetts, and Long Island adopted Christian practices, often joining local Congregational churches and receiving baptism. Far from passively sliding into the cultural and physical landscape after King Philip's War, he argues, Native individuals and communities actively tapped into transatlantic structures of power to protect their land rights, welcomed educational opportunities for their children, and joined local white churches.
    Charting this untold story of the Great Awakening and the resultant rise of an Indian Separatism and its effects on Indian cultures as a whole, this gracefully written book challenges long-held notions about religion and Native-Anglo-American interaction
    Linford Fisher is an assistant professor of history at Brown University. He received his doctorate from Harvard University in 2008 and taught for a year in the Indiana University system before coming to Brown in 2009. His research field is early American history, including the history of religion in America and Native American history.
    For more details and upcoming schedule see: http://www.FieldstoneCommon.com
    LIVE: THURSDAY, 23May 2013 at 1:00pm EDT

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    "Set Apart" host Pastor Mark Fields

    in Spirituality

    The idea of church today has become a “man”umental staple of today’s society.  Notice I did not use the word monumental which means “great in size, importance, or intensity,” because of the idea of “church” for some has become skewed and is built on faulty premises and misconceptions about God and us.  We have however become monumental in thinking that we are “so important or so enduring that people cannot fail to notice or be impressed by us.”  We have taken the position of impressing others by seeing the wealth of the church instead of the prosperity and posterity of the church.
    2 Ti 4:3-4. “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;  4   And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”
    We separate ourselves, not as being separate by not living the same lifestyle, doctrine, and belief system, but some believe that they have achieved a status of hierarchy and practice separatism instead of being counted as separate.  Being separate is not the same as being separated.  Listen in by calling live to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Call (310)982-4267 or by logging in to www.blogtalkradio.com/4kingdom.  Kingdom First, Kingdom Now Kingdom Life!!!!!

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    Dec 26, 2012

    in Lifestyle

    Topics include the community's holy reading/commentary of John Owen, The Glory of Christ, Chapter 17, Part 5; and Mr. Bunker's commentary introduction to Ephesians, Part 1.

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    THE CONQUERORS HOUR with Rich & Andre of Total Fascism

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    Welcome to the 2nd edition of "The Conquerors Hour." Tonight, I'll be joined by Andre of Total Fascism to discuss the following topics in detail: The Christianity debate; Infighting, Separatism vs. Supremacism; Racial Divisions in America; Using Derogatory names; and once again we we address with Whom Should we Ally; and What Can We Win? All of this and more. I'll be taking phone calls throughout the course of the show! Feel free to call in and remember to participate in our Radio Show Chatbox.

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