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    Separation Anxiety: Not just for kids

    in Health

    The speakers are: Dr. Frank Schneier Research Psychiatrist, Clinical Therapeutics, New York State Psychiatric Institute

    Dr. Anne Marie Albano Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology (in Psychiatry) Director, Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders, 
    Columbia University Medical Center

    They will be describing what Separation Anxiety is, what the symptoms are and how to treat it. 

    It is a psychological condition in which a person experiences inappropriate and excessive fear and distress when faced with situations of separation from the home or from a specific attachment figure. The anxiety that is expressed is categorized as being atypical of the expected developmental level and age.


    For more information on the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders please go to http://www.anxietytreatmentnyc.org/ or call 212-246-5740

    For more information about participating in our research treatment study on Adult Separation Anxiety, contact Rob Valdovinos at (646) 774-8113 or at valdovi@nyspi.columbia.edu or go to http://columbia-generalizedanxiety.org/



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    "Separation Anxiety"

    in Dads and Family

    Is it possible to experience separation anxiety in a relationship? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

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    The Simple Methods for Overcoming Separation Anxiety

    in Self Help

    Overcoming separation anxiety can be very painful and frustrating. There are solutions that anyone can use successfully to overcome a nerve-racking experience.  If you apply them correctly, you will experience relief within minutes.  Eileen Lichtenstein MS. Ed Stress Management Coach, EFT Specialist and one of the hosts of the show, will be our main source of information.
    We will talk about why people suffer from separation anxiety so you can understand what happens to you and how to deal with it. By the end of the show, your symptoms of anxiety will already be a two or three on a scale from one to 10 just from listening to us talk about the solutions.
    You do not need to do anything but tune in bring a note pad and get ready to change your life today for the better.  You can say good-bye to your anxiety attacks and or frustrations. You will not need them any longer.
    Unpredictable ~ Crazy~ Fun ~Honest Talk Radio Warning This show is addicting! 
    Dawn Abraham Marketing & Mindset Expert 
    Eileen Lichtenstein  Success and EFT Coach
    Michele Laub  LOA Toltec Wisdom Expert 
    Miss Bonnie- Clairvoyant/Medium

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    in Health

    If your worries and fears seem overwhelming and interfere with your daily life, you may be suffering from anxiety. You may not recognize that someone is suffering from anxiety, as most of the time, on the outside they seem perfectly fine. Inside, they may be feeling like they are dying or losing their minds. Tune in to this month’s tele-lunch & learn and find out more about anxiety disorder.

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    Coping with Social Anxiety Disorder

    in Self Help

    Life isn't always simple. At times it becomes a scary place and can become very difficult to manuever your way through it all. As our society changes and grows so do our health concerns. Learning how to adapt and overcome  is possible. Recognizing what it is - that's step number one.

    Join us as we talk about Social Anxiety Disorder - it's symptoms, who it affects and what we can do about it.

    SHOW SPONSORS: Smell Good Spa   Blessings All Around (Mobile Officiant)   I Do Radio

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    Live a life of JOY! Overcome fear, anxiety and depression NOW! 12-1pmPT

    in Self Help

    Live a life of JOY! Overcome fear, anxiety and depression NOW! with your host: David Tri

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    Dr. Peter Breggin: Guilt, Shame and Anxiety

    in Self Help

    Most people are negatively impacted by Guilt, Shame or Anxiety, which Dr. Peter Breggin calls “negative legacy emotions,” emotions that developed in humans to help us balance our inherent violence and our ability to empathize. We’ve got guilt, shame and anxiety in our genes, he says! Find out how to identify these negative legacy emotions and move yourself out of their control. One of my favorite crusaders and guests of all time, Dr. Breggin will “tidy up” by sharing his Three Steps to Emotional Freedom with which to replace Guilt, Shame and Anxiety. Dr. Breggin is the author of the bestsellers Toxic Psychiatry, Talking Back to Prozac (with Ginger Breggin), and Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal. You’re guaranteed to hear things about your own mental health you’ve never heard before! Click here to visit Dr. Peter Breggin's website.

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    How to Be Your Own Healer w/ Kate Pamphilon - ovcercome anxiety mindfully

    in Health

    Can you break free from anxiety and heal yourself?

    Kate Pamphilon is a kinesiologist and complementary medicine practitioner who is also a contributing author to the bestselling book "Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness." Kate aims to share the wisdom and techniques of ancient and modern traditions to help others to be the master of their own healing, connect to their hearts and reach their potential.

    Kate shares an intimate story in the Heart to Heart book about her experience with anxiety, post-natal anxiety and depression. She explains the methods and practices that have allowed her to 'become her own healer' and teach others to do the same.

    Learn more about Kate here: holisticbynature.com.au

    About the Host

    With multiple appearances on Oprah, Dr. Oz, the Today Show, Positive Psychology EmpowerMentor , Dr. Andrea Pennington, provides you with online life coaching to unlock your potential for transformation. In the Heart to Heart book and her recent TEDx talk  she shares how she personally overcame depression and anxiety

    For more tips on living with passion+purpose, visit www.AndreaPennington.com to get a free ebook

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    in Self Help

    We are LIVE Every Tuesday and Thursday 7 a.m. EST!! And we are on demand whenever you make the time for the truth of Couch Conversations. it back and get comfortable with the truth! We will discuss Life, Liberty, and Achieving Happiness on Couch Conversations. We will constantly give you real life practical solutions for the ups and downs that you face along this journey called LIFE. So far we have talked about Pain, Risk, Visualization, Strategy and much more. This week our focus is...Separation - in short, taking time away from distractions to focus yourself, your goals, your future, your peace of mind and regroup.   This show is an outreach of Blessed And Know It Ministries and is hosted by our Mindset Demolition Consultant and Motivational Speaker REVJ!! Join our FB group! Give us a call for more info 888-68-43210!   Or go to our ever growing website  www.bakiministries.wix.com/baki

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    Deny God eternal separation ( Cut-off)

    in Religion

    The Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works. Matthew 16:27                  For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my safe will save it. Luke9;23-24        

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    Childhood anxiety..stop the drugs & relax their brains! She did & it works!

    in Entertainment

    Yay...another Tuesday and tonight's show is all about the children (yeah...you adults can tag along too)! I will be talking about the latest social media app SnapChat (that's where your kids are probably right now) and my segment #AskMamaChar is about parenthood.

    My guest, Zemirah Jazwierska is an author, school psychologist & mother! She will share how she beat anxiety at age 23 after being told she would have to medicate for the rest of her life to cope. She found better alternatives than pharmaceuticals & quickly learned it was no accident she had decided to search them out, when her own daughter presented with the same symptoms. Through her research and education she founded Kids Relaxation & has made it her life mission to help as many children (and parents) struggling with numerous anxiety illnesses. Zemirah's work with Kids Relaxation has been recognized worldwide & she is now known as the "Relaxation Coach".  Find more about Zemirah's remarkable program at KidsRelaxation.com & facebook.com/KidsRelaxation.

    Our musical guest, Shaina Noll, will share her sound "You can Relax Now".  Find Shaina on her website Shainanoll.com, youTube, facebook.com/ShainaNoll, Amazon and last.fm/music/ShainaNoll.

    Find me at mamachar.com, on all social medias @MamaCharBlessed &  facebook.com/HearFromAngels,.


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