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    Pimp Sues Nike Company Over Shoes That Caused Him A 100 Year Sentencing

    in Education

    It's Our Business To Tell Your Business and, this story is sho nuff a Run Your Mouth moment!

    A Portland, Ore,. man, who is a pimp by trade was sentenced to 100 years in prison for brutally stomping another man's face with a pair of Nike brand shoes, because the man did not pay his prostitute before he left the hotel; The pimp is now claiming he did not know that the shoes were lethal.  Sirgiorgiro Clardy, filed a $100M lawsuit against Nike, the manufacture of his Jordans for not having a warning label, warning that their shoes could be used as a weapon.  Hahaha!!!

    Can somebody come and help me talk about his subject...and, no I don't this #$@&=!!

    Join me and call in with your feed back 347-884-8684


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    Sentencing Reform

    in Politics

    "While old habits are hard to break, these numbers show that a dramatic shift is underway in the mind-set of prosecutors handling nonviolent drug offenses. I believe we have taken steps to institutionalize this fairer, more practical approach such that it will endure for years to come,This is a topic that ought to be engaged in by our nation, informed by the experiences we see in Colorado, Washington. "There is, I think, a legitimate debate to be had on both sides of that question on where marijuana should be in terms of scheduling."
    AG Holder NJ

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    Presidential Pardons - History and Clemency 2015 update-Illegal Reentry Offenses

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    The History of Presidential Pardons - For federal cases only


    Clemency 2015 update - all PRO-BONO - no fees attached - FREE

    Illegal Reentry Offenses - This report analyzes data collected by the United States Sentencing Commission concerning cases

    News that Matters - Washington Post - FBI ADMIT FLAWS .....

    Prisoner's Perspective

    Events of Interest  - WEED 3 on CNN and DOJ Profiling Guidance....



    Mindset Management Monday4




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    APS Scandal

    in Current Events

    APS Scandal

    Do you feel that the sentencing was too harsh?

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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen with Don Daniels/Sierra Neblina/ Special guest Itasha

    in Spirituality

    From Don Daniels book:

    Evolution Through Contact – Becoming a Cosmic Citizen.

    This week we have an out of this world special guest.   Who is it?    It’s a surprise! 

    I can promise this, YOU will definitely want to catch this program Live if possible! This person does not come out often and this will be a very rare opportunity to ask this guest your questions. 

    A little over 4 years ago, I was helping my friend Mark Kimmel with some weekend workshops for people who had experienced UFO or ET Contact events. As a natural connector, I had referred several people to those workshops. The basic format was that we would gather on Friday evening, have dinner, and get acquainted.  Saturday morning we would set the general guidelines, basic confidentiality, listen with an open mind, don’t ridicule, that kind of thing. We would then share some of our experiences in order to break the ice, and encourage the attendees to share their experiences with the group. Finally being able to talk about their experience in a safe supportive environment was very healing for everyone. 

    Well, what happened at one of those workshops just blew my socks off and really called into practice all the training, self-work and analysis I had done up until that time. We will talk about that in this program. Then we will move on to what has happened in subsequent years and our guest will share some truly mind-expanding information with you. 

    Be There or Be Square,

    Don Daniels

    We always welcome your questions and calls. 

    Call 1-646-478-3085 and if you wish to talk press 1 to be put in the cue. 

    Don’s website:    www.EvolutionThroughContact.com


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    The Shameful Church

    in Religion

    A high school in Louisiana went against their own established guidelines and is now allowing a lesbian student to wear a tuxedo to the prom when they originally told her she couldn't. Why is everyone always bowing to this God hating lesbian movement? Why aren't preachers preaching against sin anymore? Why is Will Smith's son wearing girl's clothes? Join us as we bring out these topics and much more!

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    in Sports

    The NBA regular season takes forrrrrrrever to end and sometimes we can lose interest. Do we really care if Russell Westbrook makes the postseason? Are we totally captivated by the Pacers vs Nets race for the 8th spot? The answer, NOOOOO! INtheZONE does not give a damn about the 8th spot, especially in the Western conference. Join Ed and Kevin as they discuss the upcoming NBA postseason, NFL updates, and the latest from the Mayweather vs Pacquiao showdown. Breaking News: Aaron Hernandez sentencing, get our 50 cents on the verdict.

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    Co-Parenting Relationships

    in Romance

    Being a parent is a difficult job, but can be especially difficult when you two aren't together and there are negative emotions involved. Regardless of the nature of your relationship with your ex, it isn't your children's fault that the relationship didn't work out.  Your child's best interests should be about your own, which includes having an amicable relationship as co-parents.

    Even if it is difficult to be in the same room with your ex, you need to sit down and make a committment to set consistent guidelines and boundaries on your new relationship as co-parents. In this episode, we'll discuss co-parenting relationships, tools to make them successful; as well as, situations to avoid.

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    Death By Food Pyramid With Denise Minger

    in Health

    Denise Minger, author of "Death By Food Pyramid" visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio

    Denise Minger is a health writer and lecturer with a reputation for aggressively challenging today's leading voices of conventional wisdom. Her meticulously researched critiques decimating USDA guidelines and The China Study-published on her blog, RawFoodSOS.com-have made her a major player in the progressive health community, and a major thorn in the side of both mainstream nutritionists and other health figures promoting flawed dietary dogma. A precocious academic whiz and autodidact who started college at the age of 16, Denise's own diet-related health problems plunged her, total immersion style, into the world of nutrition research-first in attempt to heal her own body, and then to help others do the same. Denise currently lives a "real food" lifestyle in Portland, Oregon.

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    MLSbest.com you've tried the rest now try the best

    in Business

     When It comes to searching for real estate online, with most systems, you will be asked to give up who you are. At some point to search for properties within the local agent realm you'll be asked to give up your name and email address in order to do so.  We are local real estate agents located in Southern California serving the greater Los Angeles area is including Santa Clarita Valley where our offices are headquarters. When it comes to searching for real estate I don't want to give up who I am and you shouldn't either. When you go to MLS best.com which stands for the best multiple listing service search engine, you will see every single listing available for sale.  These listings come directly from the board of realtors. Which is very different than the real estate syndication websites, which have to have their listings given to them through some type of third-party. Your listings you will see here on MLS best.com are going to come directly from the board of realtors and Southern California and populate that website. Where local real estate agents so in order to obtain those real listings we have to sign licensing agreements as being in good standing with the National Association of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors and the local Board of Realtors. Then there are more checks and balances in place to ensure I'm doing it within the "active, pending, back up and sold guidelines". It's the best place to search for homes - the actual Multiple Listing Service.

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    Live Natural Live Well

    in Health

    Sophie Uliano is an Internationally renowned Green and Healthy Living expert and her latest book is Gorgeous for Good. She is the author of New York Times best-selling, book, Gorgeously Green. Sophie has written 2 other books, on food/wellness and Natural DIY’s (The Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do it Gorgeously). Sophie’s education began in the UK where she studied clinical nutrition, homeopathy, and aromatherapy, which led to her interest in healthy eating, and making her own health and beauty products.  

    A look into Gorgeous for Good

    Well-researched, myth-busting information about commercial and natural beauty products
    Simple guidelines for buying the best skin care products, and easy recipes for cost-saving beauty products to make at home
    Healthy, budget-friendly recipes for food to kick start the new you

    Tune in for some great eco-friendly beauty tips!

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