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    Senseless Killings By Police Officers Going Unpunished

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    Year after year over 500 innocent lives are taken by armed police officers who are abusing and misusing their authority. Why haven't our Federal Supreme Justice of Peace courts and U.S.A. government stepped up to stop and harshly punish these police officers who are using their positions, badges and authority to KILL so many innocent people? The U.S.A government doesn't seem to have any problems sending our U.S. military to other countries to help them fight against the malicious killings by the authorities and terriorists in their countries, so why won't they do it here on U.S.A soil even if it is "Americans" in authorative positions doing the senseless killings? This has got to stop. We want to put Dillon Taylor in the spotlight along with Michael Brown because they were both young unarmed males who were brutally killed without just cause by certain Ferguson Police Officers. Join us at 6:30pm EST as we discuss this matter. Thank you. Feel free to join us on Facebook @ZHEMAGAZINEPAGE & on Twitter | Instagram @zhemagazine

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    Heraldess ADAMA, comes 4 an Open Forum, hosted by REVELATION aka ...

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    ADAMA, The Voice of Resurrection / Heraldess of the Eternal, will come to “Get Your, It Together!” This much respected Light of the World will bring the message of intention and dedication to liberation through our conscious awareness of the here and now. ADAMA is urging all within the sound of her voice that it's now time to focus on the impact of  the senseless devastation of all of nature’s beings of this life, in compliance with what must be done to combat the overall genocide against ALL of Nature! Tune into this empowering episode, as ADAMA encourages the cleansing & healing of oneself, individually from inside out of illness, sickness and disease brought about by the many convenient pollutants. This unconditionally loving Goddess provides continuous life support for all of those that are seriously determined to live liberated. Adamaspeaks.com and/or dialing 678-760-9299, is where you’ll find her unique style of inspirationally holistic healing, deep abiding compassion for life, and a dedication to truth connecting us to this now moment! She is a caring, sensitively health conscious sage and self healing consultant that operates with a divine sense of wisdom. She offers life coaching, with the distribution of Mother Earth's internal cleansing and healing clays. She’s the Producer & host of "The Meeting of The Inner Circle" every Thursday night at midnight to 3:am est. on 89.3FM, WRFG www.wrfg.org. Join us as we continue affirming that we’re all activated seeds of consciousness, animated within by The Divine Spirit of The ALL That Is! Please direct your comments, questions and suggestions to, getyourittogether@gmail.com. 773-897-6555 www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit

  • Assignment America - Racial Divide

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    Betty can no longer be silent over Ferguson, these racially motivated protests, and senseless loss of two NYPD Cops, she's mad as hell and not afraid to say things, others are afraid to say. Assignment tells the stories of America, from history, military, politics, social and economic, to entertainment - the things you never thought about to the trivia you never knew.


  • The Lighter Side

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    With two episodes dedicated racial issues and senseless deaths, we would like to lighten the mood tonight. Join us for an episode of gratitude and love along with some life-long relationship questions.

    Maybe you'd like to get something off your chest...? Call in! We'd love to hear from you

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    Daniel Bell, Earnest Lacy, Derek Williams, Dontre Hamilton, Frank Jude, again and again its the same story, A black man is killed or beaten by Milwaukee Police and nothing is done. Enough is enough and the time has come to put it all on the line. KB AND THE REVOLUTIONARY RYDERS throw their hands in the air and scream I CANT BREATH!!!!!!! From public sodomy to rape and assault the Milwaukee Police Department has been been the biggest gang in the city from day one.There has to be change in this country with the neverending, senseless, murder of Black men at the hands of Gestapo law enforcement officers. Governor Thot Walker has already told us he has the National Guard on speed dial just in case us negros act a fool. We know that there will be no indictment of the officer who murdered Dontre Hamilton. The question is WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT???? Why are Black officers so quiet on this issue? What changes should the people demand?? Why are we still killing ourselves??? Why did Sheriff Clarke loan Charles Barkley that dunb ass cowboy hat????


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    BRE accusation - do I have to go to trial?

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    Our California real estate broker law firm gets this question alot when it comes down to a real estate licensee getting an accusation filed against them (ex. a property management company that has trust fund accounting violations such as comingling or conversion) - DOES MY CASE HAVE TO GO TO TRIAL?  

    Some attorneys in the BRE defense space (from what we have learned) have advised their real estate clients that "you have to go to trial to get the best results" in regard to your real estate license.  This is simply not true.   Listen in as Attorney Steve Vondran expains the dynamics of a BRE settlement and explains why your case does NOT necessairly need to go through an expensive trial process.  What you don't konw could cost you time, money and a public hearing,

    For questions, call us at (877) 276-5084

  • Civil Disobedience Is The American Way w/Bill Wells

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    Civil Disobedience Is The American Way: 

    Fighting Injustice with New Forms of Peaceful Protest

    From Trayvon Martin to Jordan Davis to Michael Brown to Eric Garner to DJ Henry. America has a problem.  A race and gender problem.   And sitting right in the bullseye are countless Black men, young and old victimized by police tactics that work against them in grand jury rulings and court house verdicts.  We can no longer look the other way…Americans are finally saying ENOUGH to the senseless killings that are happening throughout the land. 

    Important details missing from a dispatcher’s call to police resulted in a 12 year old child being gunned down by a rookie cop in Cleveland.  And a man with asthma desperately calling out “I can’t breathe” succumbed to a New York cop’s chokehold that finished his life forever.

    Veteran diversity professional and former chair of the National Black MBA Association Bill Wells will discuss the direction of our country as we wrestle with police brutality and its fatal impact on Black men everywhere.  And we’ll also look at the  groundswell of peaceful protests around the country and the world that are waking us all up the the changes needed to fix the injustices so badly derailing our nation.

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    Call to Action

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    Join hosts, Dr. Faith and Yolanda YoTrip Triplett for our last radio broadcast in 2014, Call to Action. Ready or not, this year is quickly winding down! You probably have accomplished your goals, ventured into new arenas, or have been a captivated audience of the vicious kidnapping, senseless killings, or religious wars plaguing our society. This radio broadcast will be your opportunity to produce a response to the question, How do I help or even progress towards change in 2015? We all have been Called to Action and it’s time to answer the call. There is something that each of us MUST do differently if we are to experience Triumph in 2015 and beyond. It’s time to contribute before you criticize, donate before you take, and ask how before you scream why!


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    Why are more & more police officers becoming murderers hidden behind police uniforms? Why aren't these political leaders nationwide ignoring this SERIOUS problem? Why are the National Guards that consist of our family members and dear friends being used against us when we demand these senseless murders to cease? It seems like these police officers are mainly targeting "black men" although we know men of other races and nationalities [especially the Hispanic men] are being singled out & targeted. Zimmerman completely disobeied the instructions of the dispatch policer officer to NOT follow Trayvon, but he ignore the order causing an unnecessary comfortation with Trayvon. Zimmerman ASSUMED he would be able to over power Trayvon because he's much larger; however, when Trayvon was whooping Zimmerman's butt. Zimmerman shoot & kills Trayvon in cold blood. Our tax dollars are being wasted by putting Zimmerman in protective custody. We shouldn't be funding the protection of a malicious killer. If Zimmerman truly felt his life was in danger at the moment & time he and Trayvon were in a physical fight, then Zimmerman shouldn't have NEVER EVER followed Trayvon. Zimmerman's disobedience to the law put him in that situation NOT Trayvon.

    Michael Brown was INTENTIONALLY targeted because he is a young black man. Therefore, these bullies in police uniforms decided to confront him harassing him although he wasn't violating ANY laws at the time they approached him. Now, this young man is dead due to murderers in police uniforms.

    Eric Gardner has a lengthy criminal history according the news reports and many police officers purposely target "black men" particularly who have such record to try to justify their reasonings for harassing & killing them. 





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    "The Two-Way Troll Bridge"

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    SPONSORED BY MARK PITTMAN--The news is buzzing with racial tension--specifically in the law and order department. The atrocious, still-rising count of African-Americans losing their lives to a nationwide vigilante police force is the majority subject, and the mass-injection of Black celebrity "take-down" scandals are a very close second. Equally conspicuous in the media is the transparent plot to "prove their point" about ill perceptions of African-Americans, while justifying the senseless killing, overinflated prison sentences and unfair disciplinary measures used on Black offenders, via the use of iconic Black figures who tone down the true state of racism in the world. Bill Cosby's multiple rape allegations by White America. as well as the exonerations of both Darrren Wilson and the officers involved in the choking death of Eric Garner being sanctioned by Charles Barkley on national television are a few examples. And right in the midst of the heated protests, the rage against the police departments, and the politically charged battles on these matters, comes a mass infusion of do-good "Santacops" and "community service officers". Distractions? Call in tonight at 10:30 pm EST at 347-327-9967 with your thoughts.

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    The 11th Hour

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    Call in @ (347)838-8952 Join me as I interview the Director & Creator of "The 11th Hour" Mrs.Angela Carswell an her Actors that brought this Powerful play to life.
    “The 11th Hour”
    explores the various perspectives as it relates to the relationship between the police force and inner city youth.  The story is set against the backdrop of senseless killing of two high school athletes at the hands of the police.  A barber shop behind police lines hosts a group of passionate voices engaged in a heated and spirited discussion about our current state of affairs and how it relates to the literal and figurative death of our village.


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