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  • I Snapped Geno's Jaw And I beat the Senegal Heavyweight in 48 Hours !!!!!!!!!

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    2 boxing wins in 48 hours I am the Greatest none of these clowns from commercial mainstream boxing have ever won 2 fights 2 days in a row. i did it on video 

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    Charlie Zelenoff TKO's Alasan 6'4 Heavyweight From Senegal today !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    right after I destroy a US Marine In Las Vegas I Come Back to LA And I Score another Win I am a Once In a Lifetime Legendary Boxer the Greatest Of All Time 

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    Situation in Senegal

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    The Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade who was elected after a free and fair election a decade ago has decided to seek a third term. The constitution of Senegal as written does not allow the president to seek a third term, therefore, he decided to modify the constitution. In the wake of Mr Wade's announcement, political parties, activists have called for Senegalese to resit the president's third-term bid.

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    National & International Roundtable

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    A scholar, historian, poet, and social and cultural commentator, Dr. Afua Cooper’s expertise in and contributions to the arts, history, and education were recognized when she was presented in 2005 with the Harry Jerome Award for Professional Excellence, and in 2007 with the Planet Africa Renaissance Award. Afua holds a Ph.D. in Black Canadian Studies and the African Diaspora from the University of Toronto. Her expertise includes African Canadian culture, Black women’s history, gender, slavery, abolition, and freedom, Black literatures, and education. She has conducted research on African-descended people and their culture across Canada, and internationally in Jamaica, France, the United States, Britain, Senegal, and Ethiopia. Her co-authored publication We’re Rooted Here and they Can’t Pull Us Up: Essays in African Canadian Women’s History won the Joseph Brant prize for the best history book. Her ground-breaking book on Canadian slavery, The Hanging of Angelique: The Untold Story of Slavery in Canada and the Burning of Old Montreal was nominated for the Governor General’s award. Afua has curated and worked on six exhibits including, The Underground Railroad, Next Stop Freedom,Enslaved Africans in Upper Canada, and The Transatlantic Slave Trade. In addition, Afua has designed and taught courses on gender, and Black history and culture at several universities. She has also lectured on these topics nationally and internationally. Further, Dr. Cooper served as the co-ordinator and chief knowledge officer of the Ontario Initiative to Commemorate the Bicentenary of the British Slave Trade Abolition, in 2007.  Essence Magazine named her as one of the twenty-five women who are shaping the world.

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    Ras Ben, Lester Loving, Bro. Duli, Open line conversation/ Bro. Sufi

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    Tonight's show is two parts. The first hour will be featuring Bro. Duli, Ras Ben, Lester Loving, speaking about shamamism, crystals, present day cycles of worldly events. Bro. Duli is promoting a weekend workshop featuring Lester Loving, Ras Ben, and Bro. H-Ankh on the weekend of Oct. 24th-25th, 2015. Ras Ben will be promoting his vast knowledge of crystals and how to apply them for every day living. Lester Loving will be speaking about the importance of sacred geometry in modern day homes and offices. Bro. Duli is a urban shaman, wholistic health advocate, community activist, and promoter of health fairs in Boston, Mass.

    The second hour will be featuring Bro. Sufi. He's a multi-ligual teacher of Sufism, student and devotee of Cheik Amadou Bamba. Bro. Sufi will be promoting his upcoming classes in learning the Woloff language, an ancient Egyptian dialect commonly spoken today in Senegal

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    Special #TGIF - latest GLOBAL GO GO music from around the world.

    Produced live in the studios of WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio in Richmond, VA by Bill Lupoletti every Wednesday from 3 to 5 PM. More information on his blog, globalagogo.com.

    Playlist Notes: Notes: Song | Artist (Country) | Recording | Label | Year

    Separation Oliver Lake (USA) Matador Of 1st & 1st | Passin' Thru | 1997, Global A Go-Go | Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (UK) | Global A Go-Go | Hellcat | 2001, Wad Alnuba | Alsarah & The Nubatones feat Sounds Of Taraab (Sudan-Yemen-Armenia-France-Togo-USA) | Silt | Wonderwheel | 2014, Konoba Doundo | Kandia Kouyate (Mali) | Renascence | Sterns | 2015, Siiw | Thione Seck (Senegal) | Orientation | Sterns | 2005, Shukran Bamba | Youssou N'Dour (Senegal) | Egypt | Nonesuch | 2004, La Derniere Fois | Kuku (Nigeria-USA) | Ballads & Blasphemy | Buda Musique | 2015, Adja | Elikeh (Togo-DC USA) | Kondona | Ropeadope | 2015, Wrong Road | Vaudou Game feat Roger Damawuzan (Togo-France) | Apiafo | Hot Casa | 2014, Baaba Na Ayele | Roger Damawuzan & Les As Du Benin (Togo-Benin) | Wait For Me | Hot Casa | 197x, Break Through | Marijata (Ghana) | This Is Marijata | Gapophone | 1976, Singer Man | The Kingstonians (Jamaica) | single | Song Bird | 1970, Born In Ethiopia | The In-Crowd (Jamaica) | single | Evolution | 1976, Mr. Chin Slippers | The Mighty Diamonds (Jamaica) | single | Hot Heat Productions | 1986, Black Starliner Must Come | Culture (Jamaica) | Two Sevens Clash | Joe Gibbs | 1977, African | Tiken Jah Fakoly (Cote D'Ivoire) | Racines | Barclay | 2015
    Heart Of Gold | Christos DC (DC USA) | single | Honest Music | 2015
    Medical Marijuana Card | Macka B (UK) | Neva Played A 45 | Peckings | 2015

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    786 . . . This program will discuss the teachings of the great West African Sufi Master, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba.  The lessons include topic such as the esoteric aspects of Islam, Faith, Acts of Worship, Spiritual Perfection and Knowledge of Self.  Discussion today will be: Mujahada (Striving) - Surah 29:69 And those who strive in Our (cause), We will certainly guide them to our Paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right.  We look forward to your questions and respectful comments.  Light and Love!!! 888.

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    "golovkin" is a Joke ! Zelenoff TKO's 6'4 Heavyweight Boxer Yesterday

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    no matter what gennady golovkin does tonight it will not top the Victory I Scored yesterday October 16 2015, I Went Up Against a 6'4 230lb Underground Boxer From Senegal And I tkod him with 1 Hook. I would do the same to golovkin hes too small I beat 42 heavyweights 

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    From Senegal to America with Love Part 2

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    After listening to part 1, you heard about how at the age of 21 with a scant set of belongings nestled into a backpack, he left Senegal and amazingly, with only a gallon of water he managed to walk across the Sahara desert by foot between Algeria and Libya in six arduous days-all in an inspiring effort to achieve his dream of some day living in the United States of America. After living and working in more than 10 countries, Ousmane never lost sight of his dream, and in 1998 he arrived in America. For more show notes head over to www.uydmag.com/podcast/ousmane-ndoye2

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    Charlie Zelenoff Just Won 88th Pro Fight 1 Hour Ago ! I Tkod a 6'4 230lb Pounder

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    Right here My Opponent Was Gracious In Defeat I hit him with a Bomb


    I One Shotted a 6'4 230lb Super Heavyweight @ the gym about an Hour Ago Hes From Senegal his name is Alasan !!!!!!!!!!!! Im the Best just after Beating the Marine In Las Vegas one of my most spectacular iconic Wins i go back to LA 2 weeks pass and I win again amazing I am truly the greatest Simply the Best Charlie Zelenoff the Camera man pressed the Record button a bit too late but hey i know i punched the Boxer and Won and its on video how i interviewed my Opponent after the Fight he admitted defeat he was gracious in defeat Im 88-0 Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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    Conversation with Sapphire J Blue with Author Steven Van Patten - Brookwater's C

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    Brookwater's Curse Volume OneChristian Brookwater is a former Georgia plantation slave who became a vampire during the 1860s. His long, tumultuous life takes a complicated turn when he is forced to travel to modern-day Senegal to rescue a child from a vengeful werewolf prince. It is here that Christian uncovers a plot that would throw the entire vampire nation into a civil war. To stop this, Christian must betray his best friend and mentor, an influential Italian vampire who nurtured him during his vampiric infancy. 

    Christian is a member of a nocturnal law enforcement community that safeguards the secrets of the creatures of the night. This involves the killing of werewolves and other deranged monsters; something Christian excels at. But his fraternization with humans and his incessant need to kill racists vexes his superiors, who threaten to execute him if he doesn’t curtail his ‘racial impulses’. Christian also suffers from a rare condition that makes intercourse with human females especially dangerous. 
    Christian’s other mentor is a four hundred year old vampire samurai lord who teaches him the arts of war and sacrifice, and has a knack for appearing whenever things become desperate. 
    Of course, the warrior’s code can’t replace the desire for love, as Christian discovers when he becomes enamored with a human female in the 1940s. Despite Christian’s affliction, the two lovers raise a child together and for a while, our vampire gets a taste of true happiness. 
    Some years later, his family life ends tragically as Christian loses his great love and becomes estranged from his teenaged son. Heartbroken, Christian embarks on a series of illuminating, yet sinful adventures as he migrates to a new home: Harlem, New York.