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    Richard Senate~Author/Master Ghost Hunter

    in Paranormal

    Richard Senate

    Mr. Richard Senate was born in Los Angeles, California. He was the oldest son of Leonard & Sylvia Senate. His father worked for MGM Studios along with his brothers and father on such classic films as The Wizard of Oz. In 1953 the family moved from Venice California to Thousand Oaks where they bought land. In 1963 Leonard retired and the family moved to the coastal community of Ventura, California. Here Richard attended Ventura High School and Ventura Community College where he earned an AA degree. He went on the Long Beach State University where he earned a BA degree in History. He was working on a second degree in archeology when he attended a field school at the old Spanish Mission of San Antonio de Padua (near King City, CA) At about 12:30, in the early morning hours of July 3nd, he saw the phantom figure of a monk. This unexpected encounter changed his life. He vowed to discover what ghosts were and why they walk the earth. He became one of the pioneer ghost hunters in the west. It is a career that has taken him to hundreds of haunted sites in the United States and England. He has appeared on many radio and TV programs over the years and has had published 18 books. He is a recognized authority of the subject of the paranormal. He met his wife, Debbie Christenson Senate in 1983. They were married in a haunted 1888 church and they have three children and today four grand daughters. They reside in Ventura, California where Mr. Senate still conducts investigations, writes books and articles, and conducts tour of haunted sites in the community. He also writes novels in the classic Steam Punk Style—his most current The Flight of the Hercules can be found on Lulu.com. His most recent ghost book—Silver Ghosts (with Sandie LaNae) is about haunted places and investigations in Norther Nevada. It too can be found on Lulu.com. He is working on several new projects he hopes to have finished by Fall.

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    Caution: there is a 5 min. dead space at the very beginning where my mic was muted. I apologise for the inconvenience.

    The statehouse senate in Topeka goes into record breaking session, and we'll be playing audio clips and commenting on some of the most memorable moments.  The debate held today will be around how to raise tax revenues to fill the $400 million deficit immediately facing the #Brownback led #FailedExperiment.

    We finish with professor Christopher Parker on Talking Stick tv defining Tea Party "conservatives" as "reactionairies" and how he came up with delineating the Republicans among the false "revolutionaires."  

    This should be of particular interest to those in the Kansas "Red Pen Briagade" who are trying to destroy popular social services available to the working poor in Kansas.


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    A Discussion about the special election for a NYS Senate Seat

    in Politics

    Former State Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk and Bill Samuels of Effective NY discuss the special election for the seat in the NYS Senate seat being vacated by Tom Libous

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    Merlau For State Senate - On Too Much State Regulation

    in Politics

    John Merlau, State Senate candidate for District 28, discusses how too much regulation is bad for business, bad for Indiana, and bad for residents of Indiana's District 28.

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    Fearing Racism Charges, Senate Republicans Cave on Lynch A Nation Review Point

    in Politics

    Loretta Lynch Confirmed by Senate as Attorney General

    56-43 vote oretta Lynch was confirmed Thursday as attorney general, the first black woman in American history to hold the country's top law enforcement post.

    ? ?National Review

    2 hrs ·

    by Joel Gehrke April 23, 2015 6:09 PM

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/417404/fearing-racism-charges-senate-republicans-cave-lynch-joel-gehrke

    When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) postponed the vote to confirm Loretta Lynch as attorney general in order to break the filibuster of a human-trafficking bill, Senator Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) punished him by suggesting that the delay was motivated by racism. “Loretta Lynch, the first African-American woman nominated to be attorney general, is asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the Senate calendar,” Durbin said on the Senate floor in March. McConnell didn’t flinch during the human trafficking fight, which Republicans ultimately won, but such accusations stung.

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/417404/fearing-racism-charges-senate-republicans-cave-lynch-joel-gehrke

    “People are very nervous about Republicans not being willing to have a vote on the first black woman attorney general."

    Fearing Racism Charges, Senate Republicans Cave on Lynch

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/417404/fearing-racism-charges-senate-republicans-cave-lynch-joel-gehrke

    More Loretta Lynch

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/417404/fearing-racism-charges-senate-republicans-cave-lynch-joel-gehrke

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    Race to the Georgia State House and Senate

    in Politics

    Across the state of Georgia, every race to the Georgia State House and the Georgia State Senate were being watched intensely.  With Republicans controlling the State House and the State Senate, Democrats were trying to gain seats while Republicans were trying to maintain them.  Who were the candidates and how did they fair in the big scheme of things?  Who won?  What were the platforms?  What were the ideas to make Georgia better?  What is their take on the elections of 2014 and how will it impact the 2015 legislative session?  Who will return to the campaign trail in 2016? Let's hear it straight from the candidates themselves!

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    The Senate America deserves, not the one it needs.

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight is the Liberal Dan Radio election recap. I will be discussing mostly the big elections in the Senate and some Governors races. I will also briefly discuss some of the Louisiana issues that came up.

    Who is at fault for the loss? Was this a referendum on Obama's agenda? Were the Democrats too weak spined? Does it make sense that people voted Republicans into office even though Republicans had a lower approval rating than the President? And what will happen now that the Senate is controlled by the GOP?

    Those questions and more tonight on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right.

    And if you are listening after the live broadcast and want to comment, please see the show thread at LiberalDan.com.

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    PIJN News: Senate Probes Possible Obama Ties to Anti-Netanyahu Election

    in Politics Conservative

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * 60 anti-Jewish Democrats boycott Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.
    * Key clips of the Prime Minister’s speech to Congress.
    * Senate is probing possible Obama administration ties to anti-Netanyahu election.

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    Citizens for a Better America - U.S. Senate Candidate Dr Charles Tolbert

    in Politics

    Citizens for a Better America - U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Charles Tolbert

    Visit www.cfabamerica.com    email cfabamerica@gmail.com  



    SECTION 1.  The purpose of the Party shall be to establish itself as a political party with a forward looking vision, demonstrating the facility of the U.S Constitution in all our activities, and to issue that te State of Florida’s constitution is correct according to the U.S. Constitution. Below are the Values: Citizens For A Better America (CFABA) of FLORIDA

    1.        Enforce U. S. Constitution

    2.        Taxation by representation

    3.        Bring jobs home made in America

    4.        Non-Bullying in Schools

    5.        Reduce Federal influence of the State according to Amendment 10 U.S Constitution

    6.        Religious Freedom Amendment 1 U. S. Constitution

    7.        Equal Rights according to Amendment 14 U. S. Constitution

    8.        Redefine Education as a Parents responsibility and elimination of Federal intervention

    9.        Enforce and support Amendment 2  U.S. Constitution Right to bear arms

    10.      To form a State immigration department according to Amendment 10 U. S. Constitution    

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    Prospects Brightening for Republicans in Senate?

    in Politics

    In tonight's episode of the Current Issues Show on TrueChat we discuss how the Republican's prospects may be brightening in the senate.  Could the GOP make a real attempt to gain control of the senate?  What would this mean for the government, the people, and the president?  Is the GOP turning around or not?  Find out tonight when your favorite hosts discuss this topic.  We will also will debate how to reform immigration.

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    Senate Slaps C.I.A.'s Wrist for Brutality

    in Politics

    The New York Times reported today that the Senate has faulted the CIA over extenisve brutality used to interrogate prisoners for information.  Have they gone to far?  What does this say about the governemnet as a whole?  Are there any considerations of oversight necessary for the amount of current CIA control? How should the CIA and other government agencies responsible for negotiation handle the interrogation of people?  We will discuss these questions and more on tonight's episode of The Current Issues Show brought to you by TrueChat Radio. 

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