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    THE CULTURE w/ Seven Mitchell

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    -Recap of NWX vs MARV/QUEST

    -Final Round Update


    Seven Mitchell 

    T7M RADIO 

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    Sen Dog of Cypress Hill is Down With The Kings!

    in Hip Hop Music

    Down With The Kings welcomes Sen Dog of Cypress Hill to the next episode!
    Sen Dog talks about the rapid success of the group and becoming the #1 band in two years out the gate, their contributions to the Latino movement significance and the events leading up to Cypress Hill being banned from Saturday Night Live.

    Cypress Hill were notable for being the first Latino hip-hop superstars, but they became notorious for their endorsement of marijuana, which actually isn’t a trivial thing. Not only did the group campaign for its legalization, but their slow, rolling bass-and-drum loops pioneered a new, stoned funk that became extraordinary influential in ’90s hip-hop.

    All that and more on the next episode of #DownWithTheKings exclusively on #MaximumFMHipHop

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    Edgar Mitchell, Barbara Marx Hubbard & Cassie Vieten on IONS

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    This week on A Better World Radio show is a Round Table about the Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS) and the upcoming Conference in Chicago, July 22-26.  Joining Mitchell in the Round Table are IONS Founder, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, IONS current President Cassandra Vieten and the internationally-renowned visionary evolutionist Barbara Marx Hubbard.

    IONS is an outstanding organization with a global reach, educating people about the relationship between science and spirituality, a favorite subject here at A Better World.  Through Conferences, publications and more, IONS is helping to upgrade our understanding of phenomena which have been passed on by conventional science, such as parapsychology, yet the implications of this kind of human potential opens up vistas paralleled, well, as Edgar Mitchell suggested when he was in space, by the beauty and mystery of Earth from the point of view of the Moon.  IONS work in this sphere is helping humanity come to a new understanding about itself and “who” we really are.

    The annual Conference, in Oak Brook, just outside Chicago, is a venue for this kind of dialogue and many similar ones, so certainly worth looking into and attending.  Go to: www.noetic.org.  Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Edgar Mitchell, Dean Radin, Cassie Vieten are among a stellar group of speakers at the Conference.  I will be there as well representing the NY chapter of IONS, known as FIONS.  Please join us for this special Conference.  Edgar Mitchell was a guest on A Better World TV back in in 1996 and Barbara in 2010, as well as numerous times over the years on A Better World Radio.

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    CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

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    Please join Host, Certified Cinical Hypnotherapist and regressionist, LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and show Producer, Contactee and Experiencer, WES ROBERTS as they explore all aspects of the fascinating world of UFOlogy.  On this Sunday nights broadcast, we will be airing a previously broadcast programme featuring Los Angeles-based Psycophysiologist, Biomedical Engineer, Parapsychologist, Paranormal Investigator, Psychic and Author, DR. BARRY E. TAFF (www.barrytaff.net).  Please tune in to this fascinating chat!

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    CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

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    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY everyone!  Please join Host, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regressionist LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and Co-Host, experiencer and contactee WES ROBERTS as they welcome to the programme UFOlogist, Deputy National Director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) CANADA and Provincial Director of MUFON ONTARIO, Mr. STU BUNDY.

    STU BUNDY, is appearing on “CONTACT” in support of his upcoming appearance at the first annual ALIEN COSMIC EXPO, taking place on June 26th, 27th and 28th in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, Canada – a short drive from Toronto.  Tickets and further information are available at www.aliencosmicexpo.com. 


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    CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

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    Please join Host and Certfied Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regressionist LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and Co-Host, Experiencer and Contactee WES ROBERTS as they welcome to the programme noted Dowser, former President of The Canadian Society of Dowsers, MUFON Field Investigator and author of Meeting Orbs in Sacred Space, SUSAN COLLINS. Do not miss this absorbing and illuminating chat.

    We pre-taped Susan, so please be aware you will not be able to phone in or use the chat line tonight.

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    "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

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    Please join us this evening as Host an Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regressionist LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and Co-Host and experiencer/contactee WES ROBERTS welcome to the programme JASON QUITT (www.chrystalsun.com) - universal energetic healer, expert on Algonquin Shamanism and author of Egyptian Postures of Power - UFO Mysteries an Intrusion.  Do not miss this compelling and fascinating interview, and be sure to phone in with your questions, or join the CONTACT CHAT ROOM!


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    "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

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    Please join host and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and Co-Host and experiencer/contactee WES ROBERTS as they explore all things UFOlogy related with the help of the world's most respected experts!  This evening, we will be re-airing one of our favourite recent episodes, featuring Paranormalist, Remote Viewer, Clinician, Metaphysical Entertainer and “OBENAUT” MICHAEL TELSTARR(www.michaeltelstarr.com).

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    Mitchell Interviews Jackie Miller on A Better World Radio on Book Heart at Work

    in Lifestyle

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv or by phone!  602 753-1860.

    Wednesday, May 27, 6pm EDT: On this week’s radio program Mitchell interviews renowned author and co-founder of the non-profit organization, Partnerships for Change, Jacqueline Miller.

    Jackie is the author/anthologist originally with Jack Canfield of the book Heart at Work.Jackie spearheaded this pioneering book, which tells stories and provide strategies for building self-esteem and reawakening the soul at work.

    Buy the book  Heart at Work here.

    Jackie Miller  is an internationally recognized expert, consultant, and speaker in the arena of self-esteem. With her husband, Andrew Michael, she co- founded and currently serves as the President of Partnerships for Change. This organization is dedicated to the acceleration of social, economic, environmental and personal transformation as well community self-reliance.She has also served as an executive for several U.S. corporations such as Sara Lee Corporation, Shasta Beverages and Capri Sun, Inc., and PHH Corporation, she has deepened her understanding and appreciation of workplace issues.Heart at Work has recently been newly released with entirely new stories of inspiration and will be available through A Better World. Mitchell has written a chapter in this latest edition as well..Tune in for this re-airing of an inspiring dialogue between these two colleagues and good friends.

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    Alex Mitchell talks gun amnesty in Barbados

    in Radio

    Alex Mitchell talks gun amnesty and Barbados coming to terms with the fact that they just might have to deal with THE PEOPLE.

  • Hay House Author Dr. Mitchell Yass Discusses His Book The Pain Cure RX

    in Self Help

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Rico Racosky will intrerview Dr. Mitchell Yass.

    Chronic pain has become an international epidemic—an estimated one billion people across the globe suffer every day. And, what Dr. Mitchell Yass has found over his 20-year career is that many of these people suffer needlessly. While the current medical model for treating pain isn’t helping, there is hope—and that’s what this book is about.

    In The Pain Cure Rx, Dr. Mitchell Yass presents the Yass Method, an alternative model of treatment that can resolve pain quickly and effectively without surgery or medication. While working with more than 14,000 patients, Dr. Yass realized that many cases of chronic pain are the result of misdiagnosis and thus improper treatment. In the medical community today, most chronic pain is attributed to a structural problem, such as a herniated disc, stenosis, a meniscal tear, or arthritis. But Dr. Yass has found that in about 90 percent of these cases, the cause is

    actually a muscular weakness or imbalance—a condition that’s easy to treat on your own with very little equipment. The Yass Method focuses on getting the proper diagnosis—finding the true source of the pain—and then using simple exercises to find lifelong relief.