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    Mobile Technology in K-12 Schools: What You Need to Know!

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    Rapid expansion in adoptions and use of mobile devices in schools has the potential to impact almost every aspect of education. A new report, "Mobile Technology for K-12 Education," sponsored by mobile learning company, Amplify, and conducted by education market research experts at IESD, reveals details about the current status of mobile technology in our schools. The question is, what are publishers and developers who serve the school market doing in terms of their product marketing plans and their sales approaches as we move away from the a textbook centric K-12 sales environment to an environment where smartphones, tablets, and other mobile computing devices are the primary delivery envelope? Host Glen McCandless asks K-12 market researcher, Jay Sivin-Kachala, of IESD, to provide his perspective.

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    Selling Services to K-12 School Administrators

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    The education industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift. Free products are challenging traditional rules. Pressure is mounting to find new sources of revenue, and many K-12 market experts say selling services to school administrators is an important trend. You may be blinded by what is happening or you may be looking for some clarity. What is driving this trend, what impact is it having, and what should you be doing to refocus and reshape your businesses? How do you ensure future success as we continue to feel the affects of the new business models and new players in the K-12 space?  Join host Glen McCandless, author of new article on this topic, for an interview with industry veteran Lou Pugliese, a leader who has been in the thick of this shift and can offer front-line perspective.

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    How to Succeed with RFPs in the K-12 School Market

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    RFPs (Request for Proposals)  are something you'll definitely have to deal with if you sell to schools, and some RFPs are great opportunities. But, you may have discovered that spending time to react to RFPs can kill your productivity unless you have a policy and set of procedures in place.  How can you better manage RFPs from school districts and increase your odds of winning the deals you decide to pursue?  Listen to sage advice fro two veterans of K-12 RFP wars -- host Glen McCandless and his special guest, Farimah Schuerman of Academic Business Advisors. They'll spend 15 minutes to unpack this popular topic. And be sure to read the companion article on SellingToSchools.com. Don't miss these great resources!

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    Selling as a Profession the New Era 2015

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    After a short hiatus at the end of 2014, Selling as a Profession will go live again on Thursday, March 11, 2015. The host Velton Showell has been traveling and sharing his expertise on Transforming Good Performance to Great Performance throughout the country. He will return on March 11 after speaking in Birmingham, Al. New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington, DC since the beginning of the year. Join him every week for his positive messages as he shares the knowledge he has aquired over the last 30 years of leading award winning organizations. Always remember, "Transform Your Thinking and it will Transform Your World". Dial 917.889.7881 to listen to the show.

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    My Greatest Books on Selling and Successfully Navigating Life

    in Entrepreneur

    In the past 24 years I have read more than 700 Books on Selling, Motivation, Success, and Entrepreneurship. In all of my reading some books have stood out as just better, and more impactful and helpful than the others.

    On Tonight’s show, within 30 minutes, I will share with you my list of…

    The Ten Greatest books on Selling
    The 15 essential books for successfully navigating life
    My two favorite current resources
    My three favorite places to find prospects

    I will offer my in depth feelings and take aways from each book.

    I have done the research for you. It is very likely that you will have read several of the books on my list. I suspect I will also be introducing some to you. You will enjoy.

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    The Magic Numbers in Selling Your Services

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    Selling is a numbers game; however, the numbers will not work for you, unless you do work the numbers, the right way. There are some “Magical” numbers when it comes to selling your services and they are not random. “as many as you can” is not a number.  Join us tonight on the Selling Your Services podcast and discover the Magic numbers to ensure that you Sell Your Services wonderfully well, for the rest of your life.

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    Education Marketing Programs: They Really Work!

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    Education marketing programs have never been more appropriate, yet few mangers who market or sell ed tech products and services understand how to embrace them and have shifted their investments accordingly. The old methods of block-and-tackle field sales, cold calling, trade-show exhibits, and doing product demos have huge inertia. It seems that our paradigms blind us from new ideas, or fear and doubt hold us back from the commitment to investing in more meaningful and sustainable sales and marketing strategies. Many companies offer webinars and do other types of web-based marketing, mostly to demonstrate products or deliver a sales pitch. That’s a move in the right direction. But how does your channel strategy and marketing approach distinguish your company and your products in a crowded field with increasing noise level? I encourage you read the companion article on SellingtoSchools.com and to take 15 minutes to listen to host Glen McCandless with special guest, an expert on education marketing programs, Claire Erwin.

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    Selling K-12 Learning Services: Your Next Big Thing?

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    During EdNet 2012, the annual ed tech industry conference, a few hundred industry executives were treated to a general session entitled “Farewell Products. Hello Services.” A well-respected group of panelists made the case for sea change in our business models, from product-centric selling to service-centric growth, profits, and market position. So, if your company relies on selling products to schools, how do you gauge the impact on your business? What should you be doing now to ensure a smooth ride on the coming wave of learning services and to avoid wipe out? During this 15-minute program, SellingToSchools.com editor and publisher Glen McCandless interviews one of the EdNet panelists, industry researcher and analyst Tyson Greer, CEO of Ambient Insight. Tyson offers her perspective on what’s happening and opportunities that you might grab hold of.  Listen and behold!

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    Selling: The Most Essential, Most Neglected, Most Stigmatized Skill

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    Because of the lingering stigma attached to the selling profession, many people just simply decide to not do it. Many Service businesses have chosen to invest heavily in marketing (creating awareness) online marketing and social media marketing have become by far the go to move for attracting business. Because of this the skills associated with asking for money and overcoming objections are prized but rarerer skills. Lets talk about it.

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    Get Real: Three Secrets to K-12 Marketing

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    Trade shows and exhibit marketing continue to consume a big chunk of the marketing budget for companies that sell products and services to educators. Yet, webinar marketing and related follow up, including webinar sponsorships, are getting a lot of attention and for some companies may be the best way to generate leads. In a recent video titled "My 3 Secrets to K-12 Marketing" Lisa Greathouse of Simple K12 makes the case for webinar marketing and suggests ways you can get the most from this channel. Lisa is our guest as we get real about webinar marketing.  Your host, Glen McCandless, poses questions about webinar marketing that may be on the mind of many sales and marketing professionals who serve the K-12 school market.

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    EdNET Insider#1: The Buzz About Open Educational Resources (OER)

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    Late September in Baltimore at the EdNET* 2014 conference, hundreds of the education industry’s movers and shakers spent two days discussing trends, opportunites, and challenges that everyone who sells to schools is facing. This show is the first of a four-part series, the EdNET Insider. During program #1 host Glen McCandless and Saul Hafenbredl of C Blohm and Associates get the inside scoop from leaders who are shaping the school market right now. You’ll hear industry veterans Randy Wilhelm, Lee Wilson, Dan Caton, and George Warren provide valuable perspectives and sage advice for a big trend that caused a stir at EdNET – one that is affecting everyone: Open Educational Resources (OER) – that's free stuff being offered to schools.  Make no mistake, competing with free products and services is a reality, and having a sales and marketing strategy in response to this trend is essential for your survival. Listen up! 

    *EdNET, EdNET Insight and the EdNET Conference are wholly owned  trademarks of MDR, a D&B Company., and are used with permission.

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