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    The Best Beauty Secret: Self Respect

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    Buiding a better you: Self Respect and how it works fir

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    What Happened To Respect and Self Worth?

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    Why don't people value themselves enough to know they're worth more and don't have to settle? Why in 2014 are women and men still going after married people or people that are in relationships and even living with their mates? Why work so hard on making someone your own knowing he/she will never leave that person they've been with for over 20yrs? And if they do leave why don't people understand he/she will do you the same way...So my question is "What happened to respect and self worth?"

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    The Present Moment, Intentions, Self-Love and Self-Full Living

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    What are your intentions for your life?  Do you live in the present moment?  Join Nicole as she discusses the present moment, intentions, self-love and Self-Full living.  Nicole has a practice in Olympia, WA.  She offers in person and distance sessions as well.  She would love to hear from you!  Nicole can be reached at 541-450-1250 , che@chenergy.us , http://www.chenergy.us ,  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chenergy/436613539837414  on twitter @chenergyLLC


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    Self - Love and Being Self - Full

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    Join Nicole as she discusses Self - Love.  Please feel free to join in on the discussion.  Nicole will be having a Self - Full Living workshop on Saturday, May 2, 2015.  Nicole has a practice in Olympia, Washington.  To contact her  please call or text 541-450-1250, email che@chenergy.us or check her website www.chenergy.us . Thank you for listening!

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    Self-Full Living.....What does that mean to you?

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    Self-Full Living....what does that mean to you?  Please call in, write in the chat, or email Nicole with what Self-Full means to you.  Nicole has a practice in Olympia, WA.  Her website is http://www.chenergy.us  her email is che@chenergy.us her phone number is 541-450-1250 .  Seh can also be found on Facebook under Chenergy, Pinterest Chenergy LLC and Twitter @ChenergyLLC.  Thank you for listening!

  • The Gift of Respect with Mike Domitrz & Guests

    in Relationships

    Each week, Mike will interview some of the world's most inspirational individuals, thought leaders, survivors, celebrities, educators, and experts.
    Listen in and CALL IN to be inspired AND gain essential life skills for living with RESPECT in all aspects of your life.

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    Self - Full, Change and the Art of W.I.I.F.ME.

    in Spirituality

    Join Nicole as she talks about change, how we can embrace it, and the Art of W.I.I.F.ME. Want to know more? Listen to the show!

    There is a Self-Full Living Workshop, Saturday, May 2nd, 2015. From 11-4. Contact Nicole for more information. Che@chenergy.us

    Nicole has practice in Olympia, WA.  Her contact information is che@chenergy.us , 541-450-1250, www.chenergy.us  

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    "Self Respect Would Solve Most of Our Problems"

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    "Self Respect Would Solve Most of Our Problems"

    Much is said about education being the key to success in America. we spend little to no time looking at the importance self worth plays in the decision making of people. When you don't value yourself all of your decisions are made from a position of "I'm not worthy of great experiences and results because you have to be special to earn such favors and I'm just not that special." So great opportunities are overlooked because a person who doesn't believe deep down inside that they can do what it takes to create a great reward for themselves.

    How do you accomplish great things when your mind can't fathom it happening to you? When all of the images you've seen are of people that look like you as  ignorant, lazy, trifling, dishonest, immoral, sex driven, animalistic beings who run fast, jump high and have no feelings for one another you don't expect honorable, decent and respectable deeds to be done by them or you depending on which position you're in. How much of what you do and who you are comes from what you think about yourself?

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    Respect is such a simple word but carries with it soooo much meaning.  We need to respect each other, the planet, our government, other governments, the world we leave in, the things we purchase, the things we own, people's beliefs, etc.

    Respect is so important that without it we will doom ourselves and this planet.  Teach our children respect, teach them to honor themselves and each other.  Aretha Franklin had a beautiful song about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  If you can find the song play it for your children because somewhere along they way we have lost this.

    Animals should not be abused whether they are pets or for consumption.  Trees, grass, vegetables, flowers, etc. should be protected.  Stop littering this planet, teach people to pick up after themselves.  It will make the world a much healtier place to live in.

    Don't let anyone pollute the oceans or our atmosphere.  This is a total lack and disrespect for mother nature.  Don't let it happen the power to change the world is in our hands.  We don't need more laws and regulations to make us do what we should already be doing.  No one can legislate behaviour.  We must be taught by our families to RESPECT the world we live in.  I don't want my children or grandchildren to live in a world where everything they do or think is legislated by the government.  

    Her in the U.S.  the government is "by the people and for the people".  Government is a tool not the way we let other people control our behaviour.  Teach respect and non of the government interference will be necessary, nor should it.




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    Self Respect

    in Self Help

    Women, we need to learn to have respect for ourselves. Keep in mind I said "we" and not "you" because this goes for myself as well. Self respect is not something we are born with and many of us learn it in different ways and time lengths. Moving along in my self-improvement journey, respect is one thing in which I have grown tremendously. I want everyone to take the walk with me whether you are at the top, middle, or the beginning of your jorney. If you feel you are tired of results, how about you start your journey today. I will be speaking for the men as well because I feel it is especially important for you guys. Self respect is usually geared towards women so I am here to say, "Males listen in as well".
    Call in :) 

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    Forging Self-Confidence - Mission 4: Earn Respect

    in Motivation

    In this episode David introduces his audience to the four steps they can use to learn how to Earn Respect every day of their lives. We all seek the respect of our family, friedns and peers, but do you really know how to acheive this goal? He will be recruiting you, his new teammates for your help defining this critical concept behind human success. Change your way of thinking by enlisting David to become your new motivational swim buddy. HOOYAH!

    Top Motivational Speaker and Navy SEAL, David Rutherford ignites audiences with his high energy, no nonsense approach to motivating people to succeed in any environment imaginable. As a top Behavioral Training Specialist and Author, David motives people from all walks of life with his motivational philosophy called Froglogic. Derived from 20 years of personal exploration into the human condition David combines his incredible journey with 70 plus years of Navy SEAL operational, training and elite lifestyle performance successes. His masterful ability to inspire enables individuals and teams to forge their Self-Confidence and commit to living a TEAM LIFE.