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    Fearless Generations 12 Steps to Freedom: Step 11 Passion: Self-Expression

    in Self Help

    As we embrace our freedom we allow our self-expression to come forth! Our passion for life brings us to what we really want. Passion helps us focus on our fearless path and what will help us to remain and propel forward. Rhonda Britten says, "Invest in the life you have, to get the life you want."

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    #024: Self-Acceptance Through Self-Expression - Danimal RawBrah

    in Health

    Danimal RawBrah joins me in a power-packed exploration into authenticity in Episode 24. It's been said before that you can't give someone something that you don't personally own, and since every relationship between two people is an expression of LOVE it's crucial to learn to LOVE yourself and create your own authentic excitement around your life so you can geniunely share it with others.

    We covered:

    - Featuring your flaws and facing your fears

    - Why 'your cup must be spilling over' to share real love

    - How to honour the light you have within you (rather than honour other people's opinions and reactions to you)

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    A Creed Is An Expression Of Belief

    in Christianity

    Two of my Co-Horts from Wesley Seminary Co-Hort 18 (MDIV Program) wrote an expression of faith I would like to share.  A creed can be seen as a type of worship and a devotion to the Divine Holy Trinity.  A creed can be sung for a much deeper effect for a person's affections for the Holy Trinity.  Like the song "This I Believe" by Hill Song.

    Thank you Josh and Chris I am forever going to use this creed in my services and I am going to get my husband to write some music so it can be sung too.

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    Higher Self Voice - Healing Request - Schizophrenia

    in Self Help

    This week we have a healing request from a long time listener who is having difficluties with her son, who suffers from schizophrenia.

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    Tierica Berry- Affirmative Expression

    in Entrepreneur

    Tierica Berry is an authorpreneur and founder of Affirmative Expression. Her company operates in two primary markets; education and entrepreneurship. Within education she focuses on women’s empowerment, spoken word and literacy. On the entrepreneur side she helps entrepreneurs write, publish their books and leverage their book to grow their business. In partnership with Hustle University, she recently released Hustle and Grow Rich, a book to help individuals reach the next level in their business and personal lives.

    Senior Program Coordinator

    Authorpreneur Coach




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    Unlocking Self Expression with Kathi Petersen

    in Health

    This month’s focus: Unlocking Self-Expression

    To express oneself fully allows a real freedom within life to be more congruent, happier and enriched.

    Guest: Kathi Petersen

    Kathi began carving as a child, receiving her first chisel at the age of 12!

    Since then she has drawn on her expertise as a graphic designer and her passion for carving, and has CARVED out (excuse the pun!) a path of self-expression that is delightful and full of character.

    Her work is colourful, happy and playful - as you will see from the pictures below. See more on her website www.Pufferbellies.ca

    Join me, Lucinda Curran, as I talk with Kathi about her journey into self-expression and hear her inspiring tales.

    #kathipetersen #pufferbellies #changeyourliferadio

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    Communicating in truth - the challenges of self-communication

    in Spirituality

    We have spent a lot of time on communication and how the most important person to learn to communicate with is yourself. Yes,  you need to be brutally honest with yourself, and that does not mean that you should beat yourself up. It means when you are thinking about an invitation to participate, whether it is directly about you or one of your family or friends, you must talk to yourself like you do when you are sharing secrets about you to that special person that you can share anything with. When it comes to those deep secrets, it should really be you first, then share with others. Today we'll talk about not only the value of communicating truthfully, but what kind of things might get in the way of doing so...

    are there words that might trigger discomfort?
    do 'titles' intimidate us?
    how does our judgement or opinion get in the way of seeing the truth?
    does the way we feel give us clues?

    Bring your questions to the conversation with Delrae and Mary K from the Life Learning Center of Self and let's bring you into an honest relationship with SELF!

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    Youth and Self-Expression

    in Parents

    Join co-hosts Eric Komoroff (communityofunity.org) and Dr. Jason Stein (iRyze.com) as they discuss our youth and self-expression. How do we encourage construction self-expression and guide our youth as they explore this important part of their personality. 

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    Sovereign Self

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Consciousness Unlimited Radio sponsored by Sovereign Self. Your Hosts are Martin Campbell, Ron Mayer and Karen Murphy.

    Martin Campbell is an author and business executive who is dedicated to helping people improve their lives by assisting them to find out who they are and who they want to be. As a dedicated supporter of individual spirituality, Martin believes humanity’s last major hurdle is in achieving individual empowerment and freedom. 

    Ron Mayer describes himself as a spiritual archeologist. Always affirmative and inspirational, Ron, often brings new and at times a controversial perspective on a wide range of topics and has come to the realization that self-development is never a complete or finished process, that when our journey of self-discovery begins, it is a forever endeavor from the heart.

    Karen Murphy’s 30 years in corporate business combined with an awakening 10 years ago that propelled her to a greater understanding, compelled her to form her own business - Core Value Strategies. One of Karen's deepest desires is to share with others how they can align their true core values in everything they do, including within their work place.

    Martin, Ron and Karen welcome each and every one of you, no matter where you are on your path to join them in exploring the wonders of becoming your Sovereign Self.

    You are invited to share your thoughts by calling in at: 213-943-3410

    (and press "1" to let the engineer know you wish to speak).

    or by writing on their Facebook page at:



    Consciousness Unlimited Radio is a production of The Learning Center for Human Development.

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    Higher Self Voice - Understanding Altered Realities

    in Self Help

    Understanding altered realities, the astral realm and how they relate to you.

  • 01:56

    Higher Self Voice - A Magic Bullet Vs Reasonable Expectations

    in Self Help

    Its not about giving up on miracles- Its about clearing out necessary energies to allow the miracles to happen! Tune in for more clarity on how your energies work and how You are in charge!