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    The Self-Directed Brokerage Conundrum

    in Business

    In August 2014 the DOL published an RFI pertaining to Self-Directed Brokerage accounts within participant directed 401(k) plans. This session will review any DOL updates as well as review the fiduciary considerations in offering a brokerage window. What are the fiduciary roles and responsibilities of offering brokerage windows and how can plan advisors help their clients with this decision.

    Mr. Lee Topley, AIFA® Managing Director of the Unified Trust, NA Retirement Plan Consulting Group will join us today to help us better understand the fiduciary requirements of offering a self-directed brokerage option.  Lee will also chat with me about how an Advisor can help their Plan Sponsor Clients meet their fiduciary obligations if they are considering or already offer these options.

    The information presented is the opinion of the presenter, is not intended to be legal or financial advice, and should not be relied upon for those purposes.   

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    Is Self Directed learning the education solution? Musings of a Modern Man

    in Women

    #Education is the key to success in our current economic system.  Unfortunately more and more we are finding that the education we are getting isn't of enough value to truly provide for the needs of the modern man/woman.  We will look at a self-directed education and discuss some options for you to learn more, be more and accomplish more.  Tune IN

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    Real Estate Investing And A Self-Directed IRA #5

    in Finance

    Mike Gazzola has funded his retirement tax free, using a self-directed IRA. This approach may not be for everyone and he highly recommends that you consult your accountant, attorney and investment advisor. However, if you determine that it is for you, amazing returns are possible using this device that is available under the Tax Code. Simply stated, you roll over your traditional IRA or old 401k-without penalty into a self-directed IRA. Then when you're ready to buy a piece of property for your retirement account, you notify the custodian of your new IRA. The custodian writes a check to the owner of the property and presto-your IRA now owns the property. When you go to sell the property, the process is the reverse, the buyer now makes payment directly to your IRA custodian and all profits go back into your IRA. If you're receiving monthly rental payments, they also go right back into your IRA allowing you to make even more investments. This strategy might not be for everyone and there are pitfalls that you must become aware of, but if you decide it's for you, the rewards can be enormous. 

    For More Info Go to TeachMeMike.com

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    Higher Self Voice - Fear of Responsibility

    in Self Help

    This week Janet and the HS focus on fear of Responsibility and its effects on our lives, then we have some more 5th dimensional information to share.

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    Higher Self Voice - Sexual Harassment

    in Self Help

    Join Janet and the Higher Selves take on a healing on Sexual harassment.

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    Let's talk Self-Awareness

    in Self Help

    What is self-awarenes? An exploration and a look at this elsusive concept. Tune in/call in and share your thoughts on this topic. 

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    [The] VAULT - BUSINESS is Self Development

    in Entrepreneur

    [The] VAULT - BUSINESS is Self Development.

    This Episode will highlight how being an Entrepreneur actually fosters self development.
    Call number 424-222-5250 for live call.

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    Higher Self Voice - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    in Self Help

    Janet and the Higher Selves tackle the subject of OCD, with additional 5th dimensional material.

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    When anger directed toward you is really not about you

    in Religion

    Many times anger directed toward us is really not about us and more about a deeper unsettling of the person expressing that anger.  Suppose you have finally gotten your fill of someone seemingly to be taking advantage of you.  You feel less like telling them where to go and drawing them a map to get there so you aim that frustration toward someone else.  Have you ever were mad at another person but took out your anger on someone completely different because they just happen to be there.  This is often the place a family or friends find themselves in when they are confronted rudely by a member of their family or friend circle.

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    Knowledge of Self

    in Spirituality

    Join us for Round Table Tuesday!!!! Join us tonight on R.I.G.H.T Mind Radio as we keep the learning & conversation going! So last week we said, everything starts with self. You have to be able to continuously work to improve yourself before we can work together as a unit. Tonight we will go into Knowledge of Self. What does that mean? Why is it critical to know who you are? How does having K.O.S. help you navigate in the world? Can you explain K.O.S. to the babies to make them understand? We have been taught who we are by a people that does not want us to discover our greatness. The babies are on the calls listening & learning!!! 

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    I AM Love. A conversation with self

    in Motivation

    I AM Love. A self-definition of awesome proportions, magical in scope. Love is remembering who we are from our core. We are good and very good. We are whole and complete. We are that we are. Being the best lover of YOU. Stop waiting, be happy now! Love is the complete absence of fear. YES you are LOVE. Love just is....

    These issues and more will be discussed and shared by our special guest Lorraine McCall. Her lifelong pursuit of healing includes seeing beyond the obvious. She sees to the heart of the matter. Lorraine seeks to answer for you what does Love Black Girls, Say Her Name and Black Lives Matter have in common. She is the visionary behind the In Service to Happiness movement, dynamic and innovative.