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    Self-care Survival Tips for the Holidays-MomBiz Solutions Show for Mompreneurs

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    'Tis the season for all things jolly, for giving, for sharing, for wrapping up, for connecting with family and friends, for traveling, for holiday parties and school concerts and soccer tournaments...and for overwhelm when you're a mom entrepreneur! Are you feeling the burn out coming on yet? I sure am. Today I'll read a section from our chapter on Self-Care in my book Moms Mean Business. You need to tune in today. Trust me on this! 

    Join Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach and co-founder of MomBiz.com, on Wednesdays at 10 am ET for her 15 minute "audio blog." Get your weekly dose of business coaching for mombiz owners from a straight-talking mompreneur business coach who wants you to succeed on your own terms.

    Lara offers business coaching along with mothering tips, small business marketing strategies, and funny stories about the joys and chaos of being a mom entrepreneur. If you could use a little inspiration, or a guide from a mombiz owner who's "been there, done that," or if you just want to hear from a woman who has learned to laugh off her mistakes and accept her life as perfect (just the way it is), you'll want to tune in every week.

    Lara is an author, speaker and business coach. Hire her or have her speak to your group at www.MomBizCoach.com. Her book, Moms Mean Business: A Guide to Creating a Successful Company and a Happy Life as a Mom Entrepreneur, will be published by Career Press in October. Grab your free MomBiz Toolkit (Time Map, Engagement Marketing Strategy and Simple Business Plan) at www.MomBiz.com! 

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    Charlotte L. Cuneo Joins Reiki Radio

    in Health

    Charlotte L. Cuneo, MSN. RN, CCAP is a Clinical Nurse Educator for a general medical floor at Boston Medical Center. As a member on the hospital's Integrative Care Committee, Charlotte helps plan educational offerings for nurses and participates in integrative initiatives. In 2011, Charlotte and her team published the article 'The Effect of Reiki on Work-Related Stress of the Registered Nurse' in the Journal of Holistic Nursing. Charlotte's interests include running, health and fitness, holistic health practices and crafts. She also has a private holistic nursing practice in Quincy, Ma. 

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    Season 2: Empowerment: Harmony Rose West, MA Self-Care Revolution

    in Health

    Soul-Full Self-Care: Intentionally Tending to Your Spirit

    Harmony is a born teacher and healer with a passion for growth, and a mission to support her fellow humans in their health, well-being and spiritual development.

    Her four plus decades of personal growth and learning have created a massive "toolbox" of powerful tools and modalities to support others in becoming the magnificent, powerful, loving beings that they truly are.

    Someone who truly "walks her talk", Harmony is a wise woman of deep wisdom and knowledge who has dedicated her life to education, healing, and the flowering of a new paradigm – one that starts inside each one of us.

    To learn more about Harmony Rose West, click here.

    Call Topic: Soul-Full Self-Care: Intentionally Tending to Your Spirit

    Learn Simple Ways to Calm Down the Stress Response and Feel Better Within Minutes
    Get Grounded and Feel More Connected to Both Your Body AND the Earth
    Nurture Yourself in Little Ways that Deeply Impact on Your Health and Well-Being
    Celebrate Now and Gratefully Anchor in the Powerful Present

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    Self Care, Self Love! Recipes and Tips for You.

    in Food

    Moms are guilty of putting everyone in their family first, right?  Are your kids are loved and cared for to the point of exhausting you? Even extended family members’ needs often come before moms.  It’s time to change this.  As the airlines tell us every time we fly, put the oxygen mask on you (mom) before you grabbing another to place on your son or daughter.  Our guest who is a TV media favorite, Rebecca Scritchfield RD, believes in “Mother of ‘me’ time.”  She knows how we wrestle for time, energy and peace moms face day-to-day.  Wait until you hear her “Me First” philosophy. Tune in to learn how to revitalize yourself daily with her “doable” tips. Our co-host, Kathy Siegel, RDN (NutritionBabes) will add her caring words of wisdom and wonderful mom-loving recipes.

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    Howard Richmond MD talks about self-care, anger and the rules

    in Self Help

    Howard E Richmond MD is a transformational psychiatrist with a message for consciously seeking people who want to shift energy-draining reactions to realign body, mind and spirit. This episode is about the power of self-care when dealing with anger. He will also break down the concept of "The Rules" and discuss whose rules are running our lives and how to get back into joy. 

    One of the lessons Dr. Richmond has learned over twenty years in private practice is the value of being “out of your mind” and into your heart. This philosophy is beautifully displayed in The Healing Field, his first novel. The Healing Field is a riveting account of the healing breakthrough that saved his patient’s life and transformed his own. The book chronicles the daring, out of the box healing journey with his anorexic patient “Lori,” who was determined to die. Between her desperation and his determination, they become locked in a battle for life that crosses conventional boundaries and reveals that healing and freedom come in surprising forms.

    Dr. Richmond practices hot yoga daily in San Diego, California, where he lives with his wife, Elana, and their two German shepherd rescues, Jayde and Houdini. Read more at HowardRichmondMD.com

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    Buddy Ann Ross, ND, MS, BSN, RN, HNB-BC Joins Reiki Radio

    in Health

    Buddy Ann Ross developed a passion for holistic health, after her own immune system deteriorated from burn out while working in the emergency department in the mid 1990’s.    She learned that with a natural holistic integrative approach, her immune system was able to completely recover from lack of self-care.

    Buddy co-founded MetroHealth’s Integrated Therapies Committee  and Hands-to-Heart Reiki Clinic and started her own nurse consultation business entitled Holistic Wellness Buddy LLC.

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    Self-Care and Self-Love So We Can Actualize Our Dreams

    in Spirituality

    The guidance of your highest truth,subtle energies, intuition, quantum physics, and your body's wisdom to help you feel awesome in body, mind and spiritare what Jade Hom brings to the table of life, and to her clients, and now to YOU! ANAYAH is hosting again whilst ANNETTE sails and sings!

    JADE HOM is Annette's newest regulr guest on Angel Heart Radio, which means a whole lot of joy, inspiation and how-to's for you!

    JADE has much to share on Self Care and Self LOVE and how through both we can make our dreams come true...........HOW exciting!!!!!!!
    Tune in and share in the Chatroom or through the switchboard
    ANAYAH and JADE.......A MUST LISTEN!!!!!

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    Therapeutic Massage Therapy: Self Care Continues

    in Health

    Continuing the theme of self care, our guest on November 17th will be Janene Hampton, a licensed massage practitioner and owner of Auzmoki Massage.  Janene graduated from Northwest Academy for the healing arts in 2011. She provides Reflexology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot and Cold Stone Massage. 

    She has been acknowledged in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs and she is an active figure in her local community. Ever since I've known Janene, I've never seen her without a smile or exuding warmth and concern.

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    Reclaiming Space: How To Incorporate Self Care Into Your Everyday Life

    in Self Help

    In our busy world many people often spend all of their time taking care of others and putting their own needs last. Are you one of them? If you, so won’t want to miss this episode!

    In this episode Tracy interviews Transformational Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher Amy McDonald. Amy will show us how we can start incorporating self care into our everyday lives, even if it seems like there isn’t time for one more thing.

    Amy McDonald is a transformational wellness coach and yoga teacher. She facilitates lasting, loving change with her clients, drawing from the ancient wisdom of yoga and applying it to the needs of today’s modern women with fun, love and do-ability! Amy lives in a small cottage, surrounded by kitchen garden, birds and wildlife. Learn more about her (and download a fabulous freebie or two) here: www.amymcdonald.com.au

    Tracy K. Pierce is a Clutter Coach, Holistic Organizer, and the creator of the Reclaim Your Space, Reclaim Your Life Programs. She is the owner and founder of Synergy Organizing and Synergy Wellness. Her mission is to propel her clients towards the realization of their ideal lives. Tracy assists holistically-minded and motivated people who are sick and tired of their clutter reclaim space for what matters most. Learn more at www.SynergyOrganizing.com.

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    Penelope Quest, MSc, BA, Cert.Ed Joins Reiki Radio

    in Health

    Penelope Quest, MSc, BA, Cert.Ed, is an internationally renowned Reiki Master and Author who has been teaching workshops on healing, personal growth and spiritual development in Britain for more than twenty years.  She is the author of five best-selling award-winning books, including Reiki for Life, Self-Healing with Reiki, and The Reiki Manual. 

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    How To Pay For Long Term Care: Funding Options

    in Health

    In this episode of The Fischer Report, host Tony Fischer, will be covering the different funding options for long term care.  Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, Medicaid Waiver, Non-Profit, Long Term Care Insurance and Third Party Health care insurance will be covered.

    After listening to this general overview you will understand the differences between the funding sources, how to apply and where to get help applying. 

    Stay connect to The Fischer Report and the Care Radio Network by following us on Facebook and Twitter.  @fischerreport @careradio

    You can also catch other episodes of The Fischer Report right here on Blog Talk Radio.

    We hope you enjoy this audio resource. 


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