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    The Wellness Coach on Wednesdays: What is Self-Help?

    in Self Help

    What is self-help and how can it help you to heal and fast track you to true well-being?  Self-help is a term that is tossed around a lot these days.  But, what does it really mean?  

    Join Edie Summers, host of The Wellness Coach and Rosemary Brocco, Life Transformation Expert to explore ways self-help can help you to truly transform your life and well-being.

    Self-help is a real and powerful movement to empower you to live well and the life of your dreams!

    Join Rosemary Brocco:  http://www.rosemarybrocco.com/   

    and Edie Summers   http://PortlandWellnessCoach.com/

    Live in the flow, the magic, the synchronicity of life, where the things you really want, come easily..

    Have the courage to live your calling/purpose, and be successful at it..

    Share in relationships that are truly loving and supportive, and in line with what's most important to you...

    Create a life that reflects the truth of who you really are...

    Live in the power of the NOW!

    Join us, live, and type in your questions and comments in the chat room.  Want to get coached by Edie or Rosemary live?  Apply here!


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    Self - Love and Being Self - Full

    in Spirituality

    Join Nicole as she discusses Self - Love.  Please feel free to join in on the discussion.  Nicole will be having a Self - Full Living workshop on Saturday, May 2, 2015.  Nicole has a practice in Olympia, Washington.  To contact her  please call or text 541-450-1250, email che@chenergy.us or check her website www.chenergy.us . Thank you for listening!

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    Communicating in truth - the challenges of self-communication

    in Spirituality

    We have spent a lot of time on communication and how the most important person to learn to communicate with is yourself. Yes,  you need to be brutally honest with yourself, and that does not mean that you should beat yourself up. It means when you are thinking about an invitation to participate, whether it is directly about you or one of your family or friends, you must talk to yourself like you do when you are sharing secrets about you to that special person that you can share anything with. When it comes to those deep secrets, it should really be you first, then share with others. Today we'll talk about not only the value of communicating truthfully, but what kind of things might get in the way of doing so...

    are there words that might trigger discomfort?
    do 'titles' intimidate us?
    how does our judgement or opinion get in the way of seeing the truth?
    does the way we feel give us clues?

    Bring your questions to the conversation with Delrae and Mary K from the Life Learning Center of Self and let's bring you into an honest relationship with SELF!

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    The Present Moment, Intentions, Self-Love and Self-Full Living

    in Self Help

    What are your intentions for your life?  Do you live in the present moment?  Join Nicole as she discusses the present moment, intentions, self-love and Self-Full living.  Nicole has a practice in Olympia, WA.  She offers in person and distance sessions as well.  She would love to hear from you!  Nicole can be reached at 541-450-1250 , che@chenergy.us , http://www.chenergy.us ,  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chenergy/436613539837414  on twitter @chenergyLLC


    Thank you for listening!

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    Self Help Made Simple: The True Value Lies Within You

    in Spirituality

    A question many ponder is, "How do I get rich?" Where should I put my money? Who should I trust?

    How about investing your time, money, and energy in yourself? How so? Tune in to Angel Heart Radio to find out. You are totally worth it!

    Self Help Made Simple broadcasts every every Thursday 7 PM US CST.

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    Angel Heart Radio is Global Radio with more for you. More Inspiration, more support, more opportunities to feel heard and cared about. Why? Because you matter in the world.

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    Self Help Made Simple: The Power of Momentum

    in Spirituality

    Jason & Jerome of  Self Help Made Simple discuss the power of momentum and how it builds leverage into making your dreams a reality. The more actions we take the easier achieving becomes. The more practice, the more comfortable we become.

    We'll also be discussing the power of the mind. Where the concentration of thought lies, is where you will be.

    “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

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    Jerome & Jason broadcast every Thursday at 7PM CST on Angel Heart Radio, Global Radio with more for you. More Inspiration, more support, more opportunities to feel heard and cared about. Why? Because you matter in the world.

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    in Religion

    Christ Actualization is Self Transcendence = PART TWO 


    We continue with part 2; Person; Place; POSITION

    Galatians 5:19 - 23 - Fruit of the Spirit is Christ Actualization

    Self-transcendence: 1. The act or condition of going/being beyond ego or egoity, usually as a result of love, service, non-egoic discipline, or undivided attention for another. 2. An evolutive practice or technique which involves moving beyond prior conceptual, presumptive, or behavioral limitations. 3. A state or condition in which spiritual ecstasy is experienced by virtue of the release of a spirit-being from the confines of ego and egocentrism. 4. Any experience or process through which the spirit-being comes to know itself as it is, i.e., spirit and not ego or lower mind.


    In John 14:12 more or less at the beginning of his long Farewell Speech, Jesus issues a startling pledge to his disciples: "Amen, amen, I say to you, the one who believes into me will do the works that I do, and greater than these she or he will do because I am going to the Father." Throughout most of the history of the Christian movement, such a promise of fabulous possibilities has tended to be regarded as unimaginable and unfulfillable. 


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    in Religion


    The emphasis on personal development began to arise in the 1960's with the Human Potential Movement that had its roots in existentialism and humanistic psychology.

    Its purpose was to promote the idea that humans can experience an exceptional quality of life filled with happiness, creativity and fulfillment when they strive to reach their potential.

    Abraham Maslow, a humanistic psychologist, put forth the idea that self-actualization (the fulfillment of self through reaching one's potential) is the highest expression of a human's life.

    In his research Maslow found that self-actualized people were those who are creative and spontaneous, possess a good sense of humor and are able to tolerate uncertainty. They have an appreciation for what life has to offer, a deep concern for others and are able to enjoy close, meaningful, personal relationships.

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    Higher Self Voice - Healing Childhood Trauma

    in Self Help

    The Higher Self Voice radio hosted by Janet Richmond! Tune into this fascinating show - every Wednesday from 10 am pacific time - as Janet Richmond leads listeners through an hour or two of rich, tantalizing, 5th dimensional, raw spiritual information direct from the Higher Selves! 2015 brings a shift to the show where Janet opens up the forum to share much more of the Higher Self information. The breadth of the material is vast and Janet will offer many different perspectives sometimes delving into what may normally be seen as unknown. Janet accepts on air (or via email) requests for healing, general questions or ideas of what topics would interest the listeners. This is an amazing opportunity to call in and receive personal one-on-one help to help unclog areas of your life and/or to better understand your journey. You even will get answers for what you had thought were unanswerable questions. And as always, even listening to a healing for someone else will take you through the same transformative experience as the person it's directed toward. Since 2006, Janet Richmond has made it her life's effort to promote the Higher Self healing techniques to empower those who learn it so that they can start living the life they want and deserve.

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    Self Help

    in Self Help

    Continuing the discussions on ways to protect yourself from invisible contracts and how to take control of those contracts and work them in your favor

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    Self Help Made Simple: Making Life Happen

    in Spirituality

    In life, it's not always what happens to you, but how you react to it that makes the difference. Have you ever caught yourself saying, "Such my bad luck" or "If it's not one bad thing it's another"? How beneficial has this attitude ever brought you? Has it improved your supposed "luck"?

    Think of all the statements that have limiting connotations to them. "That'll never happen to me." "I could never afford that." "I'm just not that type of person." "That's too hard." Let's put an end to these declarations.

    Listen in as Jerome & Jason of Self Help Made Simple show you how you can improve your situation, attract more abundance, and help bring an end to "negative" things from happening in your life.

    Make Life Happen For You!
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    Angel Heart Radio is Global Radio with more for you. More Inspiration, more support, more opportunities to feel heard and cared about. Why? Because you matter in the world.