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    Providing Support & Guidance to Crime Survivors w/Guest Patricia Wenskunas

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     Patricia Wenskunas is a survivor of attempted murder and childhood abuse, Founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization, Crime Survivors, Inc., a professional public speaker, victim advocate and motivational consultant, and future author of the journey through victimization and survival.

    Patricia has spent the last several years empowering victims of crime to survive and thrive while bringing awareness and prevention to our communities. She has been speaking to corporations, community groups, service organizations, schools, colleges, universities, and to law enforcement agencies, academy classes, patrol schools and to non profits and agencies providing assistance to victims of crime.

    The mission of Crime Survivors is to ensure the public knows victims’ rights and needs and to provide resources, support, and information to empower crime victims to survive and thrive. Crime Survivors vision is for victims of crime to recover from their experience mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially, by receiving the respect, support, and protection from law enforcement, the judicial system, and the community."All victims of crime have the right and responsibility to survive”.

    Join Hosts Denise & Danielle while they talk with Patricia as she shares her personal story and discusses her organization and the resources and support available for survivors of crime.

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    Mr. Brett A. Scudder hosts Lived Experiences of Suicide Attempt Survivors

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    Join/listen Mr. Brett A. Scudder's special feature on the life and Lived Experiences of Suicide Attempt Survivors with guests as he highlights their human struggles, emotional distress, mental health crisis and possible mental illness. We often hear people talk about the life lost to suicide as one being troubled, disturbed or sick, but do we truly know and understand what it is like facing the demon of ones self as they fight to life.

    Mr. Scudder's goal is to let people hear, understand and be empathetic to the hurt, pain and distress of someone who has attempted giving up their life and free themselves from their pain.

    Please share and invite others to tune in to learn from those who have survived their suicide attempts.

    Thank You,


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    NSDF Presents.... Fear: Into the Minds of Seizure Survivors

    in Health

    Join Terrific Tonya as she discusses FEAR: Into the minds of seizure survivors.
    Understand the fears of a seizure, what goes through the mind of the survivor and how to cope.
    This will be a part of a series over the next few weeks to bring further understanding to seizure awareness.

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    Personal View of Seizure Disorder

    in Health

    Join National Seizure Disorders Foundation and Seize the Day as our host, Terrific Tonya Heathco shares her personal journey with seizure disorder. Take a moment to call in LIVE with questions and testimonies of goodness. Join us later for  meet& greet & discussion of the show:https://www.facebook.com/groups/NSDF.STD? 

    Questions covered will be:

    What is seizure disorder?
    What occurs in the life of someone living with seizure disorder?
    Why do so many remian in "disorder" while living with seizures?
    How can everyone bring order to seizure disorders? 

    We will also share Love and goodness with our listeners while showing gratitude to the following:

    Seize the Day Sponsor: The Advocate, Dickson TN

    NSDF Partners: Emfit, SmartWatch, PuraVida, CARE, and many more

    Do you know a person that lives with seizures? I encourage you to call in and share. This call is recorded LIVE and listened to by the public. All info shared by a caller is at the discretion of the caller. Staff of NSDF are not doctors or medical professional. We encourage you to seek medical attention to find medical solutions. 

    Join us next week as we Celebrate Life! The life of David Angel, Wed Aug 13 @ 7 PM(CST) here on BlogTalk Radio where we encourage you to Seize the Day! 


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    Human Trafficking - A survivors story - Selina Deveau

    in Motivation

    Selina now lives a simple and blessed life and is grateful for every day, and now has a life she certainly never thought she would have.

    Selina is a mother of two bright and beautiful children ages six and sixteen. She calls them her miracles since she was told she would never be able to have children. She married her soul mate and best friend and they live on a small farm in the country surrounded by an apple orchid, beautiful mountains and land all around them.

    Selina is an artist and musician as well as an activist and advocate. She is an author of two books: “Sold at Six” and “Made in USA” which will be coming out in 2015. Writing them has been a hard process and a healing one also. She would have never called herself an author 3 months ago.

    Selina is on the advisory board for trafficking in America task force and the founder of M.A.T musicians against trafficking which is a collaboration of local and nonlocal musicians coming together to raise awareness and stop human trafficking. They have an amazing project in the works right now.

    She is also the founder of Frames for Freedom, which is a project she is doing with other survivors that are artists and photographers. The framed artwork /photography done by survivor's from all over the world that where trafficked and all the beautiful art/photo's are sold. A certain percent of the sales will go to survivor services and resources including rescue efforts the rest stays with the artist/photographer.

    Selina is also the founder of Jewelry for Justice: The Jewelry is handmade by survivors to empower them and teach them how to make an income from something they create themselves.

     She is also working on survivor stories: a collection of poems songs and stories done by survivors of trafficking from all over the world put into a book called Survivor Stories

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    Talk Back Tuesdays: Human Sex Trafficking Survivors and the Ones Who Love Them!

    in Self Help

    As we conclude the month of January and Human Sex Trafficking Awareness Month we want to work with families and loved ones who have to endure after effects of trauma and behaviors from the survivor/victim's experience. Not only does it affect the victim it effects the entire family and others they interact with. 

     We will identify many types of behaviors that you will encounter and learn how to identify and respond properrly how to respond and support. Some behaviors and topics we will address include; survivor's guilt/remorse, dynamics of a family, expectations of the victim and other's, trauma, guilt, grief, emotional baggage, physical scars, acting out, depression, suicide, sexual promiscuity, etc. 

    And last but definitely not least we will discuss the importance of counseling for the survivor and the family or support system surrounding the truama impacted on everyone involved. How does the family cycle continue to manifest itself after a trauma/crisis or to the next generation? How does family dynamics  and past hurts are systemic throughout generations? 


    Come Get on the COUCH!!!!

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    "Survivors Standing Strong" Human Trafficking

    in Family

    Please join me Christina Robinson for my 1st show of "Survivors Standing Strong" Thursday Nov. 13th at a special time 10pm est - 9pm cst.

    A gripping story of a mothers determined journey to find her Missing daughter Jessie Foster. Jessie has been Missing since March 29, 2006. Jessie's family have been living with prayers & faith since that last day they saw Jessie so long ago. Glendene has been doing conferences on Human Trafficking & keeping hope alive to many others that have Missing children. Stay tune for Glendene Grant and her brave journey to bring Jessie home.

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    Survivors and child sexual abuse

    in Self Help

    Triggers Dissociation flashbacks grounding just a few things we are going to talk about.

    There is lots of stuff going on to witch i will pass on too you.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Survivors of Open Heart Surgery

    in Health

    Open Heart Surgery survivors is a population of people that are doing just that surviving. This forum has been a talk show since june 2009 that started out as a internship for grade in my student work study class. The passion has always been there to talk about new health finds and or innovative finds in the field of Cardiovascular disease. Talk about health, foods, medicine good bad and ugly; tune in every saturday 2:pm.


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    "Survivors Guilt"

    in Current Events

    Guest:   Vince Palamara

    Vince is a well known JFK assassination researcher and the author of "Survivors Guilt" about the Secret Service neglect in the JFK assassination. It is a great book. This will be a fantastic show with the 51st anniversary coming up thisSaturday. Tune in at 7pm CST on blogtalkradio.com/jackduffy.

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    Human Trafficking - A Survivors Story - Wendy Barnes

    in Motivation

    This is just some of what Wendy shares - "The sexual abuse I endured by my step-father as a child, shaped my beliefs to make me a perfect target for Greg when I was 15 yrs old. He drew me into his web by giving me a false taste of what it felt like to have worth, hope and to be loved. It felt nice to be special to someone - anyone. When the abuse started by Greg, I accepted it, still I knew in my heart that I was not worthy of any love or kindness. It wasn't long before he demanded that I prove my love for him. I listened to his instructions and in terror I followed his directions. With the intent to prove my love for him and with hope that I could earn his love in return, I turned my first trick. When I was finished, I violently threw up what felt like my soul. I no longer felt human, I now was a prostitute. I wanted to die. I wasn't the first girl he did this to and I wasn't the last. The prostitution ring that he built and ran sometimes contained as many as 15 girls at one time. The physical, emotional and psychological abuse we endured was horrific."

    Due to knowing Greg had been trafficking underage girls and not being able to do anything about it Wendy was sentenced to 2 years in prison and lost custody of her 3 children. She is grateful for that time in prison because she could then start the healing process and be free from the torture she had endored!!!

    Wendy has been free from that life for 16 yrs and free from prison for 12 years now. She holds a full time job and has a close relationship with all three of her children. She has learned that healing is a journey, in fact it may be a life long journey. She has learned that happiness is a choice that she gets to choose every day. 


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