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    Jerry Seinfeld and the Backtrack

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    Jerry Seinfeld stirred up some controversy after telling NBC's Brian Williams that he identifies with the autism spectrum. The reactions were immediate and passionate.Some activists have said that Jerry was shamed and bullied back into the closet.

    Last week, Jerry reportedly backtracked. Outlets like the LA Times are claiming he self--diagnosed, and that he is now "recanting."

    So, what is really going on? Did Jerry self--diagnose and then backtrack? Did he disclose that he identified, then felt the need to clarify---or backtrack?  Is it all a misunderstanding? Does it matter?

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    Photo: Jerry Seinfeld tells reporter Brian Williams that he believes he could be on the autism spectrum. (Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images)

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    Laughter comes to The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday October 15, 3 pm ET when Halli brings you two of the funniest people on the planet. Joining Halli is esteemed director and author John Waters and Seinfeld writer and author Peter Mehlman.

    John Waters is an American filmmaker, actor, writer and visual artist best known for his cult films, including Hairspray, Pink Flamingos, and Cecil B. DeMented. He is also the author of ROLE MODELS, CRACKPOT and SHOCK VALUE. His new book CARSICK tells the hilarious story of  America’s most beloved eccentric’s mid-life crisis journey: a cross-country hitchhiking journey.

    Peter Mehlman began his career at the Washington Post. He slid to television in 1982, writing for SportsBeat with Howard Cossell. He has written for numerous national publications, including The New York Times Magazine, GQ, Esquire, and a multitude of women’s magazines. One year after moving to Los Angeles he ran into Seinfeld writer and producer Larry David, which led to Mehlman’s writing the first freelance episode of the popular TV Show, rose to executive producer and coined such phrases as “yada yada” and “double dipping.” His new novel IT WON’T ALWAYS BE THIS GREAT is a brilliantly funny story of the mid-life crisis of a Long Island podiatrist that begins on a sub-zero, wind-chilled Friday night when the podiatrist crosses paths with a bottle of horseradish.

    We could all do with a dose of laughter. Laugh yourselves silly, Wednesday, October 15, 3 pm ET on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show when Halli talks with John Waters and Peter Mehlman. We are Talk Radio for Fine Minds and Lovers of Humor. Tune in live online at Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    Milling About Flashback with Jerry Seinfeld

    in Sports

    Jerry Seinfeld: The Lost Interview Long before Jerry Seinfeld signed a deal with NBC to develop his show about nothing, he had nothing but the highest of standards in mind for the series. In a 1987 interview with Milling About host Robin Milling—which has never before aired anywhere—the then-33-year-old funnyman chatted about his influences, his development as a performer, the role of confidence in his craft, and the possibility of headlining on the small screen. When asked, “Do you have any interest in having your own show?” Jerry said, “No. Not unless it was by some very high-quality people. A Cheers type of situation or something like that. But I have no desire…” (To read the full story, click here.)

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    The Seinfeld Episode-OndeckTV

    in Hip Hop Music

    Host Animal Brown and Spike Lou speak on all things hip hop in this episode about nothing.

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    Internet Graffiti - Episode 19: Festivus Special

    in Entertainment

    Internet Graffiti is back for the Festivus Special! If you're looking to celebrate a holiday that is not Christmas nor Hanukkah or wish to escape the commercial aspects of the Holiday Season, or if you are a fan of Seinfeld, this is the place to be. This broadcast will be on BlogTalkRadio at 11 PM Eastern & the aftershow will be on Spreaker.

    During this episode of the episode, Homer Bouvier & his guests will go around the table in the Airing of Grievances & tell each other how much everyone have disappointed them over the past year, they will take callers & invite them to express their disappointment in whoever they wish & join them in random discussions when they run out of callers to pick up on if they choose.

    After an hour of both broadcasts on BlogTalkRadio & Spreaker, Homer will choose one guest or caller for the Feats of Strength on Team Fortress 2. This will be streamed live on Steam with a link popping up on his Twitter after the show.

    So join us for a great time, enjoy the pole & watch the insanity unfold! It's a Festivus for the rest of us!

    Call in at (516) 418-5668 for the first half of the show or call in via the Skype Button, Call in for the full hour & the Spreaker show at (218) 936-4971 & enter PIN # 227528# or you can also add me on Skype: HomerBouvier

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    Blk Sheep Radio....Extra with LT and The Gang!!!!!!

    in Comedy

    This is a show about nothing spectacular, just the gang from Blk Sheep coming together and talking about nothing...Having fun and maybe telling a joke or two..So basically it is a Seinfeld episode but better....Bazinga! So call us up at 805 830 8338 and like our facebook page at www.facebook.com/blksheepradio....Don't forget to tip your waiters and waitresses on the way out tonight. Show starts at 9pm est/8pm cst/7pm squatch time/6pm on the west coast

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    11/30/09 - "The Seinfeld Soup Nazi Show"

    in Sports

    Join us as we talk to Larry Thomas, better known as the "Soup Nazi" from Season 7 of "Seinfeld." While he did only the one episode (not including the much-maligned finale) his character is one of the most memorable in the history of the television sitcom. We'll be talking to Larry about his experiences working on the most popular sitcom of the last twenty years. We'll also be joined by Mr. Sticks and our regular cast of horrible hosts. Bringing you the absolute worst in web talk radio... guaranteed!

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    The team is back: Gail Dickinson, Past President, Terri Grief, current President and, ready to overthrow Terri and move into the Presidential Palace, President Elect Leslie Preddy. The AASL Secret Service (led by Mr Bookman, the Library Cop from 'Seinfeld')  has given us permission to interview all three at the same time.



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    Transcendental Meditation

    in Christianity

    Making a comeback in a big way, Transcendental Meditation (TM) is alive and well today.  Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly, Jerry Seinfeld, and even the United States military sing its praises--never mentioning the fact that it is Hinduism with a dark history; another doorway to the world of the occult.

    Why is TM gaining so much ground and what can we do about it?  Walter Martin analyzes the theology of Transcendental Meditation from a biblical perspective...on Night Watch.

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    David Frei - "The National Dog Show Presented By Purina"

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    “The National Dog Show Presented by Purina®” 
    Air Date: Thursday, November 27 on NBC (12-2 p.m. across all time zones)

    “The National Dog Show Presented by Purina®” is hosted by award-winning actor, author and Broadway star John O’Hurley (“Seinfeld,” “Dancing with the Stars”) and expert analyst David Frei, an AKC-licensed judge and host of USA Network’s “The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.” NBC’s Mary Carillo will report from the benching area and inside the show ring. Celebrating America’s love of man’s best friend, the telecast showcases some 1,500 purebred canines competing for the title of “Best in Show.” Unlike traditional dog show coverage, the National Dog Show offers the country’s 65 million pet-owning households an afternoon of family-oriented features, facilitated by the open format of the Kennel Club of Philadelphia event.

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    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager , your Co-Host and your Host Jocelyn Davis Eastman or Jess Davis for Autistic Broadcasting News on Sunday's. Our Autistic Advocates: Jess Davis, Maria Iliou, Our Advocates: Jocelyn Davis Eastman...Sharing News of the day. Stories in news is Sadnen to our hearts and Autistic community that we lost another Autistic child name: Londen he is 6 years old die on Monday by his mother who thrown him over londen Bridge ...mother said he is servely , non-verbal autistic ...same stories over, over , over and over again...with different child -different family. on Tuesday we lost non-disable 3 year old boy who was killed by his mother boyfriend as sadned story mother took part ...how can do that to your child ..even chose the wrong person for your child ...time to get help and to get away from bad situation boy died from physical abuse for your own child / Jerry Seinfeld he say's he on the Autism Spectrum


    Maria Iliou is your Dirctor Manager, your Host for Autistic Theatre Music Caf'e. Maria play special Encored  and music


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