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    So Seductive Radio With Ebonie Camille

    in Romance

    Don't miss So Seductive Radio tonight at 10PM CST. The place were we have grown folk talk about love, sex, and slow jams. I'm answering all the questions you left me plus playing some smooth slow jams all hour long....www.easedroppingradioshow.com or Call (929) 477-1762 ?#‎EDR?

  • So Seductive Radio -Big Worm Takeover

    in Romance

    So Seductive Radio is a new show to the Ease Dropping Radio Network. Ebonie Camille takes on a new show filled with slow jams, great converstaions and special guest co-host. You can listen to So Seductive Radio every Wednesday at 10 PM Cst right here on our our offical website easedroppingradioshow.com.

    Tonight's show features a funny friend, and deejay that always has something to add to the converstaion. DJ Big Worm co-host with Ebonie Camille tonight. This will be her first guest co-host ever.


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    Seductive Persuasion: How To Get Attention & Power Using Sweet Communication!

    in Women

    What's your style of communication? Do you know how to use your voice and your body to draw positive attention to yourself personally and professionally? Is your communication powerful, sweet and alluring or is it weak, bitter and repulsive?  Join Chloé Taylor Brown, host of Bread-Winning Moms with Chloé for a provocative lesson and dialogue about communication and seductive persuasion. Indulge yourself in The Selfing Process and the five layers of communication. Discover why, as women and breadwinning mothers it works to our advantage to use our authentic style of communication to build rapport and elevate teamwork...at home and at work. 

    Connect with our recurring career contributor, Chantél Thompson, Director of Client Engagement at Sweet Job Spot, a place where the right employer and the right job seeker intersect for the ideal career placement.

    Chloé Taylor Brown is a three time author, an international lifestyle model, women and girls advocate, spokesperson and ideal woman coach. Her books are available at Amazon.com. Connect with Chloé @ChloeTBrown and ChloeTaylorBrown.com.

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    So Seductive Radio

    in Entertainment

    Ebonie Camille is the CEO of the Ease Dropping Radio Network. Her show is based on indie music, and small business owners. You may listen to the "Ease Dropping Radio" show every Friday at 7pm CST.


    Follow Ebonie Camille




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    No passion? Reclaim Seductive Self-Confidence with Sex Guru Stacey Murphy

    in Spirituality

    Free stuff! https://theblissfullotus.com/hook-him-keep-him-teleseminar?ap_id=CrystalBertolacci

    Stacey Murphy is a Certified Intimacy Coach, Love Mystic, Sex Guru and an International Best Selling Author.   She’s the founder of Blissful Lotus School of Loving Arts and the Seduction Goddess Academy.  

    Stacey helps women to embrace the art of seduction and attracting juicy love.  She teaches women to reclaim their sensual joy, seductive essence and self-confidence which finally allows them to leave toxic love patterns behind so they can feel empowered, desirable and happy with who they are in their love and sex life!  She developed the “Rockin’ Seduction Goddess” Signature System where women learn how to love themselves, how to attract their ideal relationship and master their erotic skills to BLOW his mind.

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    Seductive Saturday

    in Social Networking

    Call in and talk to Tiff (Da Fem) And Q(Da Stud) .. Be on Air Or Just Listen In ..Seductive Saturdays Are Going To Be For Singles Where They Call In And We Match Them With The Person they Are Lookin For !<3

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    Making Peace With Suicide

    in Health

    Whether you are contemplating, have survived the attempt, lost someone to suicide, or counsel potential suicide's victims, our guest, Adele Ryan McDowell, author ofMaking Peace with Suicide, will show you how to bring hope, healing, compassion and understanding to this important topic.

    The seduction of Suicide has become a worldwide epidemic with no discrimination as to age, gender, ethnicity, job or social circumstance.

    Join us.....

    Sound Health Options

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    The Sacred Prostitute! She lives among US!

    in Spirituality

    Answer Yes, if you have ever (men and women) given a Pity Fuck? Had Sex for Healing? Desired to pray during sex?

    I am...
    (a gnostic poem)
    I am the first and the last.
    I am the honoured one and the scorned one.
    I am the whore and the holy one.
    I am the wife and the virgin.
    I am she whose wedding is great.
    I am A Universal Lover of Life.
    I am (the mother) and the daughter.
    I am the members of my mother....
    I am the silence that is incomprehensible
    And the idea whose remembrance is frequent.
    I am the voice whose sound is manifold
    And the word whose appearance is multiple.
    I am knowledge and ignorance.
    I am the utterance of my name. 

    Join this fasinating discussion between two whole powerful and valuable Sacred Women, you will ever want to hear from on his subject! The Sacred Prostitute! I also, invite, ALL you Sacred Protitutes to please call into the show and share your wisdom with the listeners who need to hear from us all! Tracey Bryant, The Honey Diva https://www.honeyluvromance.com/the-honey-diva.html and Rev. Goddess unite to explain, share and educate and lets not forget Bless and Arouse everyone about The (NEW) Sacred Prostitute and shed away the Shame and Guilt of being a seductive healer. "The Sacred Prostitute is therefore that human woman who, through formal ritual or psychological development, has consciously come to know the spiritual side of her eroticism and lives this out according to her individual circumstances. We find her in all walks of life. One feels a certain presence in her midst, a combination of joy and wisdom. She is "one-in-herself," free of confines of convention; she lives her life as she chooses." ~ Nancy Qualls - Corbett from The Sacred Prostitute, Eternal Aspects of the Femine 


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    Podcast 354

    in News

    The Napa Valley. As our time in California comes to a close, the Napa Valley is a perfect place to say goodbye. Whether it is Napa, Sonoma, Calistoga, finally ending up in Nevada City the Golden State is a seductive place. The so called ‘warm and dry end’ of the Napa Valley was the destination […]

    The post Podcast 354 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.

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    Paula White - The Carnally-Minded Apostle Of "Hips, Lips And Booty!" (79)

    in Christianity

    Paula White claims she is a holy Apostle and holy Mother of the Church.  Paula White is really is a carnally-minded, lewd talking, despicable acting daughter of Belial who has mainly bewitched the MEN of New Destiny Christian Center Church with her repertoire of "Hips, Lips & Booty" pulpit messages!  Tune in as Wolf Tracker plays much audio in which you will hear Paula White condemn herself and prove to all that she is the very opposite of the holy things she claims to be (Job 15:6).  To the male leaders and male members of New Destiny Christian Center Church Wolf Tracker say, "Don't let this present-day Jezebel bewitch you with her seductive charms and salacious sermons!"

    Wolf Tracker cordially invites Paula White to be his special guest on this can't miss two hour program.  She can call in by dialing (347) 308-8221.  He wants to give her the opportunity to debunk everything he has to say!  Wolf Tracker also invites all of the current leaders and members of New Destiny Christian Center Church to also tune in to hear the lively exchange between their "Mother" and this valiant servant of the Lord.

    Wolf Tracker is a tireless protector of Christ's global flock and an avowed enemy of all Prosperity wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing in order to fleece gullible saints!  Please spread the word by telling others about this Christ-honoring, wolf-exposing, sheep-protecting internet radio program!

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    Writing Royalty Radio: "The Seductive Pen..."

    in Books

    Special Guests: Ruth N. West

                            Krystle Hickman

                            Stephanie Singleton

    The synopsis of the Films:
    A short film that proves sometimes going crazy is the best way to find yourself. A young woman who is slowly losing her Mom to illness decides she absolutely can not deal with the on-coming loss, so she abandons her family. Her conscience starts to drive her crazy when it literally starts inscribing the abandonment mistakes in her skin. Like so many people who have experienced this, instead of acknowledging the change and adapting, she buries her head in the sand, ignores and avoids. 'Stay' starts when Cam is forced to acknowledge what she has been avoiding. This is a story about a tragic life changing experience with a twist.  

    When a woman sells her Soul for Love; the love she gains may not only cost her a scorned heart but can leave her with an empty soul.
    Young, Beautiful, Classy, Intelligent -- describes Mya Evans --the Survivor ! 
    Mya a divorced college professor in Petersburg, Virginia struggles with finding the balance between Love, Trust and Faith. When one fails her --- the other is sure to find a way to make life worth fighting for. 
    Its when life takes an unexpected turn, her heart will detect the Lies - but The Hair Between Her Legs will reveal the awful Truth!