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    32 For 32: Arizona Cardinals

    in Sports

    Is it me, or did it seem like for a short while last season, the Arizona Cardinals were going to be the first team in NFL history to play the Super Bowl in their own stadium? Before Carson Palmer went down, I actually felt they had a real legitimate shot. His injury helped changed the entire NFC playoff picture. I also felt that if the Cardinals didn't get a top seed in the NFC playoffs, they would be 1-&-done...& they were. Despite that, I got a ton of mad respect for head coach Bruce Arians. He's been one of my favorite NFL coaches in recent years. The guy didn't have a whole lot to work w/ these past few seasons. Offensively, the Cards were ranked 24th overall last season. They played 4 quarterbacks, & 3 of them started at least 2 games. Despite having wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald, Malcolm Floyd, John Brown, Ted Ginn Jr., running backs Andre Ellington, there seemed to have been some chemistry issues. Obviously, you can blame the quarterback injuries on that but in the end, it does come down to coaching & despite all that, I felt Bruce Arians did a great job & truly deserved the coach of the year honors. The defense also ranked 24th in the league last year & I felt that was a huge problem. They played so strong at the start of the season. Injuries may have played a part in the team's decline down the stretch. When healthy, this team can compete w/ anyone. Hopefully, for their sakes (& for the sake of Bruce Arians), this team can stay healthy & win the NFC West. Can they? That is thee question. Tune in to another team coverage on "The Rocket Sports Breakdown" Thursday morning @ 10:30am. Rocket Nation, get ready for a power trip.

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    Summer Activities in Yuma, Arizona

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    Linda Morgan, Executive Director of the Yuma Visitors Bureau chats with Big Blend Radio hosts Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith about what there is to see and do in Yuma, during the summer. Located in the southwest corner of Arizona, between Tucson and San Diego, Yuma is a popular summer destination that boasts water sports and activities on the Colorado River, numerous hiking and bicycle trails, bird watching, the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area, a historic downtown and historic sites such as the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park, Quartermasters Depot State Historic Park, and Historic Yuma Theater.

    This interview originally aired on June 7, 2015, as part of Big Blend Radio's Champagne Sundays show, that broadcasted live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona.

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    "The Sacred Path.. A Spiritual Adventure," support on your spiritual journey

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we celebrate Sedona's newest BlogTalk Radio Show, "The Sacred Path Sedona...A Spiritual Adventure".

    A new weekly opportunity for the seeker on the spiritual path! Join us weekly for a variety of guest speakers,discussions with spiritual seekers, and much more!  This venue has been established to support the individual on life's journey, as well as provide another option for Lightworkers everywhere to network, share their experiences, spiritual work and ideas with others. 

    Please email:  thesacredpathsedona@gmail.com to inquire about becoming a guest speaker on the program. We also welcome your suggestions and ideas as we co-create a joyful opportunity for all to enjoy!

    We are happy to welcome our first guest, Kay Wiltse, Founder & Director of The Lighthouse Foundation ~ Center for Spiritual Living, mentor, teacher and gifted intuitive. With over 22 years experience in the holistic spiritual field in southern California, Kay is now a resident of Sedona, AZ where she conducts trainings, classes, and workshops.

    Ms. Wiltse is available as a guest speaker, and private phone sessions by contacting thesacredpathsedona@gmail.com or by calling (928) 862-2086.

    Join us at the Sacred Light of Sedona ~ A Center for Spirit, Mind & Body - 1456 Hwy. 179, Sedona, AZ. on Sunday evenings for the Circle of Light gathering. 5:00 p.m. - 6.00 each week. 

    We are very happy to welcome the Sacred Light of Sedona ~ A Center for Spirit, Mind & Body as our sponsor for this BlogTalk Radio Show.   (928) 254-3163  www.SacredLightOfSedona.com

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    Take an Adventure to Your Heart in Sedona

    in Current Events

    Have you felt that there just has to be something more to this life than what you are doing day to day?  Are you seeking and not finding answers or a sense of oneness?  Would you know if you found the source of life for you or would you deny the experience for lack of confidence or trust?  When can you take your intuition on the great roller coaster and just trust that all will unfold?

    My guest today is Rebecca Tinkle, author of The Secret of Mago Castle which is a story of love and enlightenment.  Rebecca has noticed the earth eminates the life energy that just fills you up and Sedona is the place where spiritual revelations can surpass all the senses.  The story is an unforgettable adventure of the heart and all the chances for experiences being presented are truly to be noticed by the spirit.

    For more information visit:  www.SecretofMagoCastle.com

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    Learning Bird presents Dr. Javier Baca, CIO  at Sunnyside Unified School District in Arizona , managing 10,000 computing devices and a staff of 35 in IT.  

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    Summer Travel and Events in Yuma Arizona

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    Join Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith – mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, for Big Blend Radio’s Vacation Station travel show, airing live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona.
    On This Episode:
    - Talking Summer Events in Yuma, Arizona with Rex Ijams - Yuma Art Center & Historic Theatre, Tanisha Yee - Yuma Civic Center, Oscar Chavez - City of Yuma Parks & Recreation, and Clayton Hasty -  Yuma Territorial River Regatta
    - Summer Travel Tips from Henry Biernacki ‘The Global Henry’ world traveler, airline captain, line check airman, and author of ‘No More Heroes’.

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    The Upcoming Currency Collapse

    in Motivation

    Many mainstream authors and economic experts are starting to focus on an upcoming currency colapse.  While they say they cannot predict an exact time frame, they do say it is ineviteble.

    My reliable sources and many others are pointing to this fall as a lilkely time frame for theevent.

    So, what do we do to prepare.  We will disucss this and the related topics on this week's radio program.

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    Sedona Annual Psychic Fair

    in Spirituality

    Sedona Showcase features Dyan Garris, Founder of the Annual Sedona Psychic Fair. Sedona, Arizona – Are you struggling with issues that seem to have no answer? Are you wondering if you will make it through tough financial times? Are you hoping your soul mate will show up soon? Do you need to know what direction to go in or what the future holds for you? The upcoming annual Sedona Psychic Fair, featuring the best, most qualified psychics, healers, and metaphysicians in the state of Arizona may have the answers you seek.
    The annual event, that will be held Sunday, October 6th, 2013 at the Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa, features a variety of psychic readings, healing modalities, and exclusive products, as well as free lectures every hour.
    For more info go to: http://www.sedonapsychicfair.com or call (520) 399-1969.
    Dyan Garris is The owner of The Sedona Psychic Fair, The Phoenix Psychic Fair, and the Tucson Psychic Fair. She is a visionary mystic, voice recognition psychic, and trance channel medium who reads directly from the Akashic Records. Her specialties are chakra balance, manifestation, and teaching people what is missing from the way manifesting was taught.
    Dyan is the author and artist of “Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards” and several other books, including the award winning finalist and best selling book “Money and Manifesting.” 
    Daily Channeled Message© by Dyan Garris is available by subscription.  Free angel card readings online in English and Spanish, and a phone psychic network with real psychics available at: www.voiceoftheangels.com.

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    Sedona Vortexes

    in Spirituality

    Dick first wrote about the Sedona vortexes in his 1978 book, "Past Lives, Future Loves" and in more detail in his "Sedona: Psychic Energy Vortexes," (available as an eBook from Amazon, iTunes, Nook). Dick refers to Sedona as "The Spiritual Capital" of the United States because of it's unique energy vortexes that attract and inspire so many who live and visit here.

    Listen as Dick and Roberta talk about their home and all the wonderful experiences available for all who come to these unique, spiritual red rocks of Arizona.

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    2015 NFL Draft review show: Reacting to the Arizona Cardinals draft class

    in Football

    There is football to talk about with the Arizona Cardinals and the NFL. The NFL Draft is done. Tight end John Carlson retired. 

    Hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox talk about the roster changes and the NFL Draft. 

    Arizona has seven new players. From tackle DJ Humphries to tight end Gerald Christian, the Cards addressed needs and also made some picks that surprised a lot of people. Hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox go over the picks -- do they love them, like them or hate them? Why? 

    They go over the role the players might play this year and in future seasons. They talk about their draft regrets and then go over the undrafted rookies added to the fold. 

    Listen in and keep the conversation going at Revenge of the Birds.