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    "The Sacred Path...Sedona, A Spiritual Adventure"

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we celebrate Sedona's newest BlogTalk Radio Show, "The Sacred Path Sedona...A Spiritual Adventure".

    A new weekly opportunity for the seeker on the spiritual path! Join us weekly for a variety of guest speakers,discussions with spiritual seekers, and much more!  This venue has been established to support the individual on life's journey, as well as provide another option for Lightworkers everywhere to network, share their experiences, spiritual work and ideas with others. 

    Please email:  thesacredpathsedona@gmail.com to inquire about becoming a guest speaker on the program. We also welcome your suggestions and ideas as we co-create a joyful opportunity for all to enjoy!

    We are happy to welcome our first guest, Kay Wiltse, Founder & Director of The Lighthouse Foundation ~ Center for Spiritual Living, mentor, teacher and gifted intuitive. With over 22 years experience in the holistic spiritual field in southern California, Kay is now a resident of Sedona, AZ where she conducts trainings, classes, and workshops.

    Ms. Wiltse is available as a guest speaker, and private phone sessions by contacting thesacredpathsedona@gmail.com or by calling (928) 862-2086.

    We are very happy to welcome the Sacred Light of Sedona ~ A Center for Spirit, Mind & Body as our sponsor for this BlogTalk Radio Show.   (928) 254-3163  www.SacredLightOfSedona.com

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  • "The Sacred Path…Sedona ~ A Spiritual Adventure" with Kay Wiltse

    in Spirituality

    Join us for a weekly discussion with Kay Wiltse, Founder of The Lighthouse Foundation ~ Center for Spiritual Living. Kay is a mentor, teacher and gifted intuitive. With over 22 years experience in the holistic spiritual field in southern California, Kay is now a resident of Sedona, Arizona and the facilitator for our weekly program.

    We invite our listeners to call the show for spiritual support and guidance, discussion, questions and individual messages. Whether you are new to the spiritual path, or are a seasoned Lightworker wishing to connect and network with a growing spiritual community…

                                  You are Welcome … You are Supported…We are Here for You.

                                             ** Our BlogTalk listeners are invited to call -- (516) 387-1984 **

    Ms. Wiltse is available as a guest speaker, and is available for private phone sessions by appointment.

    Her contact info:  (928) 862-2086   www.thelighthousefoundation.org


                          Please Like Us us on Facebook at:  www.facebook.com/thesacredpathsedonaradio

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    Chief Kasian of the Sedona Fire Department Chats with Charter Chatters

    in Podcasting

    Check it out! Sedona Charter School "Charter Chatters" have invited Chief Kris Kasian of Sedona Fire Departments to chat about the new fire department, what it's like to be a Fire Chief, and more. Local Sedonans are invited to come to the dedication of the new fire department. Get details here. Enjoy the show!

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    Sedona Vortexes

    in Spirituality

    Dick first wrote about the Sedona vortexes in his 1978 book, "Past Lives, Future Loves" and in more detail in his "Sedona: Psychic Energy Vortexes," (available as an eBook from Amazon, iTunes, Nook). Dick refers to Sedona as "The Spiritual Capital" of the United States because of it's unique energy vortexes that attract and inspire so many who live and visit here.

    Listen as Dick and Roberta talk about their home and all the wonderful experiences available for all who come to these unique, spiritual red rocks of Arizona.

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    FEb. 3rd, Update on World Economic Conditons and the RV/GCR

    in Motivation

    My apologies for the sound quality this week.  I was using a new laptop computer and did not know I had to change the microphone settings.  It will be corrected for next week.  This week Dave and Blanca will disucss the topics mentioned in the weekly video found on Dave's website.

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    Jan. 27th, Dave and Blanca take questions and discuss last week's program.

    in Motivation

    In last week's program, Dave was interviewed by Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin.  It is being considerd one of Dave's best program ever.  This Dave and Blanca will take questions and discuss the program.

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    Dr. Sasha Lessin and his wife Janet are my guests on the radio program this week

    in Motivation

    For years I have asked the question, who is going to pay for this RV/GCR.  When you follow the money it all traces back to the the Dragon Family and the ones who put them in control, the Annunaki, the ancient alien race.  Dr. Sahsa Lessin is probably the formost expert and scholar on the history of the Annunaki.  He has a Phd from UCLA in anthropology and he has been studying them for close to 40 years.  He and his wife Janet will be on the program for a live Q&A this week.

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    Jan. 20th, Dave is the Guest on Acquarian Radio withn Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin

    in Motivation

    This time Dave is the guest with Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin on their radio program.  This episode was pre-recorded on Jan. 17th.

    Dave covers the history of The Dragon Family, the world's gold, politics and how it all relates to the RV/GCR.  Ths is one of the best programs ever on the above stated topics.  It is gives a good general overview of the complete RV/GCR process.

    Click here for the link to the Acqiarian Radio site.

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    SEDONA - magical and mysterious

    in Spirituality

    We are back from a hiatus and fresh from a eight day trip to beautiful Sedona, Arizona.  It is a wonderful place to let go, process, and recharge your batteries.  We will share our individual and collective experiences.  It is definately a magical and mysterious place.  If you have been there please call in and share your experiences.

    We also have a wonderful surprise.  Our dear friend, Summer Bacon, will be joining us on the program as often as she can with here busy schedule.

    You can join in the conversation by call the toll free number 877257-6517 to be part of THE MAN CAVE FORU.

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    Dave Shares the Foundation of His Values and Belief System

    in Motivation

    All of us have a foundational belief system, wether we are aware of it or not.  What is yours, why do yo belive what you belive and what is the guide you use for such a system.  Dave shares his in this week's program.

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    It's All About the Gold!!!

    in Motivation

    We will soon be facing a complete shift to the global financial conditions.  This week I tallk about the history of the gold to backing these changes.  Where this gld comes from and who is in charge of its dispersal.

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