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    Special Mother's Day While Recovering

    in Podcasting

    Mother's Day is a special time to say thank you to special women in your life, this includes any ladies who hold a special place in your heart and soul. Simple, kind expressions of love will go a long way in letting them know they are truly appreciated.  If you or this special person has recently been injured, there are still ways to celebrate this holiday in pleasant ways.

    Join ESTRA today and discover ways to make Mother's Day special while recovery is taking place. 


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    On the Scene at the Border Security Conference

    in Technology

    Jim Smith of Polycom joins the program from the annual Border Security Expo to discuss the trends and technologies getting the most buzz at this year's conference.

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    Degrees in Homeland Security

    in Education

    Columbia Southern University will be hosting a series of military specific talk shows during Military Appreciation Month. Feel free to call in each week and join in the conversation with us!

    Hosted by CSU College of Safety and Emergency Services

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    Food Security & Nation Building

    in Spirituality

    "There is no culture without Agriculture!" This week our guest speakers are community leaders who are currently providing solutions to meet the needs of our communities in the midst of a food desert. Having control and managing our food supply is very important. Food security is a vital aspect of our survival that we need to seriously address. Join us as we discuss tips and workable solutions to sustain and provide healthy food for our families and communities. WE ARE NATION BUILDING!!!  

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    in Prayer

         We can learn from DAVID'S displayed of discipline and focus in trusting GOD while under servere attack from the enemy. There is the strength of GOD'S goodness available to us under any circumstance. The stress of being under attack can produce in us a range of feelings. But there is a discipline of steadfast trust in the LORD that anchors the believer in CHRIST. Today, we see what it means to trust the LORD while standing in dificult places. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM MOn-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.   


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    The King Me Show: The American Dream: Buying A Home While Black in America

    in Radio

    Home ownership has been an important vehicle in creating a solid white middle class, but it has not done the same for most black homeowners, because blacks and whites buy homes in very different neighborhoods. Research shows that homes in majority black neighborhoods do not appreciate as much as homes in overwhelmingly white neighborhoods. This appreciation gap begins whenever a neighborhood is more than 10% black, and it increases right along with the percentage of black homeowners. Yet most blacks decide to live in majority minority neighborhoods, while most whites live in overwhelmingly white neighborhoods. Read article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesleadershipforum/2012/12/10/how-home-ownership-keeps-blacks-poorer-than-whites/

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    National security issues of the week with Barry Jacobsen

    in Politics

    GUEST:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger, will join us for a review of national security issues..........we will look at the Obama foreign policy......US-Iran nuclear deal and its impact on our Middle East allies.....the military expansion of China and what it means for future US-China relations.....US-Russia issues.....US-North Korea issues.....the battle against ISIS in Syria and Iraq......the war down in Yemen......finally, the perception that President Obama is weak and detached..........

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    Information Security, Risk, and The Road Ahead

    in Technology

    The discipline of IT security is changing rapidly. With new threats such as Heartbleed and FREAK being uncovered every day and new attacks such as Anthem and Sony constantly in the headlines, enterprises are being forced from their old perimeter-oriented thinking and into a new world of incident response and risk-based decision making. To defend the organization’s data, security professionals must think differently.

    Join security and risk expert John Pironti and Dark Reading Editor-in-Chief Tim Wilson on Wed., Apr. 15 for a live online discussion of this sea-changing shift in security strategy and the many ways it is affecting IT and business. Pironti and Wilson, who have spent the last few months talking with security thought leaders while building the Information Security and Risk track for the upcoming Interop Las Vegas conference Apr. 27-May 2, will outline some of the new thinking posed by some of the industry’s leading speakers and experts. Listeners will also get some advice on where they can go – and who to follow on social media – in order to learn more about the latest trends and shifts in risk and security.

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    A.U.A.T Radio Show! Liberty or Security? It's an American Question.

    in Education

    Join Michael and Ben once again to bring you the latest in  the fight against tyranny. Liberty or Security? Very interesting discussion, I hope you will join us. Right here on NWO TRUTH RADIO MASS MEDIA.

    NWOTRMASSMEDIA is a proud partner of The Coalition

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    Data Security for Small Businesses and Franchises

    in Technology

    This week we'll discuss data security with John Martin and the team from First Watch Technologies!

    John will share best practices in keeping your brand and business safe from data breaches and other technology threats.  Join us Wednesday at 8pm ET! 



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    in Prayer

         As a child, hearing the Biblical record about David the king of Israel and the ups and downs of his life fascinated me. I admired his heroic acts and was quite disappointed with his failures. But there is so much that we can learn from his experience and relationship with GOD. In David's life the times of testing werte also growth opportunities and he did. Observing David's life, we saw him grow because he looked to and receive help from the LORD. The LORD is there for you and I as well. Attacks are growth opportunities for us.

         Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.549.3963.