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    Data Security

    in Business

    On November 20 my guest will be Brian Rauer, Executive Director of the Mid-Hudson (NY) Better Business Bureau and General Counsel of the Better Business Bureau serving Metropolitan New York.  Earlier experience includes the Manhattan based law firm of Plunkett & Jaffe, P.C.   Mr. Rauer serves on the Westchester County Consumer Advisory Council and was formerly on the Administrative Law Judge/Hearing Officer roster for the Westchester County Human Rights Commission.  He previously served on the Board of Directors of the NY County Lawyers’ Assn. (NYCLA) and on the House of Delegates of the NY State Bar Association. He is a past Chair of the NYCLA Cyberspace Law Committee. He previously served on the Board of Directors of the Association for Conflict Resolution-Greater NY Chapter and the Board of Directors of the NY State Dispute Resolution Assn.  Mr. Rauer formerly hosted/presented a regular segment on a nationally syndicated radio show and has presented an extensive array of programs on hot topics of public interest, including privacy/security, ID theft prevention and ethical business practice.  He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Tulane Law School, receiving the Tulane Law Dean's Medal and selection for the Order of the Coif.  Mr. Rauer earned his B.S. degree, Summa Cum Laude, in Business Administration. 

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    Supply Chain Security

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    Our Supply Chain Expert Rob O’Byrne talks to Scott Taylor of Exact Security about Supply Chain Security issues. 


    Check out our website at http://www.logisticsbureau.com/ to get some tips on how Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting Services help you improve your service and your profits!


    Transcript: http://www.logisticsbureau.com/supply-chain-security/

    Book Store: https://www.supplychainsecretsbooks.com/series/


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    Homeland Security - Intelligence and Citizen Protection Guidelines

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    Brought to you by The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) www.tapsti.org, this 2-hour session will review the work of Mark Sauter and James Carafano and their excellent textbook entitled “Homeland Security” (2012, 2nd ed.). This seminar introduces the listener to Homeland Security intelligence processes, methods, structure, and resources. In this seminar we will discuss Intelligence Collection and what counterintelligence is and does. To truly appreciate the role intelligence management has in our society we discuss intelligence organizations, missions, activities, and how state and local law enforcement tie into this whole complicated array of intelligence gathering and management to keep us safe. The latter part of the discussion is based on the new Departmnet of the Army publication "Protection of Civilians ATP 3-07.6" (29 October 2015 Release) and a discussion of how this could be modified to apply, in large part, to professional policing operations here in the United States.

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    Endpoint Security Transformed

    in Technology

    Antivirus is officially dead as the main security defense for the endpoint:  a wave of startups and veteran security firms are moving away from signature-based protection to more proactive and adaptive detection and mitigation that better match the rapidly evolving and AV-evading threats of today. With the endpoint as typically the weakest link that attackers target, modern endpoint security technology is all about focusing on the client as both patient 0 and as a treasure trove of attack forensics intelligence.

    Join us for an in-depth discussion of why and how endpoint security is changing dramatically -- on the next episode of Dark Reading Radio, "Endpoint Security Transformed," Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 1:00 p.m. New York (10:00 a.m. San Francisco), hosted by Dark Reading Executive Editor Kelly Jackson Higgins. Our guests include Intel Security/McAfee’s Candace Worley, senior vice president and general manager of endpoint security. Register now and join us Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 1:00 p.m. ET.

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    Mission assurance and cyber security top topic at AFCEA Alamo Ace

    in Technology

    Each year, AFCEA sponsors a Conference that brings together senior military decision makers with top industry leaders to discuss the technology challenges facing the United Stated Armed Forces and how they can work together to overcome them.

    Chris Myers and Harry Cornwell of Juniper are two of the industry leaders on the show floor. Chris is a technical director at Juniper Networks, and Harry is a Senior Systems Engineer and Security Subject Matter Expert. They joined the Modern Network Radio to discuss the main topics of the show - which revolve around mission assurance and security - and the technologies the military should be looking at as they better prepare to fight future wars in cyber space.

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    Paris, Boko Haram & Security; Police Brutality and the Holiday's

    in Culture

    Ms. Baaba, Mikael and Sool brings you this weeks Week in Review with some serious topics. Police Brutality: Jamar Clark, Laquan McDonald; Paris Attacks; Boko Haram; Security/Privacy; the Holidays- Should we celebrate them? Listen, like and share!

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    National security stories of the week with Barry Jacobsen

    in Politics

    Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger, joins us for a look at the national security stories of the week..........the Benghazi hearings expose some of Secretary Clinton's management style.......the Russian military operations in the Middle East............the US rescues Iraqi soldiers from a POW camp..........we look back at the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.........the US and USSR over Cuba............and other stories from the week.....

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    Tackling the NFV Security Challenge

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    Tune in to The New IP's Radio Show for a discussion with Ray Watson, VP of technology, and Mike Stute, chief scientist, at Masergy, to get an inside look into how service providers and large enterprises can assure network security in a cloud-based NFV infrastructure. On the show, Watson and Stute will discuss how New IP software-based networks built on virtualized functions may introduce a host of potential new security vulnerabilities thanks to the separation of the software function from the physical hardware. They’ll also cover the importance of assembling and orchestrating all the right security components to provide VNFs and their underlying execution environments with the right level of security, and talk about how to ensure security is preserved in an NFV environment.  Finally, they will discuss why the “old ways” of perimeter-based security can be inadequate for today’s virtualized, programmable and mobile-enabled networks, and will also be available after the show to take your questions in a live, interactive chat.   


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    Security is a sweet thing when you control it. Insecurity will take you down a dark path.

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    Fixing IoT Security

    in Technology

    There are already 3.9 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the world today, and Gartner estimates that by 2020 there will be 25 billion of them -- inside our public infrastructure, our homes, our cars, even our bodies… and all full of vulnerabilities. Manufacturers of IoT devices are new to the business of writing code and unprepared for the brave new world they’re creating. Other than fault-finding from a distance, what can the information security industry do to solve the problem?  


    Learn more and join the conversation on the next episode of Dark Reading Radio, “Fixing IoT Security,” Wednesday, Sep. 23 at 1 p.m. E.T. (4 p.m. PT), hosted by senior editor Sara Peters.  

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    Terror in Paris and other national security stories of the week

    in Politics

    Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, blogger and military historian, joins us for a look at the terrorist attack in Paris and its consequences......will France and NATO force President Obama's hand?.......will Congress declare war on ISIS?.....can President Obama persuade the US public that we must fight to defeat ISIS?......how much can France do with its bombing raids?.......what military options do we have today?.......how much territory does ISIS hold today?.......and other national security stories.....

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