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    The Exchange - NBA Preview Part 1/World Series

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    The sneakers will start squeaking a little bit louder a week from now.

    On a special Wednesday edition of The Exchange, Sumit & Jason are joined by The Sports Fan Journal hoops columnist Esau Howard as they'll start the first of two NBA preview shows. On this edition, they'll discuss some off-court matters in relation to the Association; most notably the surprising decision by the owners to retain the controversial lottery system and if the panic of labor strife in 2017 is warranted or not.

    Also, to at least start the show, a few minutes on the ongoing World Series as the San Francisco Giants look to capture their third championship in the last five years at the expense of the flawed, but exciting Kansas City Royals.

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    The Next Wave Of Security Technology - Unified Threat Management

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    In today's world, business owners want complete protection and security offered to their physical premises, both inside and outside.  In the past, business owners would be required to purchase and deploy security technologies in "piecmeal".  Meaning, only type of security technology served only specific purpose in safeguarding the business.  Obviously, this "piecmeal" approach has proven to be not only very expensive for the small business owner to procure and maintain, but the technology also gets outdated very quickly.  Thus, the business owner is yet once again faced in deploying newer security technology using the "piecemeal" approach.  However, there is a new security solution out there-which is known as "Unified Threat Management" and can provide the business owner a snapshot of the entire security infrastructure of his or her business at a fraction of the cost of the legacy security technologies.  In this radio show, we interview Mr. Soren Frederiksen, VP of Development of iView Systems. 

    This company has come out with the "holistic" view to security for any sized business, which includes the following components:

    *Incident Reporting and Risk Management;

    *Visitor Management;

    *Identification Management;

    *Compliance and Reporting;

    *Responsible Gaming.

    Learn more about this and much more in this radio interview!

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    Episode 21: The Great Commission

    in Christianity

    Jesus' final command to His disciples also exemplifies the true nature of being one of His followers. So what is The Great Commission? Why is it important? And how does it apply to me today? Listen and find out...

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    Does Sony Corporation Have You Scared? Our Interview With Brian Pearce

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    Do the recent events at Sony Corporation have you startled and scared for your own business?  You are right in thinking that way.  Cyber threats and risks are very real these days, and they can happen at any time, without any notice.  No matter how much you, as a business owner try to stay ahead, the cyber hackers are always one step ahead.  How can one win this so called 'Cat and Mouse Game'?  Well, it could very well be possible with the network security solutions offered by Beyond Security.  Their current product line includes:

    1) Network Security Testing;

    2) Software Security Testing;

    3) Web Application Security Scanning.

    We interview Mr. Brian Pearson, the CMO and COO of Beyond Security.  Also, we get his insight into the Sony Corporation debacle.


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    The Exchange - Can We Drop the Puck Yet?

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    Rosters have been set, new lines have been formed, goalie helmets have been fully detailed and new captains have been named.

    Another NHL season is upon us and starting Wednesday night, the season-long marathon to dethone the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings begins. Sumit and Jason host the NHL preview edition of The Exchange with plenty on the docket from both on and off the ice.

    They are joined by Florida Panthers' scribe for Along the Boards Jack Powell and an old friend of The Exchange in hockey/soccer columnist Dillon Friday from The Sports Fan Journal. From the new on-ice rules to the somewhat usual players and teams of intrigue to a look at where the NHL stands in the sporting landscape after another scintillating postseason, the guys will talk about it all.

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    The Exchange - The NFL's Clusteryouknowwhat

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    There has never been a time like this in the history of big-time American sports. Never.


    Sumit and Jason bring you another Wednesday edition of The Exchange, where they attempt to comprehend the absolute disaster that is the NFL's handling of Ray Rice after its initial and controversial two-game suspension. With new details emerging day since the infamous video of Rice striking of his now-wife, there are as many questions as there are angry fans. They'll bring up a few, including questions of the future of commissioner Roger Goodell, the short and long-term impact for the league and most importantly, where sports leagues go from here in regards to such a serious issue.


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    No security in job security, Own your Own!

    in Women

     Are you sitting on the fence about starting your own business? Can't seem to take that first step! Tune in Thursday December 18th at 6:00pm (EST) and be inspired by Tiki Bennett; she says working a job is okay but it won’t take care of your family in the future.  Owning your own is the KEY to breaking the cycle of passing debt down to your family. Tiki will share tip on how to prioritize your time for success. After working in the IT field in Project Management for over 20 years, she was laid off in 2011 and was out of work for 18 months, that time out of work helped her realize that there is no security in job security. Today she is a full time employee, full time student, and working a business from home with one of the leading health and wellness companies in the world but her main goal and focus is walk away from her job 2015 after working her business for only 2 years. 

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    The Exchange - It's Not Easy Being Striped

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    It may seem like a broken record, but week after week, season after season, the early season reviews of NFL officiating have been damning. This one is no different.


    On The Exchange, Sumit and Jason delve into the way NFL games have been called by the referees, line judges and others over the season's first three weeks. They will also spend some time revisiting the continuing controversies surrounding Roger Goodell, the league office, the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings.


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    The Exchange - The Withdrawl Ends

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    As of tomorrow night when the Green Bay Packers visit the home of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, withdrawl from America's heroin officially ends. A week after the nationwide return of the collegiate game, the pros return to the gridiron to bring the NFL back to our sporting conscious.


    On a special Wednesday edition of The Exchange, Sumit and Jason will provide a season preview as sorts; which has always differed from the norm since 2011. They'll start with a long overdue discussion on some of the recent headlines related to the personal conduct policy and the new domestic violence policy set by the league. Outside of on-field action, there may not be a more discussed and dissected topic at the start of the season (save for an unexpected strong start by a team with a controversial name).


    They'll spend the second frame with quick glances into each division, including individual expectations on where the teams will end up at season's end.


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  • SEO & Security are finally getting along.

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    Today Dave and Ryan are talking about the  new harmonious relationship between SEO and Security. Google announces HTTPS as a ranking signal and we talk about what it means for your ranking in 2015. 

    In short Google is saying you should have an SSL or secure socket layer on your site, and it will help give you an SEO boost, that is great because it gives you a security boost as well.

    Too many times Security (the proverbial "redheaded step child") gets ignored due to the inconvenience of it. Finally getting some love from Google, I feel Special! :)

    Need an SSL Cert, you can get one here.



    Starting in 2015, users of Google’s Chrome browser who visit an HTTP site will receive an alert that the site may not be fully secure. Initial alerts will simply mark a non-HTTPS site as having ‘Dubious” security but at a future date, Chrome will start labeling such sites as ‘Non-secure." - See more at: http://www.eweek.com/cloud/google-chrome-browser-to-warn-users-of-sites-that-dont-use-https.html#sthash.avEEWpUE.dpuf

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