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    HUM 389  - Privacy Blog

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    Discussion on Privacy as it pertains to Social Media

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    Facebook Security and Privacy For Those Who Want to Be in the Know--That Means You

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    Periodically, posts are shared virally about the privacy policy of Facebook or what people can and cannot see about your posts.  Often they are started by people or organization that want to cause fear so people leave Facebook and go to other social media or so the initial poster can increase their own views and gather personal information.  For the most part, you control what others see and don't see as well as what you see and don't see.  If you would like to have the most up-to-date information or have questions about what informaton is accurate and which is not, listen to Purpose Talk Radio on Monday, Jan. 12, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. UK. On the show, Facebook coach/consultant and PTR host Cindy Freeman will share the knowledge that she has gathered over the years on the social media platform.  These are things that, if you use them, you will not need to worry about your privacy or security.  You are welcome to join us on the air to share your experiences.

    For more of our guest's background, visit Purpose Talk Radio.

    Each Monday at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST/8 pm UK, our host, Cindy Freeman, and her guests bring insights and ideas to help you grow in your Soul path. Cindy's guests are from a variety of professionn, are experts on living their life with a purpose and are willing to share with listeners how they got there and how others might benefit from their experience. Join Cindy on Mondays live or archived to explore this area. Check out more information at Purpose Talk Radio and join the conversations on Facebook at Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.

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    Security and Privacy

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    "We're talking about encryption. We're talking about dropping programs that are hostile to privacy. Get rid of Dropbox, Facebook and Google have improved their security, they remain “dangerous services” that people should avoidit doesn't support encryption, it doesn't protect your private files. And use competitors like SpiderOak, that do the same exact service but they protect the content of what you're sharing." Ed Snowden


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    DLIGU: Privacy and Security: Can We Have Them Again?

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    Show discussing news, politics and culture from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Hosted by Amy Peikoff

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    Current Events - Privacy and Security

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    Current Events - Privacy and Security

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    Exvadio - Privacy vs Security

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    Are we giving up too much privacy for the sake of security? How much privacy do we really have? Join host Eric Lopkin to find out what you can do the keep some of your privacy.

  • The Friday FARcast: Reclaiming Your Privacy (And Sovereignty) With the Librem

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    Ever since Edward Snowden exposed what many people suspected with the NSA and it's unchecked and blatant look into our personal lives, collecting data for "security reasons" people around the world have been looking for more secure and private ways of sharing data and info with one another.  Instead of finding a network or a partner in the business of encyrption, why not build a computer that would assist in the process of keeping the user private?  Enter Todd Weaver, founder and CEO of Purism. 

    Todd has been a free software advocate since 1994 and has been a successful entrepreneur with a deep background in open source technology including creating significant innovations in internet video delivery that enabled the first online cable TV company.

    The Librem is the first laptop designed to protect your freedom, privacy and security.

    Please join me as we find out more about this important development in person computing and the man behind it.

    Todd and Purism are also in the final stages of crowdfunding for the Librem.  Please join in and co-create a historical moment with Todd and Librem.



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    An Overview of Privacy Protection with Janine Darling

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    On today's episode of Getting Social with Miriam, the topic that will be covered is privacy protection and how to keep your data private and secure. I will be interviewing Janine Darling, the CEO of Stash America, which is a data security firm. We will talk about the truth about idenity theft and how you can keep your information, and the information of your friends and family secure. Go to http://www.stashdaddy.com to find out more. 

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    Give Me My Privacy!

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    What amount of privacy should there be in our relationships? We're talking parent-child relationships all the way to dating and marriage. There are those who don't believe in privacy and those who think it's a must. Tonight we will discuss the idea of privacy from diaries all the way down to passwords. Tune in to listen and even share your thoughts with Dr. And Lady Newells tonight on Relationship Central!

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    Cyber Security and Privacyon Tech Preps

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    Cyber Security and Privacy!
    Host: DirtyLew & Highlander "Tech Prep"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Saturday 10:00pm/Est 9:00pm/Ct 8:00pm/Mt 7:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    In this week’s episode of Tech Preps, Dirty Lew and Highlander will be going over the topic of “Cyber Security and Privacy.”  As you may have seen or heard in different media outlets, different governmental or commercial agencies continuously getting hacked or their networks breached.  We will be going over different instances of these situations and ways to prevent this from occurring.

    There are many instances where this happens in the home front as well with people clicking on things without knowing their true intentions.  Some examples of these are those “viral videos” that you see on social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

    Read More→ HERE!

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