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    SECURE America With USCF & 1%Watchdog's Asymmetrical Crowd Defense & Intel Grid!

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    SECURE America With USCF & 1%Watchdog's Asymmetrical Crowd Defense & Intel Grid!

    Learn about the United States Civilian Forces and all 7 core components of their Civilian Defense Grid designed to protect the people, property and principles of the United States out in Geeo-Cyber-Space from acts of tyranny by state and non-state actors, foreign and domestic!

    1) USCF Watch Team - on Zello App

    2) USCF Civil Defense Radar - at USCFHQ.blogspot.com

    3) USCF Daily Intel Briefs, Reports and Data

    4) USCF Policy Disccussion Group - on Zello App

    5) USCF Supply Team - on Zello App

    6) USCF Action Team - on Zello App

    7) USCF Civil Defense Updates - Here on blogtalkradio.com!


    Call in with questions during the show LIVE!


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    I have heard from so many who have obviously never been humbled by the hearing of HIS voice, some very arrogant arguments against the Most High in my time.  As it is commanded, with the knowledge of YAH granted me from HIM, I stand in the defense of the honor due unto YAH!

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    The Changing Role of the Legal Secretary with Jennifer Hill

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    Jennifer Hill began recruiting in 2003 and has recruited for top-tier law firms and corporations throughout California. Since 2008, she has been interviewed on both American radio stations and the BBC, as well as appearing on FOX, NBC, ABC and various other television shows as an expert in the field of recruiting and job hunting. Additionally, she has been a featured speaker for groups such as the Los Angeles Paralegal Association, Legal Secretaries Incorporated and the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of ALA and has been invited to speak at law firms such as Sidley Austin, Katten Muchin and Paul Hastings.

    Register for ALA's Human Resources Conference for Legal Professionals at www.alanet.org/hr. 

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    CRLive 1/13: Obama Seeks UN Secretary General, Prophecies Fall Into Place

    in Politics Conservative

    7 pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

    End Times Report: Obama Wants To Become UN Secretary General
    Netanyahu leading effort to thwart Obama bid for U.N. chief
    Prophecies and Anti-Christ Globalists: 2015 and 2016 Finds Significant Prophecies Falling into Place
    Trump's Wide Appeal Comes as Terrifying News for Political Elites, Invading Muslims, and Obama
    Is Barack Obama America's First Islamic President? The Stubborn Facts
    Hillary Clinton Email Discusses US State Department Plot to Incite Palestinian Unrest Against Israel
    Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb threatens to attack Rome, Naples and Madrid
    The Allah Of The Quran And The God Of Bible Are Not The Same
    Rick Warren: Christians and Muslims Serve the Same God ...
    North Atlantic Shipping Apocalypse Debunked: Major East Coast Ports All Operating Normally
    Islamic Invasion Europe 2016: At Least 10 Million New Refugees Expected with More On the Way
    Big Gov Showdown: States Move To Take Back Federal Land From Feds


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    THE TRUMP HANDICAP Why a Trump nomination casts a 5-25% handicap on all GOP

    in Politics

    In the last debate we saw what a debate looks like minus crying, screaming, pounding tantrums.  Tantrums are difficult to listen to for prolonged periods.  And, the American voters are reaching their limit.

    When we take a breath and see the whole picture we have to ask, “What do the pre-school antics of an adult do to the overall country?”  Answer:  The Trump Effect.

    Assuming a Trump nomination, the GOP will experience a heavy handicap in races all over the country.  And to us a little seasonal football talk, “The red jerseys are going to have a huge point spread to try to cover if the party plans on winning it’s Capitol Hill parlay card.”

    Trump and Trump’s copycat-crimes have spoken their truth with relatively little backlash from a nationwide electorate.  More importantly, these comments, philosophies and promises have not faced the full force and effect of a very capable Democrat National Committee’s attack ad campaign.  This is deliberate, not accicential.  This is strategic.

    Make no mistake, the DNC is praying, lighting candles, crossing their fingers, tossing coins in fountains…possibly sacrificing chickens if there was a chance that would help to keep the GOP primary going as it is.

    When the general election campaigns begin we will see an American backlash emerge from the political centrist majority, from non-extremist Republicans, and obviously all Democrats.  This spells big problems for all GOP congressional and senatorial candidates as well as down ballot races.  This will happen organically as well as with the rabid encouragement of the DNC.

    Ultimately, a Trump (or Trump-esque) candidate will fuel a mammoth “anti-R” sentiment that will be a strenuous hill to climb for all Republicans.

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    Psychic Self Defense & Guided Meditation!

    in Spirituality

    Armor up, Shields up, there's a Way you can Do this! Feeling too influenced by your environment? Picking up Negativity and Winding up with Some of your Own? Maybe we can HeLp! Tune in tonight and possibly get your own Psycho-Spiritual Upgrade on!

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    Psychic Self Defense

    in Spirituality

    Greetings everyone! tonight we will be discussing different techniques to protect yourself as empath, or psychic. Even if you don't believe you are psychic we all can attest to one point or another feeling the vibration, or impressionable energy of another person. perhasp you have that one friend that makes you feel "drained" or you become anxious when in a crowded spaces. We will talk about psychic vamprism, and ways you yourself can avoid those type of people in your life. This is our intermission show as we move into our final suit of the minor Arcana the Wands, which will continue next week.

    Follow us on Twitter TripleChaliceTarot and send us a hello.

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    DARC Enlightenment Series: Reasoning with Prophet Greg, Gen. Secretary of Rastafari Millennium Counc

    in Culture


    Dial In: 302-202-1110 
    Conference Code: 993851 
    ROLL CALL: 10:30pm ET 
    PROMPT START: 10:45pm ET

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    E30 01.29.16 -- Obama to Seek UN Secretary Generalship

    in Current Events

    Mediafighter E30 morning broadcast, a researcher and truth seekers broadcast... every morning I will take you on a whirlwind tour of news, current events and other important information to 

    gear you up for spiritual battle...

    CALLING ALL RESEARCHERS! I am looking for guests and co-hosts who are adepts in the area of knowledge and understanding in regards to some of the issues we get into on the broadcast. If this is you and you're up to the challenge and want to be part of the team here, contact me at... countitjoy5@yahoo.com


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    Stephen Wright, Attorney Talks About Rescission and Foreclosure Defense

    in Finance

    Steve Wright and Neil Garfield will be discussing and allowing time for questions in a 45 minute broadcast. The topics are Rescission, the time limits for sending, recording the rescission, the time limits and the rules restricting the right of so-called lenders or creditors from filing anything that challenges the effect of the rescission, Standing, Drilling down on Standing and driving down beyond standing, Judicial notice of the Trust instrument, and the difference between the strategy of trying to enforce the PSA, which most courts are saying you can’t do, vs the strategy of attacking whether the REMIC Trust ever purchased the loan and therefore whether the alleged trustee or servicer has any relationship to the loan. If the loan doesn’t own the debt then the Trustee and Servicer are just padding. 

    Stephen P. Wright

     Wright Law Firm

     324 Elm Street

     Suite 103B

     Monroe, CT 06488

     203-261-3050 (O)

     203-218-6395 (C)


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    Oscar nomination analysis

    in Movies

    Movie Boobs Rob Laird and Paul Schmidt will take a deep look at the announcement of the Oscar nominees, and make predictions for the winners. The lack of diversity among the nominees will be a big topic of discussion, as the Academy repeated last year's "white out" when an even less diverse list of nominees this year.
    Also in this episode, the hosts will give their estimates for Ride Along 2's opening weekend. Will it hit the rare January $40-million mark?