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    Conspiracy Files

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    With Host Vernon C. Hale
    This show was pre-recorded.
    What is Going On:  Gen. John Allen is under investigation, Gen Carter Ham Arrested, Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette Fired,
    U.S. military planning to overthrow Barack Obama,
    Petraeus resigns CIA, citing affair; FBI investigating,
    Senators Again Urge Obama to Answer Key Questions about Benghazi Attack,
    Texas Judge: Obama Reelection Could Lead To 'Civil War,' I'm Ready To 'Take Up Arms',
    14 US Governors Prepare State Militia Defenses, To Be Ready Against Obamas Rogue Federal Forces, 
    Share Your Voice Today While You Canost Vernon C. Hale Jr.

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    The Firehawk Report: Defense Against the Police State!

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    The Police Staate is all around us, everyday, no matter where we are. Do we ignore it? Do we opt out or declare our Sovereignty? Or, do we fight it face to face when confronted by it? If we fight, how do we know when, where, under what circumstances? These, and many other questions are the hot topic of tonight's program. We'll even talk about what to do if the intruders at your door aren't cops...but home invaders. We'll talk about hardening your home and the most effective alarm you can have. It's time to prepare, America. The Police State (and other illegal intruders) are coming at you and you better be prepared! Join us tonight, and every Monday, at 8:00 PM ET for the Firehawk Repoet from New Colony Media on Blog Talk Radio

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    The Preppers Poitin Hour!

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    The Preppers Poitin Hour! Mondays *9:00pm/Est *8:00pm/Ct *7:00pm/Mt *6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/
    “The Prepper’s Poitin Hour”, join your host Chris as he talks about thie seemingly growing seccession movement in the nation, especially post election.  Sit down and have a drink and join the discussion of the possible ramifications of such drastic actions!  Slainte!

    Tags: Prepper Poitin Hour, Prepare, Disaster, Self-Reliance, Independence

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    dont tread on this patriot

    in Politics Conservative

    Conservative principles, traditional values, sovereignty , individual rights , defending the southron traditions and mid west traditions of the true make up of america,  fully endorsing the southron language and dialects, right to privacy whats left of it (north its gone , south still lots life to it:) constitutionally conscious mav style :) articles of confederation are valid and still in play :) fully endorse american indian tribal languages and ways of life, mid west heritage and southron heritage , the right to retain and fly the flag ( the one the govt is trying to erradicate ) while they are doing that they are imposing far worse tactics upon the american peoples both north and south. However the south understood this early on and has been almost completely occupied ( so for the people in the north think they are occupied by whatever businessses ( which they themselves chose that by allowing them to ruin small businesses and farms and institution STATE run institutions) That is their privilege. govt gives privileges , god and natural law give rights .  Choice between Raw Milk  ( right ) or take the govts posion milk ( privilege) ... So next time you say "Got Milk?" Think about what the rights and privileges offer. Dixie at least understands govt intent , but we know gods intent .. Halito~ Topics- mav will weave humbly :) into interesting flags and how maryland was actually a real rebel state until it got occupied by sneak attacks and deceitfulness, A flag of seccession really cool there are actually many confederate flags ( dangin north history continues to be full of outright snaggin lyin , swanny to it ! And other random topics including its still american indian heritage month ( indians have the coolest flags and sure dang do carry the confederate one (s) .. How many did one state in the mid west have at one point?? Lots :) Images have the map of sovereignty states... Right to work states, this good ole boy rides cowboy up

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    The Libertarian Platform for Texas - Interview with Kathie Glass, Candidate for Texas Governor

    in Politics Conservative

    The Dueling Patriots will be Interviewing the Libertarian Candidate for Governor Kathie Glass. We will be talking about the Libertarian Platform on such issues as Immigration, Gay Rights, Education, the Federal Healthcare bill and how it will effect Texas. We will be talking about Nullification vs. Seccession and 10th Amendment Rights. Callers will have the chance to call in and ask questions of Kathie Glass, Libertarian Candidate for Governor. We will also be talking about why its better to vote Libertarian.

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    A Marines Disquistion

    in Politics Conservative

    Dennis Steel Vermont Seccession movement joins Drew to discuss Conservative Politics standing for We The People to Awaken, Embrace Founding Father's Principles, and the SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY of the Citizens of Vermont, also discussions of the Limitation of Power of the United States Constitution, Protections of Bill of Rights - Information is POWER UNITE - Call the Show

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