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    UJR Presents: Wildlife Warrior Women & Seaway Serpentarium

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    Join Danny & his wingman for another ground breaking episode when we present Raabia Haawia "Bush Babe" and Wildlife Warrior.  Raabia tells us what it's like to take down poachers and look damn good doing it!  Then later we'll try to break down the debacle at Seaway Serpentarium in Canada which could likely be the country's biggest ongoing animal abuse case.  Don't miss this one and if you do make sure you catch us on the podcast and download us from itunes.  The whole UJR catalog is Free!


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    SDG 177 Route 777

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    Matthew 7:13-14

    Highways have been a way of life for man for millennia.  Paul was struck down on the road to Damascus and even today when you visit Rome you can still walk on one of the roads that the apostles walked on. It’s called The Appian Way and was built by the Romans

    And that's what we're going to talk about today, one very special road, that I called Route 777.

    Now there are all kinds of roads in the world today. Some are very good roads, some are very bad roads and some are even dangerous roads, because some people on our highways that have more horsepower than horse sense. Today that Appian Way built by the Romans and traveled upon by Peter and Paul is still in better condition than some modern roads only built a decade or two ago. And that’s because The Romans laid a deep foundation, now there’s a lesson for us.

    Now there are many historic roads in the world today. Where I live near Pittsburgh we have Route 30 also known as The Lincoln Highway built by General Braddock to connect the east coast with Fort Pitt at the point of the Three Rivers in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. And Terri and I love to travel the Route 5 along Lake Erie also known as the Great Lakes Seaway Trial.

    And there’s one very short but important road, called The Via Dolarosa, or the way of sorrows that our Lord took as He went from the judgment hall to Cavalry. And that’s what inspired young Lindsay who led us in worship at Sozos last week.  So remember to check out the pictures of us raising our white flags and lifting up the crosses with Lindsay.

    But the road we'll look at today is the Holy Highway. The straight and narrow, the old S & N.

    And stay tuned as we learn three eternal truths from Jesus contained in these two verses: There is a decision to face, a direction to follow and a destiny to find.


  • Bishop Michael R. Taylor of New Deliverance Pentecostal Church

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    Our Guest speaker will be Bishop Michael Taylor of  New Deliverance Penecostal Church. Bishop Taylor will be interviewed by The Pastors Professional Broadcast. Tune in for a great podcast.

    Michael was educated in the Detroit Public School system and graduated from Cass Technical High School in June 1973. After graduation Michael was employed as a civilian personal with the United States Army Corps of Engineers where he served under the designation as a "Hydro Engineering Field Technician" which took him throughout various parts of the country from the St. Lawrence Seaway down throughout the Mississippi River Delta and the Great Lakes Regions.

    It was in the United Temple Church of Truth that Michael took an interest in expressing his anointing by singing in the music ministry as a member of the Young Ambassadors Youth Choir under the leadership and direction of Sister Marjorie Watson. Later while serving in the church, Michael was anointed by The Holy Spirit to serve as "The Minister of Music" for The United Temple Church of Truth Inspirational Choir.

    In September 1982 pursuant to a "revelation" of God to his spirit, Reverend Michael R. Taylor along with four faithful saints organized and founded what would be hailed and known as the: New Delivernance Church Of Truth.

    On March 8, 2008 Pastor Michael R. Taylor was "consecrated" into The Office of Bishop in God's Holy Universal Church and installed as The Presiding Prelate/Chief Apostle of the Pentecostal Churches Of Truth Fellowship International serving as the covering for many Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, Spiritual Teachers, Christian Churches and Ministries throughout the United States of America and the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Lilongwe, and many of the various regions throughout the continent of Africa.

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    Seaway Pipeline a Texas Style Disaster

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    It snakes through North Texas, buried or in the process of being buried,

    drawing little attention for anyone other than the people who live and work

    near it.“People should be concerned about this …,” said Rita Beving, a

    member of the watchdog group, Public Citizen, and an opponent of the new

    Seaway pipeline being placed in parts of North Texas.he Seaway is 500 miles

    long, running from Cushing, Okla., to the Texas Gulf Coast..CBS DFW 11

    Surveillance and online privacy look to be one of the biggest topics of

    conversation at the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival.On Monday, March 10 at

    11:00 am, join us for a conversation between Edward Snowden and

    Christopher Soghoian, the principal technologist of the American Civil

    Liberties Union. The conversation will be focused on the impact of the NSA's

    spying efforts on the technology community, and the ways in which

    technology can help to protect us from mass



    Vigilancia y privacidad en línea parecen ser uno de los mayores temas deconversación en el 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival.On Lunes, 10 de marzo a las11:00 horas, únase a nosotros para una conversación entre Edward y Snowden Christopher Soghoian , el técnico principal de la American Civil Liberties Union . La conversación se centró en el impacto de la NSA esfuerzos de espionaje en la comunidad de la tecnología , y las formas en quela tecnología puede ayudar a protegernos de la masa surveillance.http :/ / sxsw.com/interactive/news/2014/monday-march-10-edward- snowden -speak - sxsw -interactive - videoconferencia

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    Return of Seaway Radio TEST

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    Tinkering with the new board and system!

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    Jose Vargas illegal alien scandal--The Pulitizer Prize controversy--
    --Audio Interview--Former south American military cadet exposes MS-13 Terroists now involved in this illegal migration of children
    UPDATE--TWA Flight 800 Controversy
    A Government Cover-up Lives - 18 Years Later Jack Cashill | WND.com | July 17, 2014
    7-18-Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)
    St. Lawrence Seaway Agreement --US-Canada--Audio Archive interview(exclusive)American Engineer General Philip Berrigan
    AIDS contaminated Blood Issue--San Francisco gay politicians want waiver'
    San Francisco voters oppose Bicycle politicians and propagandists non accountability

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    Unknown Paranormal Radio: Leitreanna Brown

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    Join Kevin, Jeff and Martin as they discuss topics of paranormal, spiritual, and the unknown and unexplained.  This week, our guest is Leitreanna Brown.  She is the daughter of the late Terry Allen of the Ross Allen Serpentarium and Judy Terry, filmed her first television commercial for Romper Room at the age of 4 years old. She traveled with her father and many other famous celebrities which included the likes of Rick Flair, Elvis Pressley, Crystal Gayle, The Bee Gees, and many, many others. Leitreanna often investigated paranormal areas with her father and some of these famous stars.  Leitreanna is a registered Analytical Problem Solving Trainer, A Reiki Master, a Medical Qi Gong attunement 3, she is working towards her parapsychology degree (nearly half way), she does crystal work, has studied chakra orientation, Native American Folklore and energy work, she and her husband are Founder and Co Founder of Paranormal Research Organization of the Southeast (The PROS) and Family Spirit and are Hosts of Family Spirit the hit show on BTVN where she is also the Co-Producer of BTVN. BTVN is an advisor to A HAUNTING and the CEO of BTVN is Dr. Kevin De. Maria.  Join us LIVE!

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    Women's View Radio: Hannah Reed

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    The gals chat with Hannah Reed on today's show!

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    JULY 18th Historical births -deaths & EVENTS relevant to US(a)
    Are the Russians learning about the politicization of American non profit organizations
    EASY PICKINGS--excerpt from book--How some ethnics  use White Guilt to intimidate donors involved in non profit organizations
    Sandusky Case--Would he have immunity in San Francisco where pedophiles are openly employed in the public sector
    BICYCLES--UNTAPPED REVENUE SOURCE FOR LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS- Part 2 Some of things American taxpayers don't know about the Bicycle political agenda
    Significant History-Mexican President-Benito Juarez--great uncle of  Raul Almacen  lawyer- whistleblower HUD scandals in San Francisco
    St Lawrence Seaway Treaty between US -Canada--San Francisco connection--audio interview  General Philip Berrigan--Army Corps of Engineer responsible for constructing the US side of the St. Lawrence Seaway

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    ROYNATION Episode #25 MUSICAL!

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    (NOTE - KiDS on TV interview moved to ROYNATION Episode #26)
    MAGGIE MACDONALD will be talking about Paper Laced with Gold, a new musical about two lost characters.. MAGGIE is writer and  co-director.
    Ghosts from the Seaway Valley and Superior's shores mingle in a truck stop, listening to the radio. One night a young man with criminal ambitions interrupts their reverie, when he steals a car, gets caught, and sings for mercy. "Let's Blame this on Wawa."

    KIDS ON TV  JOHN CAFFERY talks about upcoming gig at Harbourfront - PANTHEON - KIDS ON TV. The works liberate and create positive space, and do so by referencing queer history, struggle and culture through music, dance, film, performance and politics
    Check out HATCH -

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    UJR Presents:A Tribute to Bill Haast & Reptile Men of Genius

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    Join Urban Jungles Radio as we pay tribute to one of the greatest Herpetological & Medical Pioneers of our time Bill Haast.  Mr Haast passed away last week but his legacy will live on forever and we want to celebrate him on UJR!  Listen as Brian Barczyk, Jim Harrison, Ray Hunter, Joe Wasilewski, Dr. Bryan Greig Fry and more pay tribute to an amazing man...William Haast of the Miami Serpentarium.
    Later in the show we'll tell you about a judge's ruling on the Seaway Serpentarium custody battle which is now taking on epic proportions and leaving some very rare animals high & Dry.  Before we're done we'll hear 3 new installments of "Reptile Men of Genius" and so much more.  Join us every Friday night (more or less) at 10pm on UrbanJunglesRadio.com!

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