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    .5% With CJ and a co host

    in Lifestyle

    PTSD, what is it.  We are going to talk about what it is and what it does.  Not all people who have it are Vets but, vets may know a little more about how to deal with it.  I say that because of the treatment we get compared to others that are not vets.  I want to talk about my experiances with it for the past soon to be 10 years, 8 of it not knowing or accepting it.  Some treatments that I know of and had and some that others have had.  We can talk about the highs and lows of it.  How to help it and how family and friends help it.  If it was not for some of the guys here helping me i would be done.  How we hide it and how to look for it in others to help them.  I really want this to be a good show for everyone.  Call in with info or experiance please, or if you just need to.  

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    Honestly Alice Season 1 Episode 5: Dream Chasers

    in Entertainment

    In this episode, Alice talks about the point all the various things that occur when you are chasing your dream.  From the failure that will come, the tears that will be cried, to the amount of No's that you will hear.   Alice just keeps it real and tells it as it is.  Listen to her and see whether you agree with her or not.

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    .5% with CJ, Joel, and Zach

    in Lifestyle

    We will have Zach talking about some great stuff about transitioning and his experiences.  He is a president of a Veterans group at his college and does laison work with the community.  School is good, mkay! And he will tell you why and he aint bullshitting!  I am going to con some of my history buffs and legends to get on with us to talk about some prior service greats.  If I can get some good Solid research down and time permits we can talk about Vets contibtions to our current society.  I am looking for some great call ins guys and gals.  Go to the main page and click follow so you can see when we set up other shows.  

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    .5% With CJ and a co host

    in Lifestyle

    This show is for all to listen to, please feel free to share.  We do weekly shows for our group but since we are asking for outside help I am going to do a show to describe why we are asking for help.  To my friends and family from my Facebook page, Thank you.  I will say you may know a little more about me then you may want to know.  I encourage you to call in during the time for the show.  I will repost the link a few times so you can click on it and listen.  If you miss the show you can go back and listen after it is archived.  Thanks again.  

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    .5% With CJ and Andrew

    in Lifestyle

    Friday we will be talking about the event in June that Andrew is working on.  It will be a great thing.  Andrew already has things lined up more and more.  He wil describe it more in detail on the show.  Had a couple guys want to talk about Oregon so we have some stuff pulled up to speak about.  More callers and listeners will make this better and better.  

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    Your15Minutes Radio - Season 5- Special Guest Tracy Sanders

    in Goals

    Join us for a remarkable Season 5 of Your15Minutes Radio Network.  Tonight we will have the pleasure of speaking with Tracy Sanders founder of La Vita Linx.  Join the conversation @your15minradio.

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    Your15Minutes Radio - Season 5- Daymond John - The Power of Broke Tour

    in Goals

    Join us for a remarkable Season 5 on Your15Minutes Radio Network as we bring you the best and the brightest entrepreneurs across the country. Join the conversation @your15minradio - Like us on Facebook -YOUR15MINUTESRADIO Check out our upcoming guests at www.your15minutesradio.com

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    Your15Minutes Radio - Season 5- Special Guest Ed Gordon

    in Goals

    Join us for a remarkable season 5 as we welcome special guest Award Winning Broadcast Journalist Ed Gordon to Your15Minutes Radio Network.  Follow the conversation on Twitter @your15minradio

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    Season 2 Week 5 Madden 16, The Best Is Yet To Come In MyEcon"

    in Sports

    As the myecon season progresses, many teams begin to show their dominance, while other teams are trying to find their identity. The 4x champ Rams looks good as always, and looks on course to get back to the big show, while some teams are like hold tight Panthers, Falcons, Bucs, Vikings,  just to name a short few, but there is a list of teams who are dangerous, including the Giants, Eagles, Skins, Cowboys, and the Packers, but don't sleep on the other teams in the NFC. In the AFC its up for grabs, the Broncos may be the defending AFC West champ, but heavy competition is coming his way just inside the division, not to mention the Jets, Pats, Phins, Steelers, Titans, Jags, Texans, and those new looked Bengals who's coach is very confident, and don't forget the other teams who have a good chance as well. Get ready, pop your popcorn, and bundle up, because its going to be an awesome ride.

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    GSU PantherZone (1-5-15) "Season Wrap Up"

    in Football

    Jeremy "The Impact" York reviews the Georgia State Panthers last two games of the season (win @ Georgia Southern, loss vs San Jose State in Orlando at Cure Bowl), talks about the overall season and brings up the elephant in the room! Join him in the GSU PantherZone, presented by Impact Media!

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    5 Weird Ways to Spend Less This Holiday Season

    in Finance

    We asked and you responded! We'll share our listeners' best tips and hacks for managing money. We're also going to cover 5 bizarre (but scientifically proven!) ways to spend less when you're shopping over the Holidays—or whenever.