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    Seth And Sean Sports

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    Seth And Sean Are back with another show

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    Bert Martinez joined by Dr. Bertice Berry, David Shenk, Sean Hyman, Karen Davis

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    Dr. Bertice Berry best-selling author and award winning lecturer has been named Comedian of The Year, Lecturer of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. She has published 11 best-selling books in both fiction and non-fiction and has won numerous awards and accolades for both her writing and presentations. Berry has had her own nationally syndicated television show and has hosted, interviewed and made numerous television, documentary and radio appearances on a variety of diverse venues including The Tonight Show, Oprah Winfrey

    David Shenk award-winning and national-bestselling author of six books, including The Forgetting, Data Smog and The Immortal Game. He is a popular lecturer, a short-film director/producer, and a contributor to National Geographic, Slate, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Gourmet, Harper's, Spy, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and NPR. His most recent book, The Genius in All of Us: New Insights Into Genetics, Talent, and IQ was welcomed as "a deeply interesting and important book" by the New York Times

    Sean Hyman has an extensive background in the financial markets, having spent more than 20 years in the investing trenches. Over that time, he’s been a stockbroker at Charles Schwab, a trading course instructor for foreign exchange market maker Forex Capital Markets, a financial writer for numerous outlets, and a key speaker at conferences both nationally and internationally

    Karen Davis psychotherapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy and maintains a private practice in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  With almost 20 years experience as a psychotherapist, she is currently serving as private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. Among her areas of expertise are anxiety, depression, weight loss, self-esteem and addiction

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    Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Sean Patrick McGraw

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    Call it Irish grit. “If you grew up where I grew up,” McGraw recalls, “you were automatically hyphenated either Irish, Polish, or Italian, and your dad worked in the mill, that was a given.” Hailing from a small steel industry town about 50 miles outside of Buffalo, New York, McGraw was raised on Hee-Haw (“We loved Conway Twitty, or at least his haircut”) and rough games of hockey and football. Small for his age and showing little athletic promise, he gravitated towards music, and good thing: “If I’d have stuck with the sports I liked any longer I might have ended up getting my head taken off. We never wore pads, let alone helmets.” Instead, McGraw grew out his hair, picked up a cheap Japanese guitar, and at 13 started a rock band with friends, playing in bars a couple of nights a week—with a note from his mother in hand, in case the cops asked any questions.

    As soon as he finished high school, McGraw hightailed it to Los Angeles with rock star dreams and a country sensibility. Wearing out records by Dwight Yoakam and Steve Earle, and “digging through stacks of junk at the Pasadena flea market looking for old Buck Owens and Johnny Cash on vinyl,” he developed his own unique hard-core hillbilly sound.

    It’s a crazy life, and McGraw looks upon it with bemused satisfaction in “My So Called Life,” reflecting, “Some days I own this town, other days it shoots me down/Always I’m still hanging round, holdin’ on to hope.” Expertly depicting the driving pace of his “Honky Tonk Life,” McGraw stubbornly continues to hope: “I could quit all this road stuff, go back to my real job, put in a straight 9 to 5/But I love the neon, I love the people, and I love the Honky Tonk Life.”

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    Author Wives Season 4-"Paying him with... Pu$$y”

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    Author Wives Season 4

    Sunday March 15th at 7pm

    Topic: "Paying Him With... Pu$$y”

    Question: Is sex how you pay your man back for gifts and rings house cars? Do we spend the whole relationship trying to give him the best sex ever? If we don't does that cause him to cheat? Lets see what the wives have to say....

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    Seth and Sean Sports

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    Seth and Sean give you their NCAA Picks this week on the best sports week of Seth's year!

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    A hard hitting program focused on Truth and Liberty. The show includes news and commentary on the New World Order Agenda and the Global takeover by Central Banks. It also explores ways that WE the resistance can effect change in these Dark Times. The show will also look at historic events that perpetuated the rise of the New World Order, who is involved and what their agenda is!

    tonight my friend and colleague Michael Howell will be joining me to discuss 9/11 truth! 


    Join Sean for an enlightening evening!

    Call in at 347-324-3704 or Listen Live

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    ISTA Entertainment Spotlight Presents: Sean Ingram

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    The ISTA Entertainment Spotlight radio show is hosted by two aspiring actors: Ashley V. Bagley & Kevin J. Stone. It airs every Thursday from 9-11pm. Call in to listen or speak with them at 347-945-6025. They talk about all things entertainment-wise from A-Z, such as current events, celebrity news, movies, interviews and more. They also give out casting calls for other aspiring actors. This week on the show, they will be shining the spotlight on Author/Poet/Actor/Motivational Speaker, Sean Ingram. Tune in as they find out all about his upcoming novel, "The Soul of Saratoga Slim" & the Sean Ingram Creative Arts Academy.

    Like the fanpage for the show (Copy & Paste link into browser): www.facebook.com/ISTAEntertainmentSpotlight.

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    Interview w/Sean Lyric

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    Join me as i bring you some of the hottest music and some of the hottest interviews!

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    Sean McCullough: Helping Young Entrepreneurs Soar

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    Sean McCollough, CEO of Young Eagle Entrepreneurs (YEE) has been a entrepreneur his entire life starting out at the young age of 8 selling cool drinks on his hometown corners. Even though graduating from college with a degree in education, his passion for being a entrepreneur was still strong and he set out on that path and developed a lucrative career in real estate investment building million asset companies from the ground up. Now he has combined his passion for education with his entrepreneurial spirit to form YEE which he feels provides the guidance and direction he wished he had coming out of high school. Tune in and learn more about his journey and how YEE is building the next generation of passion driven and socially conscious entrepreneurs. 

    Sean is a life planning expert and the Best Selling Author of “For The People You Love. Get everything you need and want one step at a time.” His insurance agency has helped over 24,000 people in 10 different states . He helps people get to where they need and desire to be and has helped thousands of individuals and organizations be more focused, efficient, productive and streamlined so they can get more of what they want, faster and easier than ever. For a FREE digital copy of, “For the People You Love, visit www.SeanMcCullough.net  Sean looks forward to helping you and your organization plan your way to a passion filled purposeful life.

    Learn more about YEE at: www.youngeagleentrepreneurs.org   

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    Special interview with Marion C. Barry

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    Sean Michael Wilson will interview son of the Mayor for Life the Honorable Marion S. Barry. Marion Christopher Barry will discuss his fathers legacy and the legacy that he would like to leave behin

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