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    The Dark Side of Fat Loss with Sean Croxton

    in Health

    For the first time UW Radio host Sean Croxton becomes the show guest, as he unveils his new e-product The Dark Side of Fat Loss. 
    Sean and guest host Elliott Hulse II will discuss the pitfalls of mainstream fat loss strategies, the importance of getting healthy to lose fat, the role of chronic stress and sleep deprivation in obesity, and the most important factor in long-term fat loss, the mindset.
    Brett Klika, author of The Underground Workout Manual, will also be stopping by to tell us all about his 12-week workout program. 
    Brought to you by www.undergroundwellness.com.

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    Gerald Roliz: Ex-Pharma Sales Rep Tells All.

    in Health

    Gerald Roliz -- author of The Pharmaceutical Myth -- pulls back the curtain on the pharmaceutical sales industry, revealing how he was trained to use fear, pressure, and gifts to "buy out" doctors who would prescribe the medications he represented. Plus, what made him walk away from it all to help people heal naturally.

    Learn more about Gerald at thehealingbody.com.

    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.


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    Gretchen Rubin: How to Make New Habits Stick.

    in Health

    Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better than Before, reveals 8 effective strategies for creating new habits and how to exploit your own personality type to make your habits stick.

    Find out:

    * Why I went out and bought a scale last week. Never thought I’d do that!
    * How Gretchen literally changed her diet overnight … even when she had no intention to.
    * A good reason why “moderation” may not be working for you.
    * The pitfalls of YOLO.
    * Why rewarding yourself for good behavior may not be as sensible as you thought.

    Learn more about Gretchen at www.gretchenrubin.com

    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness

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    in Lifestyle

    For part 3 of our 3-part series on Nutrition and Wellness, we're bringing in the big guns, the heavy hitter, the head honcho himself, SEAN CROXTON of UNDERGROUND WELLNESS! After years of study and a litany of classes and courses, including a Bachelor's in Kiniseology, Sean, who began as a personal trainer, works with clients to uncover the root cause(s) of their health challenges. He works with individuals from all over the world by phone/Skype from his home office in San Diego, CA. Sean takes a holistic, functional approach to rebuilding health from the ground up. As a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN) and Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor (CMTA), and currently enrolled in the Functional Medicine University program, Sean does not focus on symptoms. Rather, he is solely concerned with uncovering the root cause(s) of health challenges. This good-health guru also hosts the #1 Health and Wellness show on blogtalk radio. Join us, but only if you truly want to feel better.

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    Jeff Hays: Vaccines, HPV, and $7 Million Bucks.

    in Health

    Jeff Hays -- producer of the new documentary Bought -- reveals The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, & Your Food. Topics include:

    * How one mom won $7M for her son’s vaccine injury. And what she had to go through…

    * Why the HPV vaccine is allowed to make claims it can’t back up.

    * The big lie the makers of Paxil pleaded guilty to in court, but still made billions on.

    * Has the current vaccine schedule ever been proven safe?

    Watch Bought for FREE from now thru March 6th at:


    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.

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    Talking to Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness

    in Caregiving

    WBHC Radio Network, invites Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness to the show.  Sean Croxton is a health expert in the wellness world.  He has spoke to many of the experts and has been around the wellness community for several years.  We will cover many topics of health and wellness.

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    Episode 2417 - Get rid of Unbelief - Sean Michaud

    in Christianity

    Episode 2417 - Get rid of Unbelief - Sean Michaud
    Recorded LIVE 4-22-2015 on Omega Man Radio

    Pastor Sean Michaud
    His website is: www.kemi-inc.org/
    Sean's email is: E-mail: info@kemi-inc.org
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/sean.a.michaud

    Shannon Ray Davis is The Omega Man
    The Official Website of Omega Man Radio is: omegamanradio.com
    Facebook: omegamanradio
    Email omegamanradio@yahoo.com

    Casting out devils, Exorcism, Exorcist, Deliverance from demons in Jesus Christ Name is what omega man radio is all about.

    Tune in live Mon-Fri Nightly at 7pm Eastern at: mixlr.com/omegamanradio

    Dial 1-917-889-2745 if you need an exorcism or deliverance from demons - in Jesus Christ Mighty Name.

    You can support Omega Man Radio and keep it on the air by donating any amount online at omegamanradio.com

    "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." LUKE 10:19

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    Sunday Inspiration with Sean Wilson

    in Radio

    Sean Wilson plays inspirational music for you to continue your day

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    Seth and Sean Sports 4/13

    in Sports

    The boys are back for a new episode of Seth and Sean Sports. The Boys are discussing the Masters and how this sets the tone for the golfing year. The Boys are also going to break down the end of the NBA season, the playoffs, and the upcoming NBA Draft.. Cant Miss show!!

    Call the show 760-283-0846 or tweet @sethandseansports.

    The show archives are available on Itunes, Blogtalkradio and at Back Sports Page.



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    Seth And Sean Sports

    in Sports

    The Boys are back to discuss the NCAA final four as well as look at the beginning of the Major League Baseball  season.

    Check out the show info at backsportspage.com, itunes, and Blog Talk Radio. Call into the chow 760-283-0846.

    Seth and Sean Sports are available on twitter and on Facebook!! #sethandseansports #backsportspage 


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    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo: How to Beat Brain Fog!

    in Health

    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo -- founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology -- shares her best tips for beating brain fog. Topics include:

    * Why eggs and sunflower lecithin are BIG-TIME brain boosters!
    * How stress damages your short-term memory center ... and how to get it back online.
    * A quick, simple technique that will help you remember where you put your car keys! :)
    * How an under-active thyroid may be at the root of a sluggish brain.

    Learn more about Dr. Ritamarie at www.drritamarie.com.

    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.