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    MBS Food: In Your Dreams w/Nana Baakan Agyriwah

    in Spirituality

    Dreams are a link to our subconscious mind and the information flowing into and out of it. Dreams can be a powerful vehicle to facilitate our journey in life. If we pay close attention, we can find meanings and messages that we may miss in our waking world. Sometimes it can be helpful to get assistance to help us interpret the symbols, themes, and messages that show up for us to pay attention to.

    Join us as Nana Baakan Agyriwah takes you In Your Dreams to uncover the hidden meanings to help you better understand yourself and your needs, get answers to important career/health/relationship questions, clarify your life purpose and direction, and more. 

    Nana Baakan clearly knows how to follow her dreams. She has been singing, dancing and acting since she was a young child. She founded the Voices of Africa Choral & Percussion Ensemble in 1983 with her four children. Nana Baakan is a healer, mental health professional, entrepreneur, dancer, percussionist, singer, lyricist, choreographer, educator and seamstress. She also is an ordained minister and Akan Priestess who has assisted with the spiritual and mental development of many through the work that she does. Her journey through Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and various African traditions has fed her wisdom in facilitating workshops on Entering the Mystic Realms where she discusses dream interpretation and metaphysics.


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    JG Pro Lighting- the hands behind industry leading light modifiers

    in Photography

    Join Angela as she will showcase and talk about one of the industry leaders in light modifiers.

    Our professional staff includes a head seamstress with 30+ years experience guaranteeing quality EXCELLENCE!

    For over 30 years, owner of JG Professional Lighting has been the hands behind some of leading light modifiers in the industry. Through out the years JG has seen many of the changes in the photographic industry and has adapted to the needs and ever growing demand of quality products vs. cheaply priced products. JG Pro Lighting saw a void that needed to be filled. Photographers across the world needed a reliable, quality product that did not break the bank. JG Professional Lighting was able to re-introduce the superior quality that so many sought, at an affordable price that would allow photographers the opportunity to shoot with the best. 

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    Wings on the Ground w/Cathy Andrews: Big Green Gorilla!

    in Radio

    What if we lived in a world where tolerance, acceptance and friendship was the norm, everyday? Big Green Gorilla is about all those things! Mary Roessler Fonte and her great niece Jessica Hoppe (in true Indigo child form!) have written a recently published children's book, "Big Green Gorilla." They wrote "Big Green Gorilla" over many miles as Mary lives in North Carolina and Jessica lives in Pennsylvania. Mary is a retired business owner and tailor/seamstress and Jessica is in 7th grade. The two are VERY excited to share about writing "Big Green Gorilla" on the Wings on the Ground Show!

    Facebook Page: www.Facebook.com/Big Green Gorilla

    Listen to Wings on the Ground with Cathy Cartisano Andrews every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern time!

    Visit her fan page at http://www.facebook.com/wingsontheground to learn more about the *Wings On The Ground* certification program, other classes and appearances, and links to all of the radio shows! If you are interested in her work with the dying, go to www.facebook.com/grace-fullcrossings. 

    Ask Cathy how you can have a Soul Reading or energy healing (in person or remote) with her today by sending her an email at mermaidreams4me@gmail.com .

    Follow us on www.Facebook.com/AngelRadioNetwork.

    Call the show at 714-242-5256.

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    in Culture

    Maria Iliou is your Director, your Supporting Host and your Host Jocelyn Davis Eastman for Autistic Broadcasting News on Sunday's. Our Autistic Advocates Jess Davis and Maria Iliou, our Advocates Jocelyn  Davis and Sharion Davis. Discuss autism and Disabilities news of the day. Unique because it couples the Autistic and non-Autistic point of view...you will never know what these ladies will say!

    Maria Iliou is Director, your Host for Autistic Theatre Music Caf'e on Sunday's. Maria Iliou is your Ambassador for Long Island, N .Y.  Maria Iliou os Photographer..her photo's Spring of Nature. Maria Iliou is talk to April Dawn Griffin about her new business she started and her children also working with their own gifts...admazing April Dawn is Artist in all mediums. April teach art to students, Autistic and adults. April Dawn Griffin is Ambassador for Canada. 

    Autistic Artist April Dawn Griffin is opening an Art Cafe in Nipawin Saskatchewan called The Cool Beans Cafe. The Cafe will employ 3 Autistic people. Several artists, and act as an arts hub so artists and musicians can gather and co-create and make connections. Wine tastings, book club, visiting bands, natural healers, artists, anime cons, cosplays, the children are planning theatre. Earth and Clay, Nipawin Vapes, Nipawin Anime Club, Artist, seamstress, baker, . Opening as Soon as the buisiness requirements and inspections are met. They are setting it up to get ready to open and doing the paperwork now. They expect to move very fast. www.aprilgriffinartstudios.com www.facebook.com/aprilgriffinart

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    Frances de Pontes Peebles Discusses The Seamstress

    in Books

    Frances de Pontes Peebles discusses her novel The Seamstress, the story of two sisters in Brazil--an enthralling novel of love and courage, loyalty and adventure, that brings to life a faraway time and place.

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    The Star Chamber Show Episode #9! Featuring Violet Patterson and Rachel Smith!

    in Books

    The 9th episode of The Star Chamber Show brings you two fantastic guests from the book world, author Violet Patterson and Rachel Smith of Bitten by Books!  

    Violet Patterson will be joining us right on the verge of the release of her boxed set for the Emerald Seer Series.  A world of seers, seraphs, and immortals beckons to fans of urban fantasy and the paranormal, and Violet is ready to be your guide as she introduces you into her captivating literary world!

    Anyone who has seen Violet at a convention is also aware of her skills as a costumer/seamstress!  This midwest-based author is a multi-talented individual with a bright future and the Star Chamber Show is proud to have her with us!

    Then, Rachel Smith, founder of the hugely popular Bitten by Books site, will be coming aboard for a discussion that will include the latest happenings at the highly-loved site!  Some of the things sure to be covered include the new redesign of Bitten by Books and a genre expansion!  Rachel will also be giving some insights on the world of book blogging and reviewing.

    In addition to book blogging, Rachel also blogs about products of interest at http://www.weirdstuffinmydesk.com, and she is also a jewelry creator at her other business, A Charming Time. 

    Get ready for another evening of wonderful guests in as Episode #9 of the Star Chamber Show comes to life!


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    Style with Trysh

    in Entertainment

    Gospel Recording Artist Trish Standley interviews seamstress and jewelry designer June Porter of "Just June"

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    Never An End_Only Beginnings with My Haley

    in History

    Never an end, only beginnings ... We think things come to an end, but they only cease to exist until needed again or brought forth again. The wife of Alex Haley knows and understands this as she writes about the truth of history that still affects all of our lives and never ends. What is important is how we accept history and how it unfolds in our lives.Impressed by My’s drive and talent, Alex Haley gave her a major assignment—to assist him in writing the remaining two-thirds of a book that was long overdue to his publisher. Within a matter of months together they completed the work and that book, Roots: The Saga of An American Family, catapulted Alex Haley to international fame. My and Alex married in 1977, and over the years collaborated on many projects, including the miniseries Roots: The Next Generation. After Alex's death, My Haley immersed herself in writing pieces based upon her growing up with her grandmother, other novels, and many screenplays for feature film and TV.Haley’s latest novel, The Treason of Mary Louvestre (Koehler Books, February 1, 2013) is based on the true story of a seamstress slave from the Confederate town of Norfolk, Virginia. When her owner gets involved with modifications to the ironclad CSS Virginia, Mary copies the plans and sets out to commit treason against the South.www.MyHaleyAuthor.com

    Lordiel ,Spiritual Practitioner offers to help you along your journey with spiritual tools and energy work. www.celestial-energies.com LOVE OFFERINGS ARE ACCEPTED TO HELP KEEP BRINGING THESE PROGRAMS TO YOU @ PAYPAL TO asklordiel@gmail.com THANK-YOU

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    Living Life On Purpose ~ Guests: Anne Preciado-Rich & Jewels Marshon

    in Motivation

    Life Purpose Expert & Career Coach, Suzanne Strisower hosts this unique conscious living lifestyle show, interviewing people about their making a difference on the planet including:
    Sustainability Spirituality Optimal health & well being Personal fulfillment Inspirational new authors, musicians and entertainers. My Guest from 12-1pm: Anne Preciado Rich
    Anne Preciado Rich has spent the last 40 investigating the deeper, weirder nature of human existence on Planet Earth.  She has a BA and MA in Psychology and aside from having taught a few Psychology courses, she has also worked as a TV advertising executive, radio DJ, administrative assistant, bartender, cocktail waitress, exercise instructor and seamstress. www.aprich.net
    My Guest from 1-2pm: Jewels Marshon
    Jewels Marshon, with 20 years experience as a gifted intuitive consultant, business owner, educator and trainer is founder of “Get The Intuitive Edge in Business” provides intuitive business consulting and high impact business coaching programs for CEO’s, professionals, entrepreneurs and business startups in the areas of leadership and business development.
    Contact Suzanne:
    For information about sponsorships, to be interviewed on the show contact Host, Suzanne Strisower
    Visit her websites: http://www.yournextstepcoach.com to learn more about her books and coaching. Get her FREE Guidebook from 

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    Come Get It Radio with Dr. My Haley, Widow of Alex Haley, Collaborator on ROOTS

    in Entertainment

    Friday's edition of Come Get It Radio Live we welcome:

    -Dr. My Haley: From award-winning Author Alex Haley's widow, his collaborator on the bestsellling ROOTS, comes a new American epic from from the Civil War. "The Treason of Mary Louvestre" is based on the true story of a seamstress slave from the Confederate town of Norfolk, Virginia. When her owner gets involved with modifications to the ironclad CSS Virginia, Mary copies the plans and sets out to commit treason against the South. Facing certain death as a spy if caught, she treks two hundred miles during the bitter winter of 1862 to reach the office of Union Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles, where she hands over the plans. Haley, using rich narrative and characters drawn from that pinnacle era of American history, ably tells Mary's act of bravery. First there was Roots, now there is "The Treason of Mary Louvestre"

    -Pastor Vizion Jones: A strong leader with a powerful voice and great integrity. He has experience in public speaking, leadership, management, technical and media support. As a veteran of the United States Air Force. Pastor Jones has high regard to the attributes of loyalty, honesty and discipline in getting the mission accomplished.

    -Toi Moore: Owner, CEO & OFE at TM Publications and wife of Greg "G. Moe" Moore of the band; Earth, Wind & Fire. Toi began writing professionally in 1993. Toi has interviewed VIP's: Oprah Winfry, Herman Cain, Laila Ali, James Ingram, Vivica A Fox, Johnnie Cockran, NASA Officials, legends Earth, Wind & Fire, John Daymond and many more. Currently Toi's 7th book "Adult Conversations" is a book where mature adults engage in conversations that will make you think.

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    Your Life & Purpose Revealed ~ Tarot & Runes

    in Spirituality

    Meet Your Co-hosts Suzanne and Kat: Kathleen "Kat" O'Keefe Kanavos will give each person their "Personal Life Card" from the tarot and pull a second card to help you understand what is going on in your life.
    Suzanne Strisower is a psychic who created a unique new age rune oracle, The Runes of the Four Realms  gives each person a 3 rune reading of self, present & future about their lives.
    This is a re-broadcast show.
    Our Guest in the first hour: Dr. My Haley
    My received her doctorate in Communications from Ohio State University. She met world renowned author of Roots, Alex Haley and they married and collaborated on Roots and the miniseries Roots: The Next Generation. My is releasing her first novel, The Treason of Mary Louvestre, which is an historical novel, inspired by the true story of a black woman seamstress turned spy during the Civil War. 
    Our Guest in the second hour: David Dibble
    David Dibble, former CEO of a successful technology company, is a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, executive coach, systems thinker, and a practical spiritual teacher. He is the creator of DreamWork and DreamWorkDNA, The Four Agreements at Work & most current work is in what he calls the 3 Pillars of DreamWork.
    To contact the co hosts: Kathleen Surviving Cancerland
    Suzanne Your Next Step Coach

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