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  • The Lisa Bousson Show: Using Bibliomancy for Divination Podcast

    in Spirituality

    One of the favorite podcasted shows, Internationally Known Psychic Medium Lisa Bousson, shares information on the use of Bibliomancy for divination. Using the Llamsa Bible and her own book, The Lessons of Jesus Christ, Lisa gives insightful messages to the listening audience in this All-Message show.


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    The family and the sea

    in Film

    The Family and The Sea is an independent G rated True life seagoing tale of a self made millionare who rejected sociaty and took his family to sea ... for 25 years. This radio show series will describe and promote the movie(s) while at the same time answer questions from fans, actors and interested persons. A radicle deprture from customary Hollywood type productions, we feature off the shelf Samsung Wi Fi video cameras exclusivly. Other unique features include, on line casting,audition, editing, promotion and ditribution. We also have a unique profit sharing system where all the actor, exras, staff and crew participate. This flys in the face of conventional feature films often requiring all participants to work for free  Details on thee podcasts and on www.thefamilyandthesea.com 

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    Parting of the Red Sea

    in Christianity

    The Children of Israel had just been freed from slavery in Egypt only to face another obstacle. They had come face to face with the Red Sea and there seemed to be no way out. Why had God brought them to this? Where their dreams about to be dashed once the Egyptians caught up with them? What Red Sea are you facing? What will be your final outcome?

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    The Dead Sea Prophecy

    in The Bible

    The Dead Sea Prophecy was given as a huge sign to be watching for Christ's return. More prophecy is lining up as well. Tune in tonight at 8pm Central to find out more. 

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    Universal Journeys Radio: Do We Have a Dependence on Tools for Divination?

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr. Brenda L. Bates and Donny Winter this Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 7pm for Universal Journeys Radio. We'll be discussing how we depend on tools (i.e. tarot, runes, etc.) for readings instead of relying on our own intuition to read people. Do you want to develope your own ability to read people without the use of tools? If so, tune in! We shouldn't limit divination to using tools - our greatest tool is within each of us. 

    Phone lines will be open for questions or to discuss the topic at hand. Each call is limited to five minutes in order to assist as many people as we can within the two hour show time period. Call in at (347) 850-8292 with a question or just to listen to the show.

    "Follow Your Heart for Only You Know Which Path is Right for YOU!" ♥

    Universal Journeys Radio is about how:

    Spirituality intersects with nearly every other aspect of our lives, even when we do not see it or realize it.

    Creativity and expression are our connections to the spiritual energy many seek to understand and our identity is forged through this process. Universal Journeys seeks to help illuminate the different intersections between creativity, spirituality and identity in order to empower and enlighten.




  • Aug 18, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Monsters of the Sea with Ronald Murphy

    in Paranormal

    Sea monsters are mythical or legendary creatures, believed to dwell in the seas, oceans, lakes, and water ways of the world.  They are often imagined to be of immense size.

    Marine monsters can take many forms, including sea dragons, sea serpents, or multi-armed beasts. They can be slimy and scaly and are often pictured threatening ships or spouting jets of water.

    The definition of a "monster" is subjective, and some sea monsters may have been based on scientifically accepted creatures such as whales and types of giant and colossal squid.

    Cryptozoologist and Author Ronald Murphy? loves talking about the weird and obscure.  So sea monsters are  right up his waterways.  Ronald is a multi-time contributor to Spaced Out Radio?, so we are glad to have him back again, to tell us the waters are safe for us to swim in.

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    The Amethyst Oracle : Divination with a Queer Twist

    in Lifestyle

    L*I*V*E Readings ... skype in or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading during the show with Charlie and HiC !

    Charlie and HiC are joined on The Amethyst Oracle by this month's guest, BENEBELL WEN, attorney and author of The Holistic Tarot.

    Benebell Wen is a California and New York lawyer who also happens to be a practitioner of various metaphysical arts. She is the author of Holistic Tarot published by North Atlantic Books and is now working on her second book, tentatively titled The Tao of Craft: A Primer on Fu Talismans and Casting Sigils in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition. When not practicing in these fields, Wen is both a California and New York licensed attorney working in the Bay Area as corporate legal counsel of a venture capital and global investments firm.

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    Hybrid Jazz - with MTS Music's Matthew Shell and Samantha Gunney!

    in Music

    You know that, whenever Matthew Shell visits, he ALWAYS has something special to tell us :)  This time is no different.  With the young and reputable-to-the-extreme producer/business owner: Samantha Gunney.  Now, Samantha's name in Hebrew means "Listener."  That's exactly what this amazing woman has done in her short and shining time as songwriter, audio engineer, and certified Pro Tools professional.  OH - and vocalist!  

    Samantha was born in Washington, D.C. - and her house was full of all kinds of music.  Inspired early, she formed a band with her classmates and wrote songs for them - at age EIGHT!  Her creativity soared as she grew - and expanded.  She graduated with a B.A. in Communications.  But Samantha wasn't content with just one part of her brain at full-tilt.  She continued with studies in both Audio Engineering and Music Education.  She knows how to record, mix, and edit - PLUS how to handle the business end of the industry.  And her vocalization on a forthcoming project from Matt is something that you will NEVER forget.  The song's story ALONE will keep us chatting!

    Matthew has been gracious with giving us the opportunity to present new music time after time.  His "Spiritual Relationship: The Deeper Meaning" has tremendous significance for him.  Once again, the multiple genre project will feature those with whom Matt has trusted.  Brilliant musical artists who communicate their art in various ways.  Samantha allowed her angelic voice to be heard on "Prayer for World Peace."  When you originally heard this song on "Hybrid Jazz", it didn't have that title.  And therein lies the story :)

    Please join us at the show's start: at one p.m. Eastern - on 8/4/2015.  It's no accident that we start the month on a spiritual note - wait until you HEAR!

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    #TRUTALK Deez Nuts For President and new DC Violence w/#BLKGOP & Ms. Shell

    in Politics

    Ok ok ok for real it's that time again folks! On this episode #BLKGOP, Ms. Shell and the cast of #TRUTALK take on the subject of the newest Presidential Candidate........Deez Nuts. His name is Brady Olson and he's a 15 year old who's taken the political world by storm. If you thought our Trump coverage was entertaining wait until you get a listen to this episode! We will cover it from a totally different perspective. 


    Then we will shift gears over to the new surge of violence in Washington D.C. There was a point where DC residents thought the violent side of the city was a thing of the past only to be face to face with a new rise in violence that they can't explain. We can and will explain it. Welcome to #TRUTALK folks!!! 

    Who else from TRU RADIO NETWORK will stop past for this conversation? 




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    ASK for a Summer 2015 Mini Divination Journey!

    in Spirituality

    Did you feel shoadow aspects of you personally were especially daunting around July's Blue Full Moon on the 31st? With 6 outer planets in retrograde and a Blue Full Moon, July was energetically challenging for many people. Would you like to get divine guidance to find out how you can more easily move through it?

    KAREN CRESSMAN, a Spiritual Interpreter, Self Empowerment Coach, Author & Speaker,, will be doing Mini Shamanic Divination Journeys to retrieve spiritual wisdom for those who call in or ask through the chat room. This is an opportunity to receive guidance from your spirit guide who provides loving wisdom about what you need to know...now.

    Being part of a group divination gathering allows a mastermind synergy of energy to occur. All those who listen will receive a plethera of spiritual knowledge to empower YOU to move forward in your life. Come and be a part of this unconditionally loving energy, wisdom and Joy!

    Learn more about Karen at http://www.KarenCressman.com,
    or https://twitter.com/KarenCressman

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    Be Forever Young- the Sea of Soul

    in Business

    Is more natural light favoring your brain capacity? Who controls your biological clock, your hunger, your sex drive, the " happy" serotonin and the " bubbly" anti- oxidant know as melatonin?

    How can you revive your dormant pineal gland before is too late?

    Are you going to allow your modern lifestyles and what comes with it ( alchohol comsumtion, crushing chemicals, and ignorance!)  to shrink and blind your " Third Eye?" 

    What is the power of the third Eye? Your Mind's eye, or the pinel gland helps visualize something so strong, that you can actually, see it. Critical for your mental and phisical heath, know as the " Sea of the Soul", " The Gateway", connects its welbeing to your critical thinking skills, sleeping pattens, memory, creativity and waking state

    What decides when your lights are on or off?