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    NFL Talking Heads - 3/22/15 NFL Draft Prep KC and SD, Rivers and Brees

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    Covering the offseason focus for Chiefs and Chargers and talking about Rovers and Brees potentially going to new teams.

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    Fed Talk Radio Episode 148 SD Smells like Victory

    in Video Games

    Join your hosts for another episode of #fedRadio we are here for you and we love ya.


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    The BGE Experience: Travel and Adventure Show SD

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    Join @colethea as she takes you into the world of Build, Grow, and Enjoy! Learn more about those that can expand your network, make a difference, and provide great entertainment through.. The BGE Experience! #buildgrowenjoy


    San Diego Travel and Adventure Show  


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    Fed Talk Radio Episode 147 SD Cleanse the unpure

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    Join your hosts as we talk about fed stuff real world stuff and everything in between.

    Its time for fedRadio.

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    Fed Talk Radio Episode 146 SD Extermanatus

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    Howdy folks its me your friendly fedRadio host with another episode of fedRadio.

    I know we have had our ups and downs this episode is short and sweet and possible off topic but that is why you love us right?

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    Donna Darzentas - Senior VP - SD & HSE Mol Group

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    Donna Darzentas

    Very early in her career Donna Darzentas was one of the first females within an oil and gas company, a very male dominated sector. She had to face the "prove yourself first concept", that is to say that she had to prove first that she could meet challenges before being compensated equal to her male colleagues. Donna is today Senior VP - SD & HSE at Mol Group, a large international Oil & Gas company whose headquarters are in Hungary. 
    Prior to her current role Donna worked as Vice President in Walter Energy, an international mining company specializing in metallurgical coal production and processing, where she was a key member of the Business Team reporting directly to the President of Canadian and European Operations. Before that she also held several managerial positions in BP, including the position of Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment in BP Global and the position of Health, Safety and Environment Director in TNK-BP (leading Russian oil company specializing in crude oil processing).

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    Patio Furniture Sioux Falls | Sale on All Patio Sets

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    Patio Furniture Sioux Falls, SD - Outdoor Patio Clearance Sale, http://CombinedPoolAndSpa.com 605-334-6659 Best Service, Selection and Prices in Sioux Falls on Patio Furniture, New and Used Hot Tubs and Portable Spas, Swim Spas, Above Ground Pools, Pool Building and contracting, 57106, 57103, 57104, 57301

    Lift Your Spirits With a Daily Dip in the Hot Tub

    Why settle for a sour mood when you can beat melancholy from the comforts of home? Here’s how to lift your spirits with a relaxing soak in a hot tub.

    Beat the Morning Blues with an Energizing Soak
    Start the day off with a refreshed, energized attitude. Heated water warms the body from within, increasing blood flow and delivering more oxygen to your cells for an all over physical boost. 

    Soak Up With a Personal Massage 
    One of the easiest ways to curb depression is with massage. Sit back, relax and let high powered massaging jets work out stress, knots, kinks and tension in the back, shoulders and neck.

    Banish Pain to Feel Better 
    Pain is never fun, but when it’s chronic, it negatively impacts mood.  Submerge the body for allover relief and in an instant, achy, stiff muscles and joints feel better.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of this free buyer’s guide “How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Hot Tub” Just give us a call 605-334-6659 or visit our website at http://CombinedPoolAndSpa.com

    3520 South Western Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57105

    Patio Furniture Sioux Falls, SD

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    SDthaFlowKid coming back to takeover your Wednesday nights with a 3 part series: Battle Of The Sexes/ Relationships Pt.1. Im taking it back with an epic playlist that is sure to leave you remembering the good ole times. They said they dont talk about love no more and i said you aint talked to ThaFlowKid!!! I gotta see who is the dominant sex. Is it my ladies or my fellas and i wanna hear the funniest pick up lines and hear the funniest break up lines. I got a game called: Be Like. You gotta say either Dudes be like, or Females be like. If its funny you will hear some of the funny effects we have and at the end of the game ima announce the winner maybe the fellas or the ladies. You have to call 646-478-3665 to find out. We gonna make sure its nothing but a good time we're hoping everyone gets involved and listens in and has a good time. The playlist will have you feeling in love, and know if dont nobody else love you the family at Naughty But Nice and your favorite host SDthaFlowKid loves you. Thats for my ladies and for my fellas its someone for eveyone out there quit playing and find you a sum-sum to hold on too. Make sure you call in and tune in and have a good time with us from 10:00pm-12:00pm and listen in press 1 to be heard and trust me i wanna hear what everybody has to say... Be sure to call in 646-478-3665 Wednesday Night the SD Takeover...

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    Fed Talk Radio Episode 145 SD How Are You?

    in Video Games

    Join your hosts and discover reality bending as we give you news and randomness from the minds of fedRadio.

    We luv ya...

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    Shady and Marshall Trades Discussed + Free Agency ready to Explode

    in Sports

    Wow, could we have had a bigger week leading into free agency? Let's just fire away at these topics tonight. 

    We take a look at the Shady McCoy and Brandon Marshall trades in depth. Peyton Manning to return. MJD Retires.

    Marshawn Lynch gets a new deal to stay with the Hawks

    Reggie Wayne no longer a Colt. Greg Olsen gets a new deal to stay with the Panthers. Niles Paul re-signed a 3 yr to stay with the Skins. Boom Herron and Chris Hogan both re-signed.

    We break down a recent high stakes draft, the Trendsetters draft at NFFC. 

    Rumors: Jets will release Harvin. Seahawks floated as possibility for Julius Thomas. Raiders going to take serious run at Randall Cobb (10mil?) and Julius Thomas both? Revis to get "anything he wants" from the Jets? Bowe to be cut from the Chiefs? Saints and Skins taking a run at Justin Forsett. CJ Spiller a fit with the Iggles? Shorts and Wallace are likely goners, Bears make it known Cutler is OTB. Hartline will take less to play with Tom? Harry Douglas to meet with the Titans? Vereen seeking 3.5Mil down from 5M.

    and we can't foget about AD who provided the Vikes with a list of 5 teams he'd be willing to restructure his current contract with - AZ, IND, DAL, SD and TB




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    Nature King Pest Control With Mark Sanders

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    On Air with Mark Sanders of Nature King Pest Management in Dallas

    Nature King Pest Control With Mark Sanders
    Nature King Pest Control With Mark Sanders
    Nature King Pest Control With Mark Sanders

    Full list of previous shows going back 7 months


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