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    Soak it! Scrub it! Love it!

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we discussion Just Like Kandy's uncoming 30 Bath Challenge. We will also be giving away a set of The New Sweet Pea Pomegrante Fragrance for Mother's Day... Tune in to WIN your mother a Super Sweet Luxuious Bath Set...

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    The Reptile Insider and Chris Foley is back for some scrub and WLP talk!

    in Pets

    In this episode of MPR we have an exciting new segment kicking off with Chad Brown and Robyn Markland called the Reptile Insider. In this weekly segment we will be hitting on different topics relating to the reptile world. Whether it's something to do with shipping a reptile,selling a reptile or just how to promote your reptile business. We will be bringing you some of the best advice you could get from two of the best guys in the reptile business. For this weeks segment we will be introducing the reptile marketplace a new site where you can buy and sell reptiles and reptile supplies. They will be telling us all about the new site and how through their years of experience they have developed the best site around for buying and selling reptiles and reptile supplies.


    We will also be catching up with Chris Foley, Rogue Reptiles site B manager, to talk about scrub and White lipped pythons and some advice on working with these sometimes intimidating but beautiful species.

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    The Tim and Corey Show

    in Radio

    We're Interviewing: Ashlee Wilson-Hawn (CEO of Boss Babe Body Scrub bossbabebody.com), Krysten Dornik (Founder of Krysten's Kitchen krystenskitchen.com), Terry J. Drake (Author, Coach, & Entrepreneur), and Coach William Brown III.

    So, Tune In and Listen....

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    Cocoa Power nutrition benefits and living right key 1

    in Culture

    Dr. Gabriel Cousens conducted a study on the health benefits of chocolate in February of 2008. What he discovered was that raw cacao benefits diabetics as a safe food since it raises blood sugar less than almost any other food, despite it's theobromine content! It even raises insulin sensitivity! One of the other cool facts about chocolate that he discovered was that it's not toxic to the liver (many people are falsely claiming the contrary), except when combined in large amounts with sweeteners high in fructose such as agave. This is basically the only well known clinical study done specifically on how raw cacao benefits human health. [raw cacao benefits, cacao beans, cool facts about chocolate, dark chocolate antioxidants, facts about chocolate]

    It,  raw cacao benefits a wide range of cardiovascular issues. The dark chocolate antioxidants and abundant amounts of magnesium and other phytochemicals can balance blood pressure, lower high cholesterol, scrub away arterial plaque and promote general health by reversing heart disease. (Raw) chocolate bars are known as a great remedy for many menstruation issues women can get. It is also confirmed as an aphrodisiac for both genders.

    The famous "Dutch study", which was done on regular processed chocolate, followed over 200 Dutch men over the course of twenty years and found that those who ate the most milk and dark chocolate had lower rates of all major diseases compared to those who ate little to no chocolate.

    In a Harvard controlled study on the Kuna indian tribe off the coast of Panama.  The  Kuna tribe lived in an area where cacao trees grew abundantly. They would consume up to 5 cups of a bitter dark chocolate drink on a daily basis . This resulted in them having lower rates of all major diseases as well as a longer average life expectancy. This study lead by Dr. Hollenberg spurred more research on the health benefits of chocolate.

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    Psychic Horizon

    in Spirituality

    TPN Radio Presents the Psychic Horizon Show with Shelley Hofberg.

    Shelley Hofberg is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot Reader, Pet Psychic and Healer. Her multi-faceted gifts are reflected in her multi-faceted psychic career. Shelley has appeared on NBC television, the Discover Channel and is included in feature articles of newspapers such as the Hollywood Independent and Ventura Star. 



    Special Guest: Paula Naples

    Hi! I'm Paula Naples! I am a certified aromatherapist. My company is Pure Sense by Paula and I have a Custom Blending Bath & Body store in Santa Monica, CA. As a massage therapist with an aromatherapy background, I founded the company in 2000 in response to my and some of my friend's and families' sensitivities to commercial fragrance and perfumes on the market. Because of my love of nature, I was determined to find products that smelled wonderful but without any of the negative side effects. Our carefully selected essential and fragrance oils are of the highest quality and are highly concentrated, long lasting and contain no alcohol.


    Currently, I have expanded into the wholesale market. We sell our Soy Candles, Body Souffle ,(whipped shea butter cream), and our Skin Smoothing Sugar Scrub wholesale and private label. Some of our clients have been: The Four Seasons (Beverly Hills), The Ritz Carlton (Marina del  Rey), Marks Garden Florist in Sherman Oaks,  Watr Essence Mermaid Oil, Stacia - Bungalow Scent, and Oasis Spa Palisades who carries our products.


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    The Weekly Scrub

    in Comedy

    Its that time of the week to get your nerd on! This show I will feature the owner of Scrub Club Records, Sir Mad Hatter himself! Check in and enjoy.

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    Summerfield Farm and Zoo

    in Education

    Summerfield Farm and Zoo is home to a large variety of exotic animals, ranging from reindeer and monkeys to camels and mountain lions.  We have everything from A (alligator) to Z (zebra)!!  We are proud to offer an u?p close and personal animal experience.  While at the zoo enjoy our educational and fun animal encounter presentations.

    From Summerfield Farm and Zoo:  We are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from this amazing community and the surrounding area today! There are too many to thank individually right now, but we will try to soon. The clean up will continue tomorrow. Please do not arrive until 9 am. We will need a variety of help tomorrow - everything from skilled builders to people to just help scrub things down! If you are coming please bring your own rakes, hammers, etc. We cannot thank everyone enough!!! We feel incredibly blessed after such a disaster. If you want to bring donations tomorrow, the following items are needed (frozen meat, 4x4 8ft long fence posts, 8 foot long 2x6 boards, 6 ft chain link fence, muck buckets, gift cards to building supply stores). We do have plenty of water now that the electric is back on. You can also help via our go fund me page. Again, Thank you all!

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    An Herbal Spa Day

    in Food

    It's Valentine's week - the perfect time to show a little TLC for your very best friend - You! Head, shoulders, knees and toes, we'll talk about little ways to herbally pamper our sweet selves. <3!

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    Selma witness Colonel Richard Toliver, John Di Lemme, Paul Mantello and guests

    in Business

    Colonel Richard Toliver retired from the Air Force after twenty-six years of dedicated service, including two tours in Southeast Asia and 446 combat missions.  He is a protégé of the famed Tuskegee Airmen and was mentored, trained, and commissioned under their tutelage. He pursued several business, economic development, and political ventures in New Mexico, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas

    Paul Mantello certified professional coach, speaker and creator of the F.A.I.L. Operating System. He is very passionate about helping his clients and is dedicated to helping them break the vicious cycle of programming and financial poverty that is continuously being passed down from one generation to the next. Paul empowers his clients by teaching them the proper tools, tips and techniques that are necessary for improving their core way of thinking, leading and managing.He has served on the Board of Director’s for the West Valley Hospital in Goodyear and held a key role in securing the Congressional Gold Medal for the Tuskegee Airmen.

    Aaron Krause inventor of Scrub Daddy but more affectionately “The Daddy of The Scrub Daddy”. Scrub Daddy is the most successful product to air on Shark Tank on all six seasons of the show, with over $30 million dollars in retail sales

    John Di Lemme Strategic Business Coach & Small Business Expert. In September 2001, he founded Di Lemme Development Group, Inc., a company known worldwide for its role in expanding the personal development industry.  As President and CEO, John strives for excellence in every area of his business and believes that you must surround yourself with a like-minded team in order to stay on top of your game. In addition to building a successful company, John has changed lives around the globe as an international motivational speaker that has spoken in over five hundred venues

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    Talk Back Tuesdays: Have Women Ruined Men TODAY!!!!

    in Self Help

    We saw someone post on FB and ask these questions:
    Question for men and women:

    Women why don't we require our men to date us anymore?

    Why are we so available when a brother ask can we meet up somewhere with a 30 minute notice?

    Why is texting become so acceptable instead of making a phone call?

    Bringing fast food to the house is that a DATE?

    Brothers have women ruined the art of dating because of their desperation and thirst?

    It is cold outside and the holidays are we excepting anything to be in a Relationship?

    Have women dropped their standards just to say they have a MAN or has it always been this way?

    What is appropriate now a days before you will bring a date home? And in your BED?

    One of our Male callers last week suggested WOMEN set the tone for the relationship, if we require our MEN to step up they will. DO YOU AGREE?

    We Want to Hear from the Men and Women on this one.

    Come Get on the COUCH!!!!

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    Clinic II Vital Signs Class 4

    in Education

    Welcome to Clinical II Vital signs! Your Instructor for this term is Rhonda Kay. To be productive in her class you will need to make sure that you have the proper materials including your text book, minute watch, white lab coat, stethescope, blood pressure cuff and will be required to wear a surgical light blue scrub uniform to any intern office when being on internship or practical training. By now you should have received your syllabus and lesson plans for the class. This is a closed forum classroom which means that you will not be able to communicate with the Instructor while she is teaching however because the class is Instructor Lead you are able to communicate with your Instructor in campus lead classes as well as by email.

    In this class you will be learning how to productive complete a detailed patient assessment including blood pressures, pulse (both radial and brachial), respirations, height and weight and temperatures. Students will learn how to take a detailed assessment of the patients condition in effort to properly prep the patient and prepare the provider for the patients plan of care.

    We look forward to a great class. Remember students will need to send their required attendance flag word in order to receive attendance credits for the class. Students may be required to meet on campus or at the intern clinic for practice. Students will also be required to watch YouTube links for visual practicals. Thank you for being a valued part of the classroom!