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    Wellness Wednesday: Cosmetic Procedures-What Are The Options

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    Today's Wellness Wednesday on the Brian The Hammer Show and Brian welcomes Raquel Tait, Certified Laser Technician with Cutera Titan, practicing since 2002. Specializing in 1064 YAG Hair and Vein Removal, Limelight Facial, 3D Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Genesis, Laser Skin Tightening and 560 IPL Photo Facials. She specializes in Anti-Aging and Hormonal Internal Medicine, and more. Raquel is experienced in Herbs, Aromatherapy for Holistic Practices, Dermatology Skin Care and Professional Cosmetic Application Techniques.
    Raquel is also experienced in working with BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, Skin Fillers & Volumizers, Sclerotherapy , Thermage®, Hand Rejuvenation, Sculptra®, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, Radiesse®, ArteFill®, Treatment of Acne Scars, G-Shot, Vitamin Infusion, Tickle Lipo, Subcision for cellulite, Autologous Fat Transfer, Tumescent Liposuction, hormone replacement, weight loss, medical marijuana and more.
    Join us LIVE at 10am pacific time, call in with your questions and comments at 646-595-3032.
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    Dr. Nick Morrison - Varicose Vein Treatment

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    For millions of Americans suffering from a venous disorder, most recognizably varicose veins, the condition isn't simply a source of cosmetic embarrassment. Along with the apparent symptoms, varicose veins can also cause significant pain and discomfort, leaving patients seeking treatment without an easy, proven solution to eradicate the problem... until now. The FDA-cleared CoolTouch CTEV™ Endovenous Laser Procedure provides 99+% clinical efficacy, allowing patients complete freedom from varicose veins almost immediately following the treatment.

    Traditionally, varicose veins have been treated in several different ways, including vein stripping, which is a major surgery requiring hospitalization, general anesthesia, several weeks of recovery time, and often resulting in significant scarring, pain and other risks and complications. Sclerotherapy has also been used to treat large vein insufficiencies, but typically does not provide permanent results. Thus, laser technology was adapted to treat venous disorders, as it provides a non-surgical, highly-successful, and cost-effective alternative to traditional procedures. But, not all lasers are created equal: the CoolTouch CTEV™ laser is a 1320 nanometer wavelength, requiring less heat to close the vein than others do, so patients experience the most comfortable and effective laser procedure available.

    Following the quick, virtually pain-free office-based procedure, symptoms begin to improve immediately and may continue to do so over the next 1-2 weeks, until they completely disappear. There is minimal bruising or scarring associated with the procedure, and little to no downtime, which means patients can resume normal activities shortly after the treatment.

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    Pregnanacy and Varicose Veins

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    Have you wondered if pregnancy contributes to varicose veins and how to prevent varicose veins? Dr. Harper talks about the main issues!

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    What is vein disease

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    Dr. Harper will dicuss the basics of vein disease.