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    Episode #144 - Meet Scilla

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    Featuring: Big Eddie, Aaron, Jenya, Scilla & More!!!
    Act I - The show begins with Lights, both on the Bumper music, and from above via Pasadena Police Dept's Ghetto Bird which actually shined some light on me as I started the show. There is no time wasted diving into the show. Our silent guest finally speaks up, Big Eddie says "hi" (agghhrrrrr), Jenya has a family reunion, Aaron plugs his Sunday show (for the second time), Bass-Action Tech Talk, One-word Mike Skinner quote gets awkward & more.
    Music Break - Break of Light by Moonbootica
    Act II - The show then goes inside, where the band plays and where the show begins to sound like the ocean due to the amound of sound going into the incredibly small motorola mic. Scilla does an interview in the back of the pub and gives our listeners some info on her musical ventures and the fact that she is looking for a bassist.
    Then, Weezer gets murdered on stage as I make my way back to the front (You'll hear it), the silent guest leaves because of a man with poor boundaries, Excite by Axe makes an attept to keep the silent guest at the pub and it fails because Big Eddie says the Axe smells like PEE. Aaron makes it back on the show and exclaims "If Scilla is looking for a boyfriend, let me know." We wrap the show with more light. Shine that thing, baby!
    Outro - My Love is Always There - Saffron Hill 
    If you would like to call in, dial 7148887437.
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    Singer/songwriter SCILLA was born in Lugano, Switzerland and discovered her love for the stage at an early age while studying dance.  Soon however, she developed a passion for music and began singing opera at the Swiss-Italian Conservatory at the age of 12. 
    Studying many different styles of music through the years, Scilla eventually settled on a more pop/rock sound to showcase her talents.  Influenced by her eclectic European background, as well the iconic voices of Christina Aguliera, Pink, No Doubt and The Runaways, her songs are headstrong, powerful and captivating.
    The pop world first began taking notice of the Swiss singer/songwriter’s talents when her song reached the top 10 Swiss finalists for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.  The popular song, titled “Barbie Doll,” was co-written with Rafael Moreira, guitarist for such artists as Pink, Christina Aguilera and Paul Stanley of KISS.  
    2012 brought about more time in the spotlight for Scilla, when she appeared as a contestant on the popular show, “Switzerland’s Got Talent.”
    Exposure from these shows led to an endorsement deal with GUESS clothing company, and she soon moved to Los Angeles to begin working on a fashion/ music project and recording her newest EP in Hollywood.

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    Scilla Andreen of IndieFlix

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    Join us for a chat with CEO of IndieFlix Scilla Andreen.

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    IndieFlix CEO and Co-Founder Scilla Andreen on "Inside Urban Hollywood"

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    IndieFlix CEO and Co-Founder Scilla Andreen will appear on "Inside Urban Hollywood" with host Tanya Kersey on Monday, September 15, 2008, at 6pm PST/9pm EST, to discuss opportunities in internet and digital platform (Download, Streaming, DVD sales, Mobile Phone, Cable, Internet TV and Ad Revenue share) distribution for indie films.

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    Choice Point: Align Your Purpose - David Hamilton, Ph.D.

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    At this moment in history, we’re faced with one of the biggest choice points we have ever encountered. Individuals are making choices to change their nations; nature is giving us a wake-up call; economies are struggling; and for many of us, the future looks uncertain. Yet people are also rallying to have a voice, awakening from their apathy of previous decades. Collectively and individually, we are being given the opportunity to make extraordinary choices in order to change where we are headed.
    Choice Point: Align Your Purpose, features insights from some of the world’s leading change-makers-including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Larry Dossey, Scilla Elworthy, Jack Canfield, Peter Buffett, Alison Pothier and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
    Call 347.327.9995 on Tuesday December 4th from 10-11 A.M. U.S. CT to listen to David Hamilton, Ph.D. co-author of Choice Point, as his discuss how to understand your world like never before, how to align your own true purpose with the patterns of the universe, and how to be the change that you want to see in the world around you.

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    Rex Sikes' Movie Beat w Rick Vaicius Flyway Film Fest 2012

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    Rick Vaicius PT 2 is director and founder of Flyway Film Festival, Wisconsin's bluff premier destination for independent film as noted by Emmy award-winning blogger Scott W. Smith “ … a festival that should be on your radar” . Founded in 2008 it evolved from the monthly film programming and semi-annual filmmaker events Vaicius proposed and curated at the Lake Pepin Art & Design Center in Pepin. Vaicius has created a standout, intimate and high-quality annual festival. Over the past four years, Flyway has brought over 80 filmmakers into the local community. In addition to screening remarkable films, it has become a unique venue for filmmakers to network and discuss projects and the "state of the industry" in the film world. Vaicius has already persuaded some top film industry talent to appear Scilla Andreen is keynote speaker and it looks like Paul Rachman from Slamdance. There is a Crowdfunding workshop and a Women in film round table. Some program highlights include Red Flag by Alex Karpovsky Caroline and Jackie by Adam Christian Clark How to Write a Joe Schermann Song by Gary King We're Not Broke by Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce Dreams of a Life by Carol Morley and Journey to Planet X by Myles Kane and Josh Koury.  Vaicius, a lifelong cinephile developed a true passion for independent cinema as a student at the University of Minnesota. His love of movies has never wavered. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at rexsikes.com

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