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    Unlimited Life - Riquette Hofstein, Everyone is Beautiful

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    Join Host Nicole Brandon for 90 minutes at 4 PM Eastern.

    Host Nicole Brandon is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today. From Health, and Wellness to Wealth and Ultimate Success her seemingly unlimited well of information is simply mind boggling.

    Please visit Nicole's website:


    Nicole's Guest: Riquette Hofstein

    The author of Grow Hair and Stop Hair Loss, International Beauty Secrets, and the best seller, Grow Hair in 12 Weeks, as well as the originator of "kitchen cosmetics," (the process of making one's own fresh moisturizers, mud packs, and scalp stimulators from items found in one's own pantry), Riquette has earned an international reputation for her unique approach to natural beauty.

    Long before back-to-nature and environmental causes were fashionable, Riquette was appearing on international television and radio demonstrating her art of "kitchen cosmetics," offering audiences a healthful, inexpensive alternative to over-the-counter beauty products using fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients.

    Born in Cairo to French parents and raised in Paris, Riquette received her beauty training in the classic European tradition under the masters of makeup, hairstyling, and skin care. She holds eight degrees and certificates in skin and hair care from colleges and institutes around the world including the prestigious Schwarzkopf Institute of Hair Research in Munich. She is professionally licensed in 14 European countries, North America, Australia, and the Far East.

    To learn more visit http://www.riquette.com

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    Interviewed by Deanna Wharwood on Career Transition

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    I was recently interviewed in teh Deanna Wharwood Show. Deanna is dedicated to serving the military veterans who want to transition in to a civilian life..
    In this interview asked me the following questions:
    When and how did you get in to coaching? What is a strategic Intervention coach? As a Member of Team Scorpion, how will you be helping Senior Military Executives with career transitions? You were trained by Robbins Madanes Institute, the same organization where Gen Norman Schwarzkopf was impactful upon his retirement.  How do you feel that training style will be of value to other Senior Military Officers? Why do people come to you? What are some of their typical problems? Can you give us some detailed examples without naming names obviously)? How do you help them? I understand you have recently co-authored a book called “101 great ways to compete in today’s job market”. Can you share of the tips you have offered in that book with our audience? I understand you have a 6 week webinar starting very soon called “How to Make a Bold Career Move – 6 Steps to the Job of Your Dreams” Can you tell us a little about that? What do you cover in the program? Can you share a couple of tips from that program with our listeners? What other programs will you be launching soon?

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    WideOpen Washington (Gun Control, Fiscal Cliff, Drug War)

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    Episode 2 of Wide Open Washington Series.
    Political talk
    Updates on the Fiscal Cliff
    Gun Control debate rages on as we talk to Gun and legal expert Cameron Reddy at 12:45pm EST
    The War on Drugs tamping down... We will discuss the legalization of Marijuana and the future of Drug Enforcement with former DEA Undercover Agent Robert Mazur.
    We'll also talk about the negotiations between the President and John Boehner for avoiding the perils of the Fiscal Cliff with Political Blogger Everte Farnell.
    I will touch on the military career of Norman Schwarzkopf who just recently passed away.

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    American Daily Review

    in Politics Conservative

    John Hammar, Jr. is coming home - no thanks to The One; President Bush41 slowly mends from his fever, and is greeted by extreme left death wishes; Stormin' Norman invades heaven; and gun-grabbers' boldness grows exponentially.

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    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Xmas HangOver Thursday"

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    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Xmas HangOver Thursday"
    1st HR  “Drunk Times”
    2nd HR "Real Talk”
    3 HR “Corona Overtime”
     And Twitter Shot outs
    And much much more call in

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    How to Look Fabulous at Your Wedding

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    We are excited to introduce our newest styling talent, Angela.  She was personally referred to us by our contacts at Schwarzkopf Professional Color and from the way they spoke so highly of her, we knew had to meet her!  We soon learned why such a respected leader in our industry would sing her praises.  Angela has impressed us from day one with her passion for her work and her professionalism as a successful and sought-after stylist in Chicago.  Angela started her career assisting the owner of Chicago’s Salon Duo and proceeded to spend the next 11 years there cultivating her skills and focusing on building her own loyal clientele.  Obviously not one to flit from salon to salon on a whim, Angela took much care when deciding that she was ready to spread her wings and experience a new environment, while still maintaining her innate sense of professionalism and client care, of course!  

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    “From Mediocrity to Living an Extraordinary Life.”
    Chloé Taylor Brown talks to Catherine Taylor about her experiences as an international educator, entrepreneur, performance coach, business growth strategist, and Creator of 'The Extraordinary Life Program'. This powerhouse woman’s natural ability to awaken people from their ‘slumber of mediocrity’ has turned into her global mission. 

    She has spent over twenty years helping thousands internationally to transform their personal lives and businesses; including government officials Mikhail Gorbachev, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author and trainer, Robert Kiyosaki. Chloé shares clever ways to elevate your “ability to accomplish” and get more of what you intend… or something greater.

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    Brats: Our Journey Home - The First Documentary about Growing up Military

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    Independent filmmaker Donna Musil is our guest and she will be discussing her film: Brats: Our Journey Home. U.S. military BRATS share intimate memories about their unique childhoods - growing up on military bases around the world, then struggling to fit into an American lifestyle with which they have little in common. The film is narrated and featuring songs by Kris Kristofferson. Interviews include General Norman Schwarzkopf. The film culminates a seven-year work of passion by independent filmmaker Donna Musil, and BRATS features rare archival footage, home movies and private photographs from post-war Japan, Germany, and Vietnam. You may find more information about the film at www.bratsfilm.com