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    Tahirah Thompson Scott Schober, Shevon Stoddart, Jamie Nieto

    in Education

    Neil Haley will interview Tahirah Thompson. She is a dancer. She will discuss how she became a dancer. Next, I will interview Scott Schober from Berkeley Varitronics Systems. He will discuss his product the Pocket Hound. Next, I will interview 2 time Olympian Shevon Stoddart. Shevon will discuss her 2 careers. She is an athlete and singer. last, United States Olympian Jamie Nieto will talk about his experience in London.

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    the jugglao family

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    we are gonna talk about why the juggalo family is a gang and not a family stay tuned

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    Training In Austria: Bodybuilding and Staying Youthful

    in Fitness

    The Catz Lair is pleased to welcome bodybuilding competititor Dr. Wolfgang Schober! 

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    Ready, Set - GObamacare!

    in Politics Progressive

    The question of US action in Syria is at the top of the headlines -- but while pundits and politicians debate, the Department of Health and Human Services is busy gearing up for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
    The Health Insurance Marketplace -- aka "the Exchanges" -- will open on October 1 (less than one month!), allowing ordinary Americans to shop and compare prices on insurance plans, as they've never been able to do before. 
    This is a big change for Americans, and may be a little daunting -- especially after four years of right wing propaganda decrying Obamacare as a "government takeover of healthcare." But the parts of the law that have already been implemented, such as allowing young adults to remain on their parents' plans to age 26, free preventive services like mammograms and coverage for birth control have been mostly seen as positives. 
    And as the state exchanges come online, we have been hearing good news on cost and implementation. We have every reason to believe that this law will make our people healthier -- and happier, knowing that the thread of an accident or catastrophic illness will no longer result in bankrupting their families.
    This week's special guests are artist and healthcare advocate Spike Dolomite Ward and public policy professional Melissa Schober, who join Cynematic, Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills in this discussion of the law and what it means to you.
    Weekly political discussion from the progressive POV, hosted by the MOMocrats. Produced by Engender Media Group.

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    SpokenHeard with The Klute and Host Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    The Klute (a.k.a  Bernard J. Schober, an obviously fake name) is one of Arizona’s most recgonizable voices in the slam poetry game. He has performed in every slam venue in the Copper State since 2000 and has been a member of 7 teams representing the
    cities of Mesa (02, 03, 05, 06, 10) and Phoenix (08, 09) at the National Poetry Slam, making
    semi finals twice, once in 05 and once in 09, and group piece finals in 08.
    A Brick Cave Media artist, his poetry chapbook “My American Journey” was one of the fi rst poetry chapbooks available on Amazon.com’s Kindle. He is also the co-founder and host of “The Poe Show,” the only annual celebration of Edgar Allan Poe’s birth west of the Mississippi (now in its 9th year).
    At the National Poetry Slam he is recognized as one of the Nerd Masters—a gatekeeper at the National Nerd Slam in charge of making sure the poets who attempt to perform on the stage truly have their Ewoks dotted and Vulcans crossed. You may think you “Grok” Spock, but you do NOT, sir, and I said GOOD DAY.
    He has toured internationally, performing his own brand of iconoclastic poetry as part of his 2007-2008 “One Foot in the Grave” tour and in solo appearances, featuring at such legendary poetry venues as the Bowery Poetry Cafe in New York City and the Cafe Deux Soleils in Vancouver, Canada.
    He’s been introduced from the dais with Republican Congressmen and performed for the president of the American Communist Party, and once read a poem in front of theWhite House to an audience of Capitol Police and Secret Service Agents.
    Former Arizona Blogger Jerome du Bois once said of The Klute: “You have one of the blackest hearts I’ve ever had the misfortune to glimpse.”
    He is available for funerals and children’s parties.

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    MOMocrats MOMoCHAT

    in Politics Progressive

    Campaign 2012 has officially begun - Are You In?

    Donna Schwartz Mills, Cynematic and Jaelithe Judy talk about the official launch of the President's re-election campaign and the relative lack of enthusiasm from the liberal wing of the party... especially in light of the radical budget proposal revealed this week by GOP House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan, which would gut Medicare and Medicaid.

    Special guest Melissa Schober will be on hand to say a lot more. MOMocrat Melissa has worked in and around the Beltway for the past decade beginning her career with NARAL. Melissa has worked as a public health advocate. An apparent glutton for punishment, she lived through health care reform only to take a job working with a mid-Atlantic state's Medicaid program. She is appearing on MOMocrats as an individual and the views she will be expressing are her own. A mom to an almost 3 year old, she is perpetually short on sleep.

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