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    Top Politics Stories of 2014

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    The Top Politics Stories of 2014

    1. Ferguson
    2. Midterm election
    3.  Immigration
    5.CIA Torture Report
    6  VA Scandal
    7.Sony Pictures

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    Women Images In Media

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    As more and more reality stars are created, images of women have become increasingly negative. There are reality programs that show women as money thirsty shopaholics with synthetic weaves, fake boobs and bottoms.  The men are rarely seen in most of the reality shows, and when they are seen, the men appear weak, subserviant or criminal.  Movies are depicting women of color as lonely, overeducated extremely successful beings too arrogant or powerful to have a family.  The women behind the independent lens is fighting for a platform to promote all aspects of womenhood.  Today we will focus on the images in Media and how women can become more responsible in presenting themselves to the masses. FEEL FREE TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCTS GOODS AND SERVICES. SEND YOUR INFORMATION TO DARLENERENEELEWIS@YAHOO.COM 

    Call (213) 943-3736



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    POLITICAL ANIMALS:1980 Ronald Reagan nominated for President by the Republicans 

    THE VARGAS SCANDAL--Illegal alien gay sexual preferance activist dictates to Americans what he thinks Americans should do for illegal aliens--Could he get away with this attitude in his home country the Philippines

    Vargas would be deported if he was an illegal alien trying this scam in the Philippines

    David Farragut legal immigrant from Spanish Colony--Farragut promoted during the American Civil War as the first real admiral in the US Navy

    Bowe Bergdahl Controversy---Did Bowe desert his post?  Did the Taliban--given their sexual practices--abuse this young soldier?

    TWA FLIGHT 800--Jack Cashell's book relevant to theCNN news story

    Overview History Islamic--Muslem soldiers abuse of Christian Captives  

    7--16-2014  Births Deaths & Events Relevant to US(a)

    Parking meters first installed in Okalahoma City Oklahoma  not New York-Chicago or San Francisco

    First attempt(failed) to recall A San Francisco Mayor(Roger Lapham)  he tried to raise Street Car fares--Also tried to abolish the San Francisco Cable Car System


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    Child Porn as a Political Weapon by the Growing US Police State

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    This week, Activist Central radio welcomes guest Kitty Wolf, citizen investigator helping to expose the truth about our country’s deepening Constitutional crises and our growing American (Stasi-like) police state.   

    We will discuss the ever growing American Stasi state (a.k.a. the cooperating US intelligence agencies with US law enforcement) and a not so new internet related police practice of the last ten years, the continuously evolving entrapment tactics against US citizens.  Activist Central will discuss police programs such as Project Flicker and Angry Birds that have been used to catch viewers of online child ography.  

    As an example of busting child ography viewers, the -gate scandal was broken open by the independent news media in 2013 alleging that police were intentionally placing child ography on the computers of political enemies such as writers, activists and dissenters of all stripes such as news reporters, PANDA (People Against the NDAA), and the Oathkeepers.

    Other key concepts to be discussed include warnings about the use of Limewire, the Florida sting operations, P2P file sharing, Trojan horse stings, related ransom-ware – “FBI on your computer, pay this amount”, and the growing use of revenge .  There is much more that will be covered in this extended two hour talk program.  Don’t miss it.


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    Scandal--Why So Many Single Black Women LOVE Olivia Pope

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    In over 5 years and 1000 shows, my 3 hour special on the hit ABC drama, Scandal, was by far the best and most informative EVER. If you missed our discussion on "Why So Many Single Black Women Love Olivia Pope", tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbert.com

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    The audio is Danny's Rap for a Better Media (AKA Rant for a Better Media, 2005) 
    DVD available for Plunder parties. Plunder: The Crime of Our Time, a film by Danny Schechter. The Financial Crisis investigated for 4 years and presented as crime story.
    Stephen Lendman's Review of  Danny Schechter's book Plunder: Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal
    "Schechter's book is timely, important, and frightening. He does a masterful job deconstructing a complicated subject. One covered up in the mainstream. Its dark side papered over suppressed.
    "Schechter examines the fallout from the current economic and financial crisis. What the mainstream media (MSM) suppresses:-- decades of wealth transfers to the rich;
    -- the economy in recession;-- the result of multiple imploding bubbles: housing, mortgage finance, and an alphabet soup of SDOs, SIVs, SPVs, and a whole menu of levered-up, high-risk securitized assets amounting to financial alchemy; largely outright fraud;"
    And much. much more. Read  the review Z Communications here.
    For more informationcontact filmmaker/author Danny
    Schechter at Globalvision Inc.575 8th Ave, New York, New York 10018
    Danny@mediachannel.org212 246-0202 x3006

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    On The Couch With Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

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    Tonight at 10:00 PM we're having an adult conversation about education and indoctrination in the Ivory Towers. The focal point of our conversation will be the goings on at the University of Delaware, where there is mandatory "treatment" for students’ incorrect attitudes and beliefs. Joining us will be Dr Sanity and Mamacita, author Weekly Scheiss and the kind of educator parents pray for. She has taught at all levels, from Grade to school to college. What she has to say is an education in itself

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    On The Couch With Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

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    Dr Sanity has agreed to release the hostages and spend a bit of time on our couch for an interview and whatever else emerges from her Rorschach test. We'll talk politics, religion, and science. It is even rumored she knows a thing or two about psychiatry. We'll see about that.

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    On The Couch With Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

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    Just because we all like to dance, doesn't mean that our dance partners are soul mates. The right and left in Europe and Latin America are very different from the right and left in America. Join Fausta and ourselves as we discuss, differences, similarities and what often ends up in toxic, abusive and dangerous relationships. Americans would do well to understand what it means to dance with Europeans and Latin Americans who play with matches.

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    On The Couch With Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

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    Fausta breaks in the new couch. We'll be talking about politics, religion, shoes, fashion and other insanities that we all live with.

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    The morning after the Iowa caucus

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    Siggy and I will find out if we can podcast today, unlike Wednesday, when we couldn't. We could, so we discussed Iowa.