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    The PODcast #10: Ryan tries to ruin everything

    in Football

    Ryan Matthews nearly derails the landmark tenth episode of the Pride Of Detroit podcast by throwing strange terrible images at Chris, Jerry and Jeremy from the sidelines. It's a question-loaded PODcast regardless, including the following:

    - What infamous cartoon character does Martha Ford look like?

    - Should the Lions be looking at a quarterback in this draft?

    - Could the Lions retain Sheldon White as the new general manager?

    - Why is everyone so mean to the Microsoft Surface tablet?

    - What sense does this Schefter and Mortensen article make about offloading Calvin Johnson?

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    The PODcast #11: #WeOwnThePackers and #LIONSFOOTBALL

    in Football

    It's a Friday drop for the PODcast but everyone is still riding high about a gruesome victory in Green Bay - the first in 24 years! Jerry, Chris, Ryan and Alex break it down, talk about how they were feeling during the game, and everything else that made for the Lions' second win on the season. We also discuss the Lions hiring of Rod Wood and the strange backlash from Lions fans about it. Right after that, it's READER QUESTION TIME!

  • The PODcast #8: Jim Bob Cooter

    in Football

    (2:30) Bye Joe - We really don't want to talk about Minnesota that much. There was so much more that happened that another collapse just seems like a day at the office, although Alex Reno gives his impression from his attendance at the game. But moreover there's talk about Joe Lombardi's departure from the Detroit Lions and lingering issues with the coaching staff and Lions offense.

    (14:55) His name - We have some really inappropriate jokes lined up for Jim Bob Cooter. We induldge in those sensibilities. You were warned.

    (27:20) Wally's World: We talk about Ryan Matthew's father and his crazy ideas he gets listening to 97.1 The Ticket. At around 29:10 we got into a yelling match about Nick Saban for some reasons.

    (33:20) Who do we play this week? - We talk about the Chiefs being latecomers to England and try our hardest to preview the morning bout between Detroit and Kansas City.

    (41:00) Reader questions - What would we do if we owned the team and just wanted to be crazy? Can we fit another Jim Bob Cooter joke in here? Also a wrestling tag team featuring Don Muhlback!


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    The PODcast #7: Finally, a win to talk about!

    in Football

    Jerry Mallory, video content creator for Pride Of Detroit, is the newest addition to the PODcast this week as we recap the first Lions victory of the season and preview the Minnesota Vikings!

    On the PODcast this week there's talk of:

    (3:50) Good feelings! - We recap the emotions of a victory over the Bears, experience from the field and in front of the television. Bears fans sent home sad, a superfan kicked out, and improvements we saw on Sunday.

    (24:50) Vikings preview. We discuss Adrian Peterson's struggles, Vikings that confound the Lions, and where the Lions can continue their improvement.

    (37:30) Reader questions: Plenty to talk this week, including a couple questions about Joe Lombardi, what goes in in Caldwell's head, and fast food restaurants to describe the season so far.

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    The PODcast #6: Stafford, hatemail, and the ethics of wearing bags

    in Football

    2:10 QUICK HITS: The FBI and DOJ are cracking down on FanDuel and DraftKings. We worry about Ryan Matthews and his mother's picks and the future of daily fantasy.

    5:40 DO YOU WANT TO APOLOGIZE: Another conversation about Matthew Stafford and the different articles and takes on the Lions quarterback. We also read some of the best hatemail and Facebook comments raging against Chris's article. Someone also suggested that Matt Flynn should start at quarterback.

    26:10 IT'S HATE WEEK IN MICHIGAN: We take a break away from NFL to talk about the Michigan/Michigan State college football game on Saturday, in accordance to Detroit sports media.

    34:30 WHO DO YOU HATE: Talk about the Bennett brothers, whether hate is greater for the Bears or Packers, a mirror universe Jeremy Reisman and somehow we kinda get to previewing the Lions/Bears game on Sunday.

    50:30 READER MAIL: We finally get to some questions. What's our theme music? How do fans support a losing team in this current climate for fans? When should someone wear a paper bag?

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    The PODcast #4 - The offensive offense of Joe Lombardi

    in Football

    Jeremy Reisman is back on the podcast for a two man crew this week.

    2:40 QUICK HITS: Court rules against the NCAA, will the Lions see Marshawn Lynch on Monday? Also a detour about Matthew Stafford commercials

    11:20 THE PEOPLE VS JOE LOMBARDI: A brief post-mortem on Denver. How bad is the play-tipping news for the Detroit Lions? How much blame goes on Joe Lombardi's shoulders, and is there anyone else that needs to be under a microscope?

    26:00 EYES ON THE HORIZON: Previewing the Seattle Seahawks game.

    32:30 READER QUESTIONS: The best of submitted questions. We try to find out what Wayne Fontes is up to and choose between Joe Lombardi and Joe Barry. Also we make an excursion to an alternate universe where we're all Patriots fans.

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    The PODcast #5: Is Calvin Johnson still Megatron?

    in Football

    (5:00) Quick HIts - Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy gets in his hot take on the Detroit Lions losing. Also, Dan Campbell is a head coach now? Really?

    (12:20) "So about last night..." - Chris, Ryan, Alex, and Jeremy all join forces this week to push past the pain and anguish of a fumble at the one yard line. There's other juicy angles from Seattle/Lions to discuss: for instance, how good can Calvin Johnson be moving forward? Is he struggling in the offense or is he on the decline?

    (23:50) "Can we talk about Arizona?" - An attempt to preview the Arizona Cardinals and what seems to be an improbably awful matchup for the Detroit Lions. Chris really doesn't like the idea of Carson Palmer being good.

    (36:15) Questions! - Jeremy talks about Seattle fans, and an interesting question about the future of the Green Bay Packers. Also, how can the Lions run scheme get fixed?

    (52:25) Some nonsense - Audio problems forced us to cut a segment where the four watched a video of some drunk dude demanding macaroni and cheese. They talk about drunk food and other casual topics instead.

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    The PODcast #2 - Week 1 Detroit Lions Recap, Minnesota Preview

    in Football

    Chris, Jeremy, and Ryan look back to the horror show that went down in southern California where the Detroit Lions choked away a magnificent lead on the San Diego Chargers. What went wrong? How miserable does Jeremy feel? What are the positives to take away from the game? Chris then proceeds to butcher some coordinator names and the trio moves on to discuss the Minnesota Vikings - how they fared in their own NFL Week 1 tilt and what to expect when the Lions go to Minneapolis on Monday.

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    The PODcast #3 - Minnesota, Denver, and reader questions!

    in Football

    Today's hosts: Alex Reno, Chris Lemieux, and Ryan Mathews. We actually have a structured podcast!

    (1:20) QUICK HITS - Ndamukong Suh freelancing, the Kellen Moore era begins and ends in Dallas, are the Rams moving to LA?

    (8:40) POST MORTEM - We revisit the horror in Minneapolis with Vikings/Lions. What went wrong, who takes the blame, how banged up Matthew Stafford is, and other fun tidbits from the awful Lions loss.

    (18:45) EYES ON THE HORIZON - We preview the Denver Broncos as they come to Detroit on Sunday. What can the Lions do to plan for Peyton Manning? Will the Lions coming back help? How does Stafford survive Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware? We also pick the game because why not.

    (25:50) MAIL BAG - We take reader questions from Pride Of Detroit. Should the Lions have cheerleaders? What can you hope for in a backup quarterback? What's up with Kyle Van Noy? Also, a very heated debate between pizza, chicken wings, and subs.

  • 9/16/2015 - HOT CORNER SHOW w Special Guest RICK PAULAS of @SBNATION

    in Sports

    9/16/2015 - HOT CORNER SHOW w Special Guest RICK PAULAS of @SBNATION and hosted by @DrRayT & @ManuelFerrero


    Rick Paulas just released on @SBNATION this article:




    And we'll be speaking with him about it!



    Plus #TheSportsDwork @DavidDwork talking about NFL Week 1 and the Miami Dolphins.


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    How can the iPhone save your life and other health apps to help you live a healthier life through your mobile device.

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    SteelCast: NFL division races and week 11 stories

    in Football

    SteelCast returns this Friday at 12 noon ET! 

    Christopher Carter and Dani Bostick will be hosting their podcast with a new episode catching you up on divisional races across the NFL, as well as your latest news on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Be sure to listen in live or listen on iTunes after the show is over as we discuss the recent major storylines of your Steelers and the other teams that might impact the Steelers down the line. 

    Thanks to the Cincinnati Bengals' loss on Monday night to the Houston Texans, the Bengals' task of running the table for the AFC North doesn't look as easy as before with several difficult games on their schedule, including the 7-2 Arizona Cardinals this Sunday night.

    Meanwhile, division races across the NFL have changed seemingly overnight. The Green Bay Packers seem to have lost the stranglehold they've had on the NFC North for years as the Minnesota Vikings took first place in the division last week. The Denver Broncos have lost their second straight game and look to not have Peyton Manning for the rest of the season while the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders are in hot pursuit. We talk about these races and more.

    The Steelers enjoy their bye week after back-to-back wins at home with several positive things going for them. We talk about the defensive front's pressure that has the team back in the top five in sacks, the secondary that has brought back aggressive hard-hitting football, and the offense that seems to find ways to execute despite who gets injured.

    Call in to join the show at anytime at 347-850-8581.